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Sorry, I’m Not Buying the BS

My take? Men as a group have had everything handed to them because of feminism- BUT- there is always a price to pay for everything. Most men don’t have custody because they’ve never pursued it. Feminists hatred of men is definitely there but they have done more for men than any other movement ever has. Men no longer have to support a wife for life, there is no draft (and if there was they’d take young women too thanks to feminists), they’ve been given more rights to child custody now that women have abandoned their role as the caretakers to young children. Two incomes are common, they don’t have to shoulder the burden of support alone. They get free and easy sex and paternal rights to children without having to marry. And, if they live in New York, they don’t even have to pay a stripper anymore. What a paradise!

You see, though, they are no longer the leaders of their families. They chose to flee from responsibility so now they have no patriarchal authority to keep their families together and they are paying the price (or, at least, sharing it with women). All of the men I’ve ever known who didn’t have custody of children when their wives left them were ones who never fought for it. I know more women than men who’ve lost custody. We lose 3-4 women from pregnancy and childbirth deaths every day in the United States (not to discount our troops and the wonderful job they do, but this is more women each year dying from what only a woman can die from than we’ve lost soldiers the entire decade we’ve been overseas) yet women are shouldering the burdens of support of a family. Even more women are having to raise and support children alone because the father is nowhere in sight and society blames them for being single mothers by saying they’re just out for the welfare money.The interesting thing is we all think that mothers always get custody (when we’re young and naive) but there have been several studies done looking for “sex discrimination” in the family courts that showed the father usually gets custody if he wants it, especially if he is abusive (I’m not linking an article because there are many legitimate resources out there, disbelievers can do their own research).

You see feminists never cared about mother’s custody rights. Nobody does. I dare someone to name the last time they saw a “mother’s rights organization” outside of feminists advocating for “mother’s rights” to breastfeed in public (which I actually agree with) or domestic violence issues (which is just a smokescreen for what’s really going on).

Yes, there are good men who have been done wrong. The appropriate response to injustices? Men need to accept their RESPONSIBILITY and assert their AUTHORITY. These issues wouldn’t be issues if men were being men in the first place. Suzanne Venker made the remark that “women just aren’t women anymore” in an article a few months back. Well, men aren’t “men anymore” either. She’s says there’s a “war on men” then says feminism serves men well in the same posting. Pretty typical of those who hold MRA views to have selective vision.

I may sound like a feminist sometimes or tout “feminist” viewpoints and there are definitely many times where I know that feminists point out real issues for women. However, I don’t agree with the feminist solution to all of this. To the feminist,women’s problems are just a bunch of evil men coming to “steal their equality once they’ve fiinallly achieved it after thouuusands of years”- seriously who would even believe a tale like that???) But those who are informed know what’s going on.

And for those who say feminists are for “separating children from fathers” all I can say is use your damned head already. Feminists have long encouraged women to dump children off on fathers so they can go pursue a career.

Men’s rights groups use feminism and feminist ideals that are now ingrained in mainstream culture to get out of responsibility. (Notice how none of them are touting women in combat, but, hey, if feminists are promoting it then they’ll seize the opportunity and force women to be drafted. Once again, feminists are on their side and feminism has benefited them.) Then they turn around and call themselves “anti-feminists” leading to more women thinking feminism actually has been about giving women a status as “human beings” and any anti-feminist is automatically grouped in with men’s groups and is perceived as anti-woman.

I do not consider a man a victim until he has accepted his rightful responsibilities. Sorry, you can’t sit there and support women being in the home and expect that it is their place to care for the children then all of a sudden wonder “hey, where’s my support at?” when it benefits you. Either take your responsibilities or be victims. I’m not going to feel sorry for men’s groups. The way I see it is this: equal pay laws have been on the books for 50 years now and most states abolished their tender years doctrines many years ago. It’s absurd to think that somehow women are still discriminated against in the workforce just the same as it is insane to think that somehow fathers are discriminated against in family courts. The evidence generally shows that the workforce favors women and the family courts actually favor fathers. Are there men who are victims? Yes. Are men, as a group, victims? No.

But, men and women can’t live without each other. We need to form healthy relationships. If men accepted their responsibilities and asserted rightful authority and were chivalrous to women we wouldn’t be in this mess and our children wouldn’t be so bad off today and coming from broken homes. So, are you going to whine and cry or are you going to be men? And women, are you going to force men to man up or are you going to keep letting them get away with exploiting you sexually and financially?

