All Men Are Like That

Ok so I have a story today for the ladies. Just go ahead and raise your hand if you’ve been there. The other day I was at the end of my rope so I accepted to go out with this guy. I gave him my number and that evening (it was still daylight) I spent a couple of hours with him. He kept exclaiming “I promise I’m not the kind of guy that’s going to try to get into your pants.” I was just thinking Yeah, right. I was the one who picked him up due to a supposed medical condition that was temporarily preventing him from driving. I told him so long as he wasn’t packing any drugs or no stuff like that I’d hang out with him, he responded saying he only had his cigarettes and beer. I went over to where he lived and we stayed on the front porch for a few minutes and conversed with a couple of others, then we took off.

We went somewhere just to sit and talk and then he started drinking some more. The conversation wasn’t bad at first, we were just talking a bit about our lives and ourselves. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere he leans over the seat like he was about to go full make-out session on me or something. I quickly jerked out of the way as a self-defense mechanism. He then exclaims “Like chill out I was just wanting to kiss you on the cheek! That’s all!” I hesitated for a minute before saying “OK”. I let him kiss me on the cheek, trying to just be as still as possible even though I was totally uncomfortable.

Then somehow the conversation turns (I guess he was starting to get drunk or something, he kind of sounded like it. He only had one beer with him but there’s no telling how long or how much he had drank before) and he starts telling me all about how he’s got a piercing down there and about how all the ladies on Facebook were always asking to see his c*ck. I’m just sitting there thinking TMI!!!!! I was not impressed in the slightest. I then was glad when he wanted to leave so he could get another beer (because I was thinking great opportunity for me to ditch this mother******* and then speed away in the opposite direction).

But oh no! This was not the last of it. He then asks me if he could bum a dollar off of me (one single ***^&&%% dollar!) to get another beer. “But I’ll like pay you back tomorrow!” he whines at me. I told him “no” that I wasn’t going to lend him money to buy a beer. I start driving off and then he all of a sudden reaches his hand over and grabs onto my upper thigh. “This is how I always ride with a girl” he exclaims to me. My only reaction was to cringe and feel like opening the door so I could puke. I pushed down just a bit harder on the gas peddle as I looked straight ahead. He then starts exclaiming “Girl, you’ve got a four-wheel drive! Why are you babying this truck? Didn’t you see that guy back there? He knows how to go fast. He was speeding past us, he knows how to drive a truck!”

I just ignored him at that point, though I did give the truck some gas and started intentionally letting it slide around the next corner Dukes of Hazzard style, which caused him to release his grip on my thigh (the intended purpose). I was just thinking Is that good enough for you mother f*&((&&??? why don’t you go drive your own rig the way it *should* be drove??

Then the guy looks over at me and starts exclaiming “I know you’ve been thinking about f***ing me.” I just laughed and said “Haha yeah. Sure!” in a sarcastic way while all the while thinking You’ve got about a snowball’s chance in Hades…freak. He then starts talking nasty and using foul language and telling me all about how his piercing could make my **** ****** while I just looked straight ahead trying my best to ignore him,growing more repulsed by the second.

Then I take him to his home and he bums a couple of dollars off of an older woman who was living with him and I take him to the nearest store for a beer. He then decides he wants two of them and looks at me as if pleading for me to let him buy two beers instead of one “But **** drank my other two beers!” I just looked at him and said “I’m not paying for your beer,” very matter-of-factly. He then gets two and counts out enough change at the counter to enable him to buy both beers (surprise, surprise!) while exclaiming to the woman behind the counter “I’ve got to see if I have enough change. Boss lady here won’t let me get two beers!” I just stared at him, saying nothing, my mouth gaping open with a look of disgust on my face. We then leave again. At least he held the door open for me, that was probably the only plus about the guy. He wanted to go somewhere else and talk but I just told him “Um, well, it’s getting late. I need to get going” as a polite way of trying to end things, you know.

I start driving back to where he lives and when we get on his street he sees some guy he knows outside in his yard and says something. I look over to the guy he’s talking about, having to squint a little so I could see well, and then he thinks it’s funny to all of a sudden exclaim “You sl*t! Checking out some other guy while you’re out with me!” I just turned my head away from him, my mouth gaping open, with an expression that said Oh my God! He actually thought that was funny? No wonder he hasn’t been laid in two years (that’s what he said, anyway. He asked me when the last time I had an orgasm was, and I very matter-of-factly told him “The last time I had sex with my husband. In fact, I had two.”). He then promptly apologized to me but it still took every ounce of self-restraint I had within me to keep from turning around and smacking the ever-living fuck out of him. I should have slammed on the brakes and told him to walk home, but being the nice (probably too nice) person that I am, I drove him back. I talked with him for a minute while he stood outside the truck, exclaiming to me how pretty my eyes were and how he wished I’d send him a “selfie” of that “gorgeous fucking smile” of mine. I then said goodbye as politely as I could and drove off. I deleted his number and never answered another text from him and he seriously didn’t understand why I just ignored him the next day.

Of course, I didn’t like the guy. I was just lonely needing some attention. He was good looking enough, I suppose; about 6-foot-one, 185 pounds, former boxer, but I didn’t care. I didn’t lie to the guy. I told him I was lonely and needed someone to talk to. I never led him on or anything. Hopefully he’ll get the hint I’m not interested and just leave it be. I told my husband about it and he laughed asking me if I had picked up a stalker, though I was afraid if I told him the real details about what the guy said and did that he would hunt him down and kill him or something, so I gave him the edited version of the story.

