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A Piece Of My Heart I Give To You

How many times do I wish that I had listened to the words that my mother had said
Instead of living a life believing that I was better off dead
So I tell you now never to do the things I have done
Choose your man wisely, love him through and through
Love and hold him so truly, so gently and tenderly
But never give up your independence, lest you be trapped as I have been
Lest you live in the very same hell that I have lived
Don’t believe all those words he says because they aren’t true
He only says it all just to get to you
He’ll tell you any lie- he’ll say anything
He’ll get you to come back to him only so he can trap you again
With him nothing will ever change
But for my own sweet daughter, please do not live the life that I have lived
Don’t make the mistakes that I have made
So beautiful I am, he says to me
He’s always so awe-struck by my beauty
But no better than a slave-girl in a palace am I
Given all my physical needs, even while my soul dies inside
The movements of my body when I dance in the evening hours expressions of both pain and love within
My hair that flows softly in the wind, the beads and jewels that adorn me
Soft and gentle movements expressions of femininity
Soft and flowing fabrics accentuating every curve
But neither physical beauty nor all the riches in the world can replace the needs of the heart
So love when it’s time to love, but leave when it’s time to leave
Admire him when he’s strong
Admire the one that’s honorable and true
Love him with all your heart
But never forget what I say here to you
Don’t make the same mistakes, never live with this regret
Even when the time comes that I am gone
I pray that my writings forever remain here with you
They are the words written upon my heart
Words of sorrow and words of joy, written through the laughter and the tears
May they influence and move you
A piece of my heart that I give to forever remain with you

Time…Most merciful of medicines and most hated and feared of all enemies…Time…Time has taken it all from me…


A Woman Through and Through

A Woman Through and Through

I woke up this morning with the sweetest of all songs written upon my heart
My thoughts from the night having stayed with me even when the sun arose in the sky
Oh husband, oh lover, oh dearest friend of mine
Allow me to persuade you now with my words so pure and true
With this heart that is so tender and breaks so easily
This heart that gives and loves oh so faithfully
With this body that is small, yet tender, soft and yielding
I am soft on the inside, like the gentle wind that blows across the land at night
Let me take your worries and all of your fears
Come lose yourself deep within my depths
Let me sway you with the pleading in these soft green eyes when a gentle tear does fall from my face
I could never hurt you, only love you
My body is full and ripe, every curve made to receive your love
My soul does bleed so easily, when harsh words rip it to shreds
So I plead with you not to hurt me now
Be easy with your words and actions towards me
Even though I do persevere, I do still break so easily
With your arms that are so strong and sturdy, come wrap them around me
Run your fingers gently through my hair
Kiss me softly upon my cheek
Calm and protect me with your strength and abiding love
I cannot always know this mind of mine
But I do so well know my heart inside
My breasts are so soft and supple, caress them lovingly with your rough hands
Your touch brings a wave of pleasure so sweet and warm through me
My stomach is flat and smooth, my waist indented in the most poetic and beautiful way
My legs and back are strong
My feet are bare; their soles calloused from running across the rocks
My hair is scented to entice you, come inhale deeply of it
I let it grow so long; I have never cut it
But I think I understand it all now
My body and mind have matured
I am neither man nor child, but woman through and through
My mind, my sweet smell and my being all exclaim that it is indeed true
And a woman is what I’ll forever be for you