Don’t complain if you aren’t willing to stand up and do something. MRAs have no real solutions to offer men and feminists have no real solutions for women. They all just keep talking about things being “more fair” and “equal.” They tell lies and deceive the public and take advantage of men and women in vulnerable states. Don’t let them fool you.


What’s in a Name?

When I first started blogging I was fairly new to the world of anti-feminism. I didn’t really know all that much. I had just studied history and knew what was going on in the world from my own personal observations. My purpose of blogging was (and still is) to help women. My purpose here has never been to write about or deal with “men’s issues.” Men’s issues certainly do exist (as do women’s and children’s and so on) but they are not my purpose. The reason why I am saying this is because I have given a lot of thought here lately to the term anti-feminist. I have given a lot of thought to what exactly is in a name. I have been attacked so much since I started blogging. I honestly never imagined I would garner so much attention or what I was saying would be that controversial. Well, I knew there would be a whole lineup of dissenters but I just never expected to get the kind of audience that I have. The biggest thing I have discovered is that the liberals are quick to attack me for standing up for the rights women have lost in the past 40-50 years and the conservatives just simply ignore me. I have even had many conservatives promoting feminist ideas that conservatives would have shunned entirely 50 years ago.

I have kind of re-done my profile to call myself a traditionalist, or someone who stands for traditional gender roles. Identifying as “anti-feminist” has weighed very heavily on my mind and heart here lately and it has been bothering me quite a bit. Not because I am for feminism (I’m not, which I’ve explained and continue to explain over and over) but simply because of the attention I have attracted throughout the time I have been blogging and the kind of attention the term “anti-feminist” generates.

The real problem is the perception society has about feminism. Most assume it did nothing but help women and not care about (or actually hurt) men. This isn’t true, of course, but most average every-day citizens do not realize this. They do not realize that feminists generally used male plaintiffs until they had invalidated all laws that gave common-sense protections and advantages to women. The do not realize that it is generally feminists who think it is so unfair for men to have traditional responsibilities for women and children. In fact it has mainly been feminists who have told me my writings are “sexist” against men for saying that a man should support his wife.

As I have identified myself as an “anti-feminist” I feel as though I have been alienating the very women I have been trying to help throughout all of this time and have been attracting men who either hate women completely or would love to have a traditional woman without having to assume traditional responsibilities for her.

I had one woman come to my page and I could tell that she was really torn up inside. She told me about how she had grown up around men who treated women like they were inferior. I pleaded with her to please just hear me out, that I was against feminism because of the way it has hurt women and I was trying to help. But she wouldn’t listen. She didn’t want to hear any of it. She never stayed long enough for me to tell her that I knew exactly what she was feeling and that I too had been in her shoes once.

On the other hand I have been attracting the attention of so many men who adore traditional women. Yet they turn around and whine and cry about “sexism” when they can’t get things their way and they talk about “discrimination” (while at the same time promoting it where it pleases them, of course). They don’t want women in combat, yet they want them registered for the draft. They don’t want to change a single diaper, yet they always want custody of the children. They want a housewife, yet they don’t want to pay alimony. The list goes on and on. One of the most ridiculous examples occurred when I was interacting on a site where MRAs frequented constantly. A friend of mine asked “Men: Would it be better if all women said they didn’t want equality and instead just wanted to be traditional?” All of a sudden the thread was flooded with MRAs praising traditional women and saying “yeah, yeah!” and “that would be ideal, yes.” They went nuts over it. I don’t think I saw a single one of them that wasn’t praising the idea of women being traditional and saying that was their idea of a dream girl. Well, soon the fun was over and they all went back to screaming “sexism” and “discrimination” and “where’s our equality,” etc… I have attracted the attention of a lot MRAs who claim to want tradition yet want to point out every single area where men are, supposedly, discriminated against.

I wrote to Phyllis Schlafly last year. I asked her couple of questions and, in a polite way, asked her why she no longer cared about women. I thanked her for her movement many years ago against the ERA and told her that life would undoubtedly be much harder for young women such as myself today if it wasn’t for what she had done. Two weeks later she responded, in all caps, saying that she has always stood up for us. She and Suzanne Venker collaborated together to write a new book, flipside of feminism, a couple of years ago. I was excited to read the book when I first got it because I knew that Schlafly had done great work in the past to protect a woman’s sacred position within the home and family.

