Hello dear visitors and subscribers,

This morning I received an e-mail from a lady that was really amazing and I would like to share it with everyone here (e-mail posted with permission) because I believe it really says a lot of powerful things. We must encourage other women around us to speak up and make it known that our families and home lives are more important than the workforce to us!

Ms. N. says:

Dear Blogger:

Hello, my name is N. [full name removed for this post] and I am 31 years old

How refreshing for a woman to put into words, based on research, how I have felt all along, but especially within the past few years. I will not lie about my situation-I cohabitate with a boyfriend, and have somewhat liberal beliefs. I agree with the huge majority of what you express in your posts. This is saying a lot, considering I often do not enjoy reading. Your comments about “manginas” and out-of-line feminists, crack me up!

Since I have never been a huge conservative, I think others find it odd that I have such traditional beliefs in regards to male and female roles. I, like yourself, watched my single mother struggle and completely exhaust herself raising three kids on multiple jobs. All the while, remaining largely in debt.

My father was disabled (permanently, from a car accident) when I was five years old. Since they fought and divorced, I did not really have much of a father figure, and that is why I have wanted a healthy, safe environment from a man all the more. It’s only natural that a man protect his wife and children! Not to mention-I did four years of college, and then the offices. I could not stand them after a certain period of time. In these environments, I have only experienced bullying, hostility, and total negativity.

..Power to the woman who puts up with it every single day-I cannot. But, it is what you get when you “Go get ‘em!” out in the world. Yep, all to make a buck and be the big “career” chick everyone expects us to be these days. You go out into this crazy setting in which it seems more of your job to fend off other women then it is actually spend on the computer doing any work-at least in all of my experiences. What a joke it has been! ..trying to be the “working woman.”

Perhaps my dream when I was in my young 20’s of having a husband and a child or two would have actually happened if only society did not have such unrealistic, unnatural ideals these days, but sadly I have not imagined what has been transpiring. Yes, this fact that I have been told I cannot have the life I have always wanted-that I have no choice. I have seen you write about this, so you know what I am talking about, entirely. I feel that as a result, I have been in a rebellious stage for the past several years, and have also been financially drowning because of my resistance to living in the “modern” world, how we “ought” too.

It is sad to feel so off-track in my life, since cohabitating is not my preference, but a place of protection, rather. It is safety from having to go into a full-time office job and be in such hostile environment that by the end of a vicious day, I cannot think or function clearly enough to even be in a caring relationship with a man. Miserable women that are haters of men and pretty much everyone seem to get in your head and make your life a true, living hell in these very unnatural settings of today.

I constantly find myself almost wishing I was born in an earlier decade! I find myself longing for a life in times where there was family peace and nutriment-when men were taking care of their women, and when women were not stupidly creating a world in which they did not have to be dependent upon men. I don’t understand how they could not foresee the destruction of the family unit (and everything in between) that they would cause by defining the dysfunctional society that we live in today.

Anyhow, I will continue to read and enjoy your thoughts in the future. Thank you so much for being another woman in the world that gets it. Most of the time I feel so completely alone in my feelings and beliefs, as most individuals almost shame the mentality that people like you and I have. I am so glad that I ran into your posts!