Not All Women Are Like That

I know that I have challenged you men to tell me that I was wrong about it all, to tell me that I speak untruths about the reality of life and the world around me, yet not a one of you have done so. Yet instead you call me one-in-a-million, a rare gem and flower in a world of evil, greed and superficiality. I’d like to think that it were true, as all humans would, that I was truly something special and different, yet I can nonetheless guarantee that I might well be able to assemble a battalion of women who think as I do; who feel as I do; who believe and love as I do.

What many do not realize is that even in a court of law, an expert witness upon the stand- even where generally accepted as reliable forensic evidence is concerned, is only stating an opinion. It is then up to the trier of fact alone to take in the totality of the circumstances to draw a rational conclusion as to whether or not said testimony and evidence presented is reliable, accurate, factual, relevant or likely to accurately shed light upon the truth of the matter asserted.

Take your cult leader who says to the world that All Women Are Like That and put him upon the stand to testify. Is he rational? Is he competent? Does he bring his own biases and prejudices to the witness stand? Does he have a personal interest in the outcome of this search for the truth? Does he have motive and reason to falsify his testimony? Would a rational and competent judge impeach him from the stand and instruct the jury to disregard his testimony as being overtly biased and likely false? Does he have a reputation and history for speaking untruths?

Though the universe is yet bound by the laws of physics and mathematics- laws which are universal truths and which none can escape- scientific theories are just that- theories. They are tried and tested and retried and retested in succession- year after year- by human beings wishing to shape the world to their own beliefs and perceptions and further understand and explore the mysteries of the world around them. This is done for a multitude of reasons, such as perhaps mere curiosity all the way up to the bettering of life for all of humanity. The trier of fact- that trier of fact being you, that trier of fact being me– must look carefully at the research, the methods, the individuals in question and the chain of custody for which the research or evidence has gone through in order to arrive at a conclusion whether or not the research and the individual(s) testifying to it can or cannot be trusted- whether or not it is likely to be truthful.

For many men, all women really are like what the manosphere claims them to be. This would likely be so because in their world all women really are like that, because like attracts like and these are the only women that they go around chasing, thus confirming- at least in their minds- their own biases. They don’t know any other kind of woman exists, because they’ve never met one, because they form their opinions based upon their own biases and then apply those biases to the world around them. They chase a certain type of woman and then legitimately believe that nothing else exists.

But a woman is more than capable of loving deeply and truly. Yes, I love ****- but only because I love the man that it is attached to. So wondrous, so beautiful, I think during the act that he’s so good, he feels so good; could anything feel better? My mind is filled with the thoughts of him being inside of me, of him taking all of me in the most beautiful and wondrous way that I am made as a woman. Promiscuity is damaging- the very thought of it- because of the wondrous way in which I am made. Valuable and precious it is, which is why the taking of it via force, lack of consent, or by some other form of deceptive means is psychologically devastating to the point that some women can never heal from such abuses.

I don’t think of partying, bar-hopping, of being used or abused or living a life “wild and free.” A cold beer or wine holds no appeal unless I have him by my side to love and hold me. I’m attracted to his strength, his dominance, the feel and weight of his body, the solidness of it and the way I feel so full inside of me- full because he’s inside of me, knowing he’ll never leave me, that every inch of me is beautiful, loved and cherished. It’s better if he errs on the side of seriousness than foolishness, hardness rather than softness, for I am not happy if I feel as though I cannot hold him tight and depend upon him.

But sex is more, it is about that emotional connection, about that closeness to him that cannot be replaced by any other relationship, whether in the form of friendships, relatives or acquaintances. If he’s inside of me, then all thoughts disappear to be replaced by him and only him. He is my protection, my provision, there is an economic basis, need and responsibility, but I can go back to many years ago and produce documentary evidence showing my love for him and my written and verbal testimony to that love.

It is that love, for without it life is bleak and holds no appeal. It is that need not to be alone and to be complete inside. It is that love for which even the most damaged modern woman or man still longs for on the inside. It is that love that only grows stronger through the hard times, the fights, the everything, because he knows me inside and out, as I know him. It’s the kind of love that endures over decades because none other could ever love or know me that way. Don’t discount me as a bitch when I speak of responsibilities, for humans create these responsibilities out of love and a need for one another. If I tell him that he is my one and only one, that my love is true, it is because I am his, as he in return is mine. It is the same beauty of humanity that has endured and remained unchanged throughout all of time. Not all women are as you perceive them to be, if only you were looking in the right places with the right intentions, you’d see that a woman’s heart could be pure and true as the finest of all treasures.

One thought on “Not All Women Are Like That

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for providing the opposite side of the Red Pill conversation, the one that countervails against the opinion and theory that “All Women Are Like That.”

    Think of me like a scientist, observing both side of the story, hoping that you are right, but fearing instead that they are. So, regarding “Not All Women Are Like That,” I have a somewhat different theory. I hope that you’ll indulge me.

    Most Men wish instinctively to defend and provide for women, and yes, we do desire female validation; so walking away from what defines the very meaning of life for most men—women—is incredibly painful for those who try to do so. Good men may know that we are good, but we also want to be told so, even if we say that we don’t. Only the most “monk-mode” MGTOW would be telling the truth if they said that they didn’t desire affirmation and validation from a spiritually beautiful woman.

    As you surely know, bad and failed relationships, most of all devastating divorces, and the long march of feminism through the institutions have created a growing population of men bereft of meaning and in some cases, any hope of finding meaning outside of themselves. Those older men who have experienced the destruction of their lives, and those younger men who are seeing it as an all-to-likely outcome of engaging in a relationship with women will tend to gravitate toward a nucleus of men with similar experienced for commiseration, camaraderie, and comfort. A sense of validation. Thus, there forms around those men an atmosphere of similar experiences and an echo-chamber of those similar experiences. The good marriages, the good women, are edited out. Most of these men have been devastated or badly hurt, and all see through the lens of their confirmation bias the same nature in all women. They see and pronounce that “all women are like that.”

    The undercurrent of the “AWALT & (no) NAWALTs” theory is that if all women are heartless, man-eating monsters (as enabled by the courts and feminist institutions), then it will hurt men less to leave such creatures to their fates.

    But nearly all men desperately wish that women were not that way. Most would rather be happy husbands and providers to wives who didn’t compete with them, didn’t degrade them, wouldn’t cheat upon or leave them, and truly and deeply loved them for who they are, rather than just what they can provide—they wish for NAWALTs.

    But they are already caught in the gravitational pull of the only community wherein they still feel value, and they are afraid for good reason of allowing themselves to be hurt again. Many would not survive a second divorce.

    I liked your article, and you continue to give me hope that there are good women left. If you could assemble that battalion though, I would suggest that you do it soon, before it is too late. And be careful, because men have a dark side to their nature too, and in this benighted world, increasingly few have the spiritual energy or protection of faith to overcome it.

    My best. Once again, thank you, and please keep writing. Yours is a beautiful voice of hope in a dark wilderness.

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