My excitement was short lived, however, as I soon began to develop this sour feeling in my gut as I began to read. At first I thought, “great, she’s giving a good history about feminism” but when I got towards the end of the book, she and Venker had done a complete 180 and had joined the ranks of the MRAs. First they say women should be traditional and they promote “sexism” then at the end they complain about alleged “sexism.” There was so much bull**** I actually had to get a pair of waders just to make it to the end of the book. Since society does not accept tradition anymore, I figure that those like Schlafly join up with MRAs to punish women who dare leave traditional roles as it is the only thing society will accept anymore. They know feminists can’t, and won’t, stand against what they are saying (unless it involves the workforce or abortion) because they are too afraid of women being sent back into traditional roles if they say anything about women being protected in marriage or in their roles as mothers. They know they can hit women hard and nobody will come to their rescue.

Yes, I am against feminism- truly against feminism- but calling myself an anti-feminist has become a very painful thing for me. I really and truly want to stand up for women because nobody is. We are so far gone as a culture that many conservatives don’t even care about women being slaughtered in combat and a child being taken from its mother’s breast is seen as progressive because it is politically correct. It is “equality.”

At times feminism has done good things. In the 1800s feminists worked hard to secure protections for women and children. They worked hard to secure a family wage so women could be home with their children instead of being exploited in factories and they worked hard to turn the law away from seeing children as the property of fathers and financial assets to the family. Occasionally I have acknowledged things even modern feminism has done. However, these good things are very few. Often I find feminists tell half-truths. I find myself agreeing with many issues feminists put forth. I know first hand how hard it is for women who have been raped and abused. I know that nobody wants to believe women and I know most women have a hard time getting any kind of justice at all, and that most men never pay for raping and abusing women. But I also know that, while feminism has changed a couple of laws to better protect women, their movement has helped to erase hundreds more that had helped and protected women for generations.

Calling myself an anti-feminist or identifying as an anti-feminist has become painful because of how far downhill society has gone. Ultimately a name is what society makes it. The term anti-feminist is almost completely used to describe those associated with the men’s movement or those who are extremely conservative far beyond even my own views. 50 years ago everyone would have known that I was standing up for women’s role in the family and legal protections if I called myself an anti-feminist. But, now, all I get is hypocritical MRAs.

I am not an anti-feminist in the sense of the way that name is used today. I am a Traditional Women’s Right Activist. I stand up for the rights that women once had before feminism. I stand for our maternal rights and our role in the home. All fit and loving mothers deserve to be able to raise and care for their young children and expect that the father will do his part and provide financial support. I do not stand for “equal treatment” of males and females because it is illogical and a complete fantasy. Men will never have the responsibilities women have no matter how gender-neutralized our laws are. You MRAs complain about boys being treated like girls in the schools yet how do you think women feel being treated like men within family law or the military? This gender-neutral craze of the past 40 years is just plain stupidity. It doesn’t work and it never will. We can say all we want that a woman should just “man up” and get over it or that men should learn to love housework. But, at the end of the day it is only a mess that we are creating.

I talk about feminism because history is important. Women need to know the truth about the women’s movement over the decades. They also need to know about these men’s groups that generally operate very quietly (until recently anyways) so as not to arouse public opposition. The main reason they have been successful at taking advantage of the direction the women’s movement was going is because of how low-key they stayed. The divorce revolution swept through society with barely any media attention or press coverage at all and these men’s groups were right there in the background, along with their gender neutralized feminist allies, to take advantage of the whole thing. If more women understood history (true history) it would change their attitudes and perceptions today. If feminists had a change of heart and truly started looking out for the best interests of women and children I would stand with them in a heartbeat. But, until that day comes, no good is to come from either feminism or anti-feminism.

Push to Register Young Women for Draft: The Totalitarian Impulse of Feminists


Don’t worry women! Feminists are on your side. Of course women should be ripped up out of the home during their prime childbearing years and prime years to find a husband to serve in the military just like a man. Of course don’t exempt women from combat either. Let’s treat women just like men. Then, turn around and call crisis about violence against women after you train men not to show any chivalry to women and be desensitized to a woman’s screams. Then, after sacrificing the precious and irreplaceable youthful years of women let’s get ultra paranoid and ban abortions because that’s the only politically correct way to say that we can’t afford to sacrifice the fertility of women. And, shhh! Don’t say anything about below replacement birth rates and be sure to play dumb as to why Western civilization is dying out. Then, tell me all about how feminists promote “choices” for women. Ah, the irony of feminism.

And they have the nerve to say I hate women. Anti-feminists (TRUE anti feminists) are the only ones trying to stop feminists and other groups that support gender neutral laws from hurting women.

