Official TWRA principles and the foundation of the rights of the traditional woman:

-A belief in unconditional chivalry by men on behalf of women
-A belief in the duty of a husband to financially provide for and protect his wife
-A belief that women are to submit to their husbands
-A belief that marriage is a sacred and lifetime union between one man and one woman
-A strong belief that the legitimacy of children matters
-Finally, a belief that women are to be protected from traditional male duties and responsibilities to focus on their traditional roles

Official TWRA Policy Positions:

These are the basics of the legal rights of the traditional woman, the general idea of policies Traditional Women’s Rights Activists would like to see:

-Make it the sole obligation of the husband to support his wife and children and exempt a woman from her husband’s debts and responsibilities

-Protect mothers by ensuring that their young children remain with them and ensure that mothers are afforded every possible protection so they may remain in the home with their children and be helpers to their husbands

-Make the husband the legal head of the family, with sole authority and responsibility for the actions, support and well being of his family

-That marriage be recognized as a contract and permanent binding of a husband and wife, only to be legally severed in cases of severe abuse, infidelity or abandonment.

-Exempt women from combat service and the draft and exempt women from any obligation to participate in politics, jury duty or being called upon to quell any disturbances (such as making an arrest or being called upon by a law enforcement officer to protect citizens in times of danger or civil unrest)

-Grant to women the traditional rights of being protected from perverted/cruel speech from males and her rights to recover damages for breach of promise to marry and seduction

-Have fatherhood be only legally recognized when it arises from legal marriage to the natural mother or from adoption proceedings, unless said father should legally marry the mother and be responsible for all bills and necessities from pregnancy/birth and be liable to support the mother and child as a husband is entitled from that point on.

-Coverture: Coverture being defined as the legal merging of a husband and wife at marriage. Under Coverture husband and wife are considered to be one entity under the law. The husband holds responsibility to provide his wife and children the necessities (not necessarily the luxuries) according to his abilities. Necessities are defined as food, clothing, necessary medical care and a home to live in. Under Coverture a wife may not independently sue or be sued and the husband holds sole liability and authority for his wife as much as his children.

These legal goals contain most, but not all, of TWRA beliefs.

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