The only thing I wanted was to be home with my husband, but he ignored me so I came back, put my daughter to bed and made sure she was taken care of before I went and found a secluded spot to go get drunk, all the while believing he didn’t love me anymore. Me and the bottle had ourselves an in-depth conversation about life until my husband finally found me and carried me back in the house while I held onto him telling him I wanted and needed him.

But, anyway, men have no right to complain about modern women before they look in the mirror and take a good hard look at themselves. Your s**** stinks just like everyone else’s, so don’t think you’re somehow above all the flaws of being human or immune to acting on impulse or acting on emotions or desires. How that guy acted is how a lot of men are these days (and he was ten years my senior!!), and women are sick of them. All relationships take time to develop. It takes time to develop trust and to be able to make yourself vulnerable to another person; for a man to feel safe providing for and protecting a woman and for a woman to feel safe enough to give her body and submission to a man and depend on him. It doesn’t happen overnight, and in life we’ll all find few such people we can trust enough to share our lives with, perhaps only one person.

But in reality, a woman’s actions are sometimes a cry for help. It’s the man’s job to lead and he needs to be aware of what’s going on around him, and my husband should have been paying attention and never let things get so bad. I wanted him to reign me back in, but he instead did the opposite. He did try to regain control when I came back to him, but he did it the wrong way and said a lot of bad things to me. But I just want to be home, as my heart is truly still here. You don’t just throw away so many years as if it never happened. No man could ever compare to one that has sheltered me from the world and provided for me for all of these years.


10 thoughts on “All Men Are Like That

  1. Omg, that was hilarious. Yeah, your outing with this guy was no surprise to me at all. Sounds like a pretty average thirty-something year old guy these days to me, lol.
    I’ve had male acquaintances call me “ya whore” in a “friendly” way, insult my appearance in a “friendly” way as if I were one of the guys, say things like “she’s got a cute li’l butt!” about other women. Gross. And one of the guys who talked bad about me also did want to get in my pants at the same time. Like, get out of here. Guys these days do not even know how to interact.
    I guess being exposed to all the awfulness out there is a good way to be grateful for what you got. :p

    1. But yeah funny how manosphere men teach how that’s how you should treat women. No wonder they are always so angry with women as women probably always flee from them. Lol Like don’t buy her drinks (make her buy YOU one, bro. That’ll get you in her pants!), neg her, insult her!

      Can you imagine the type of women they actually attract with behavior like that? All the good ones flee from them so no wonder they have such low opinions of women because the only ones they attract are psycho or badly damaged in some way or just total sl*ts. That’s all they have success with so that’s all they know.

      1. Part of me just thinks some of these pua advice gurus are trying to make men’s success worse. What woman would feel turned on by a man who asks her to buy him a drink? I read that too and I thought it was a joke.

      2. Yeah, that’s also why they say women over 25 are too old, because only very young/naive/insecure women would ever fall for their shit. A woman’s either going to sleep with you or she’s not; she’ll either want to be with you or she won’t. All the “game” in the world won’t change that if she doesn’t like you. Of course, they could better themselves, but why do that? You get what you deserve in this life, plain and simple. They don’t think there are good women out there because of what they go chasing and they reject the good women who would be good wives and mothers.

        And no, my husband doesn’t read men’s blogs or any of that stuff. He doesn’t have to. Men had much better success with women before the internet and the advent of pick up books and blogs. Now it’s all a joke, nothing more. There is no way to even describe the terrible state of the relationship between men and women these days.

  2. What a fucking pig! I lurk on your blog, but this time I had to speak up! I don’t know you, but PLEASE don’t ever do that to yourself again! Sorry to be so blunt, but I have 3 daughters, and I fear them being raped or killed, because now there are NO boundaries…..that’s what feminism has done to us!

  3. I don’t want to offend anyone but this is why I started dating Chinese men. They never behave like this and they are always pay their own way. I have never had one ask me for money, ever and a Chinese man that isn’t polite and doesn’t treat you like a lady is an exception. They are extremely masculine but without being pigs. They have a type of class

  4. I don’t want to offend anyone but this is why I started dating Chinese men. They never behave like this and they are always pay their own way. I have never had one ask me for money, ever and a Chinese man that isn’t polite and doesn’t treat you like a lady is an exception. They are extremely masculine but without being pigs. They have a type of class that is unique to asian men. You probably won’t know what I mean unless you are with one. I decided that that was the type of man I wanted to spend my life and have children with. They are so masculine and in touch with
    their natural male behaviors but in a humble, honorable sort of way. They also smell good. I gave up on white men because they continued to just disappoint. Their excessive drinking and their aggressive behaviors just put me off. Asian men channel their aggression through their pursuits and they are strong and self controlled.

    1. Hey It’s good to have you comment again. I’ve missed you. But I don’t think we should ever really give up on any group of men, especially those from our own cultures. If you look at how women these days generally act it’s no wonder the average man is the way he is and vice versa. And especially don’t give up on a man if you truly love him. 🙂

      1. I fell out of love with my first (Hayden, we have talked about him). He was very indoctrinated by feminism and used to talk about how I wasn’t as good as his mother or other women because I didn’t work. Funnily enough he was always unemployed. It’s a horrible feeling when the man you gave your best years to never grows up or changes and you see him for who he really is and all your desire for him just depletes. I feel very bad about not giving the man I am with now my best years, because I am his first and he has done all these wonderful things for me and provided me with the life I have when my first did nothing. I often feel guilt over it. I think the fact that you still love and want your husband is a very positive thing. It shows it can still be worked on. Does your husband read any traditional man’s blogs or visit any websites?

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