Feminists have never been for women! Their entire movement was about invalidating all laws that protected and gave common sense advantages to women! There is no reason for women to have to register for the draft. Our prime years for child-bearing are between the ages of about 18 and 25 (the very years they want women to have to be subject to the draft). Men don’t give birth. They don’t get pregnant or nurture young children from their very own bodies. That’s why tradition placed military duty, jury duty and the obligation of support of a family to the men. Though not every woman will or can have children the very fact that females as a group, as opposed to males, can bear children is a very solid reason to exclude women from military duty and such male burdens like alimony. We’re also nowhere near as big or strong as men. The average man will probably never in his lifetime meet a woman that is truly stronger than him and that can overpower him physically.

Feminists are not on your side ladies. Neither are these men’s groups that want gender-neutral laws. Please pass this on and stop supporting the faux notion of “gender equality.” Feminists have always wanted this for women. They supported male plaintiffs to ensure women weren’t exempt from the draft (even though they lost) and they supported male plaintiffs in just about every area of the law to ensure there was absolutely no law that protected or exempted women. After this there will be nothing protecting women. And if they can secure the Equal Rights Amendment it will only be that much worse for women.

This is what women’s lives will soon look like:

Soviet Union Eglitarianism in Action: The Great Con of Women’s Liberation

The Feminist War on Women: Forced Labor



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My Review of “Domestic Tranquility”

My review of “Domestic Tranquility: a brief against feminism” by F. Carolyn Graglia

A standing ovation for Mrs. Graglia, please. I have had this book for quite some time and refer to it often. It is only now that I am getting around to writing a review. Domestic Tranquility knocks down every mainstream belief about modern feminism. The last decade has seen divorce rates go down slightly and women’s workforce participation decline slightly and maternal death rates have increased quite a bit. These are the only things that have changed since this book was first published. But, “no-fault” divorce still exists in every state, divorce rates are still extremely high even if it has been at somewhat of a halt (they’re blaming the economy) and women’s workforce participation is still incredibly high. It matters not who actually files for the divorce, as many women file when they are the innocent party. Every last sentence of this book is completely relevant as we are still dealing with the same laws and culture that the feminist movement has brought us. Cultural change happens slowly over time and some things forever remain relevant throughout time.

The doors of opportunity were nearly all wide open decades before modern feminism, which she does an excellent job of explaining. Unlike most anti-feminist books which consist of nothing more than disgruntled men whining “where’s my equality?,” or “equity” feminists declaring a war on men, Graglia’s book actually stands up for the traditional woman. She has the courage to go against the egalitarian culture and the feminist vision of radical equality. From woman’s sexuality, workforce participation, combat service, motherhood and relations with men, she has the courage to speak the politically incorrect truth. She speaks boldly against the emasculated, androgynous culture and the de-feminizing of women as well as the male revolt from the breadwinner ethic, which, as she explains, the women’s movement has encouraged and enabled. She explains that women would have alleviated their discontent “…if they had resisted the emasculating forces in our society and encouraged the growth of mature masculinity.” (149)

To be sure, this book is not for the faint of heart. Though Graglia never states her opinion one way or the other on FGM, she does take a couple of paragraphs to showcase the extreme measures that societies will go to to curb female sexuality. She also goes to great lengths to explain why the sexual “double standard” might actually be a good thing for women. She makes it clear that female promiscuity has devalued women’s bodies, roles as mothers, emasculated and made impotent our men, and relieved men of the responsibility of financially supporting a wife and children.

The mainstream views women’s lib as a movement about women’s rights so most people naturally assume it is men that have been disadvantaged in the process. To be sure, once again, men have suffered some loss (there is , after all, a price to pay for freedom) but Graglia is one of the few courageous thinkers that has the moral fortitude to stand up and say it is women who have been the targets of the feminist movement, not men. Our laws have changed to harm women, not men. The feminist movement, as she explains, was determined to invalidate all laws that favored women because, supposedly, it would benefit working women and as a result many women find themselves in desperate situations. She attacks “no-fault” divorce and the sources of the feminization of poverty. Feminists call crisis regarding mothers and their children, but their movement supported gender neutral custody laws which, as Graglia explains, has impoverished many women and children because desperate mothers will trade away their child support or alimony to hang onto their children (not something the mainstream will report on, that’s for sure).

She explains in great detail how women throughout our culture (as well as others) have always been more aware of their sexuality and the associated pleasures than what feminists admit. She talks of the sexual experience that overwhelms and what men really want to deal with in bed. I do admit that I had to stop a couple of times when initially reading this book to wonder how much more heated this book was going to get. Graglia is definitely not shy on details.

