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Location: United States

My purpose in creating this website and mission is to promote traditional gender roles on the cultural and legal level. This site is secular in its orientation and those of all religious beliefs are welcome. I generally do not allow comments on this site. As I am a traditional woman myself and desire to keep a peaceful spirit I do not care to listen to feminists and MRAs downgrade every posting I make. If you are adamant about leaving a comment you may do so on my “disclaimer” page and here on my “about” page. Although I will not censor those with a different opinion, I will not publish vulgar comments from MRAs or anyone else. I will especially not allow MRAs to come onto my site and down-talk women and become hostile and aggressive, as many are prone to being.

One of my main goals at this site is to uplift the role of the wife and mother, as there is nobody else in our society today who is doing so. Both sides have been working against wives and mothers for decades now both at the cultural and legal level to force us out of the home and out of our children’s daily lives, but I believe we have a special and unique role within our homes and in the lives of our children and I wish to uplift that role. I do not believe that men are equally suited to fill that role, as we are not equally suited to fulfill their roles. My wish is to uplift both masculinity and femininity, as I believe we are both designed for a purpose in this life; we are designed each for a specific purpose but our roles should always be in harmony with each other.

This site is anti-feminist and anti-MRA both, as I believe both sides are really the same in their basic principles and beliefs, only parting ways when it comes to whining about who is the most victimized. I always believed that men should take care of and provide for women and that young children should not be separated from loving mothers only to grow up to find nobody cares about women anymore and that even conservatives have foregone sex roles even to the extremes of thinking women should be in military combat. We live in a time when men push women and children out of their way to save themselves in times of danger and crisis and it is rare to find intact families and mothers in the home without paid employment. Men are becoming more feminine and women are becoming more masculine. I believe this is wrong and has gone on long enough to do real and true damage to the culture and to gender relations.

I coined the term Traditional Women’s Rights Activist (TWRA) about two years ago. Traditional Women’s Rights are the rights that women had before feminism came along. They are both legal (such as the husband’s obligation to financially support his wife and putting a halt to divorce) and cultural (such as men being chivalrous to women and putting the interests of women and children above their own interests).

Above all, this site is about promoting women in the home and upgrading the status of wives and mothers. For women to be in the home and fulfilling our traditional roles, however, we need men to be real men once again, willing to take on responsibility for leading their families and being breadwinners.

I do ask that those who believe in what I am promoting here speak out about the way things are in our society today. Let us work together to change things and put our society and our homes back in order. Above all, I am hear to inform about what feminism is, and what it isn’t. Feminists (even suffragists) have never, even in the earliest days, spoken for all women.

16 thoughts on “About (updated 10-23-14)

  1. Thanks for your blog! You encourage me in my homemaking among the many naysayers surrounding me…

  2. I am SO glad I found this Website-it reinforces all the traditional beliefs I’ve always held, and gives me relief to know there are still some like-minded Traditional women like me out there! I thought we were for the most part non-existent in this day and age!!! As soon as I get a few spare minutes, I’d love to comment further. Thank you!

    1. Hi Dawn!

      For some reason I just now saw your comment. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to post. Thank you for your comment and welcome to the site!

  3. That’s what YOU want. I want my own empire!

    I find it funny you have a blog. Blogs are considered work now.

  4. I’ve been reading for a while and I’ve just seen your post on “A Woman’s Needs”. Thanks for writing that post. I appreciated it.

  5. Cuz I have a vagina. I must do what you say I must? I am my XX?

    I doubt it. I’m a alpha female. Men expect me to take the lead. I like to take the lead. I’m bisexual.

    I have struggled with a lack of desire to marry and inability to date, or date appropriately.

    I have been abused by what you describe as a “ultimate”. Punished for being human. You’re life may be ideal for you, but it’s hell for me.

    There is holes your arguement, mostly it’s myopia. Not eveyone is you!

  6. I have read a few of your articals and really enjoyed them. I will be reading more! I have a traditional lifestyle and the feminist movement does nothing but make me feel like a terrible person for wanting to take care of my husband and family! Apparently, according to feminism, I’m a useless waste of space! So I should abandon my family? Pay someone else to raise my children? Divorce my husband and be more independent? Pay someone to clean and care for my home? I think not!

  7. I have been wanting to contact you several times, but I have not been able to find out how until today. I really do like what you write. I assume you are not going to allow comments on blogposts for further discussion? I’d really appreciate if you could contact me via email. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Miriam

      No I just don’t like dealing with comments on posts. I have thought about allowing it at times and might do so but for now I only allow the comments on a couple of pages.

      If you would like to contact me via email my address is traditional.roles@yahoo.com

  8. I have decided to allow comments for my latest post. I might allow comments on individual posts like this in the future but I’m keeping the default as no comments. I know a lot of those who read and support me would like to comment, so just keep an eye out for it. Thanks to everyone.

  9. Thanks for sharing your perspective. It is interesting and often well written. I’m more of a mind that each person should have the right to pick their own role(s) but …

  10. Do you propose that all of society revert to the system you advocate here on your blog?
    Or do you wish for a system in which females can choose a path in life that best suits them?
    If it is the former, how can you reconcile a system that would take away freedom of choice to many females?
    I would find what you advocate restrictive in the extreme. I have no desire to restrict females who prefer what you advocate, so why do you feel that the need to promote a system that is restrictive to one such as I?

    1. i believe that she promotes the idea that women should not be marginalized for choosing to be stay at home mothers. Most women are best suited to that role. are there exceptions, of course there are. but why does society attack those that believe in traditional family? take for example your response, you ask a question and don’t give opportunity for answer? u just automatically think the worse?

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