Graglia is nobody’s fool. She was a lawyer before the feminist movement came through like a hurricane that left society in shambles and she knows her stuff. She cites plenty of feminist works so nobody can realistically say that she is one sided. I am not 100% with her on her abortion views but I understand the point she is making in the book. She speaks boldly of the feminist denial of female preciousness and the submission to combat service. Graglia is more than right when she speaks of female preciousness. No civilization can stand the loss of large numbers of their young women. Our child-bearing ability, “the one thing women possess and men lack (155),” she says, is what really counts. Women are precious and, unlike men, are not expendable to society. “If a nation must wage war, a young man’s death in combat fulfills his destiny as protector of a society the fundamental purpose of which is to reproduce itself and secure its children’s safety and well-being. A young woman’s death in combat can never fulfill, but only negate her destiny as bearer of those children.” (190)The “Awakened Brünnhilde,” she explains, is the woman who, “experiences sexual pleasure that evokes her thanks to God for having been born…” (332)

Another thing that makes this book unique is that it is written in a non-religious format. Graglia brilliantly states her case as an experienced lawyer would. Only once does she even mention the Bible, and only to quote the Song of Songs to showcase that the woman speaking knew quite a bit about her sexuality in disputing the feminist insistence that women knew nothing of their sexuality before their movement that sexually “liberated” women.

It is truly easy to write off many anti-feminists as woman haters in our society. That is because most antifeminists are not really against feminism at all and in fact are not really standing up for women. Disgruntled Men’s Rights Activists will not be pleased with this book because Graglia actually stands up for women instead of degrading them. She speaks of the feminist assault on masculinity and rightly states that women have ultimately been the biggest victims of it. While those who attempt to speak up for traditional women are shouted down even by the most conservative in our society (after all, did the conservatives say much about the recent decision to fully integrate women into combat..?) I hope, as Graglia does, that the day will come when those who support traditional women will truly be heard.

Thank you, Mrs. Graglia.



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My review of “Feminist Fantasies”

This is my review of Phyllis Schlafly’s book “Feminist Fantasies”

This book is kind of like a history about the women’s “liberation” movement and letters Schlafly wrote and the history of the things that happened. Nobody ever questions this thing called “equal rights.” Many people have not looked into it far enough to realize the agonizing effects it has really had on our society and the lives of millions of women, children and even men.I have heard some women think the assertion that women’s liberation has actually harmed women was simply the most ridiculous think they ever heard. Even I never really thought about things until after I had a child. It was only then that I really longed to understand why I was put at such a disadvantage. It seemed that nobody cared that women and men are indeed different and that women do things that men do not. We carry burdens that men do not. I didn’t understand that we used to have laws that PROTECTED us from men that wanted to take advantage of us and exploit us in many different ways. It seemed that making us all “equal” in the eyes of the law and treating a woman the same as a man was not only putting women at a disadvantage in multiple areas of life (think forced military service)but also similar to allowing an adult to pick on a child (think men exploiting women).

I have been a housewife for years and anytime I talk about how my husband has always taken care of us and provided for us everyone always talks about how I MUST have some way to support myself because, hey, he could take off and leave at anytime then how would I survive? What some of them apparently don’t understand is that the only reason a man is able to do that is because of the women’s liberation. The very laws that used to protect us are either 1) not in existence anymore or 2) routinely used against us BY men. When I truly came to the understanding of things and really learned our history and how the women’s movement (that was supposed to “liberate” us and give us all kinds of wonderful rights) had simply left us out there without any protection, the truth was enough to practically bring me to my knees. My heart literally cries inside for what we have truly lost and what women’s liberation has truly ripped away from us. I see girls everyday being taken advantage of. Nobody cares that our entertainment many times consists of men bashing, making false allegations and calling women every name in the book (something that used to be illegal). Even my own mother was taken advantage of by my dad (who was in his 30s when they married while she was only 18). Instead of being required to provide for his wife he controlled her and took advantage of her in every way possible (something he could not have done before women’s liberation).

I am so thankful that someone like Schlafly was there to stand up for women. Even though the ERA never did pass (thanks in large part to Schlafly) that didn’t stop equal rights fanatics and feminists from going on a rampage to make all laws gender neutral (no matter how absurd, unjust and illogical it is). It seems as though nobody has the courage to stand up for women anymore and the injustice the women’s movement has done to us. It just makes you wonder what the future holds…


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