Rather be Oppressed 

Over the past weekend my husband and I went to town. I began to grow saddened again when we went into stores and I saw all of the women at work. Most of them were not very good looking women either, might I add. I just remember thinking how fortunate I was to marry young and follow all of my feminine instincts to just stay home.

Even still the thought of being independent makes me sick. I just held onto him the entire way home, wanting him to lead me and take care of me. I let him make love to me, and I clung to him and it felt so good, wonderful and right.

There’s a lot of people, including my own relatives, who hate me for who I am and for what I believe. I’ve been pushed non-stop to be the independent woman that relies on nobody but herself. But that’s just not me. I’d rather be “oppressed.” I’d rather be open and loving towards a man. I’d rather be controlled and under the authority of a man that I love and trust. I think we women are vastly unhappy when we are given too much freedom.

There’s nothing unhealthy about feeling a real and deep need to depend on a man. I believe that’s how we women are made to feel. It only seems to me that women become the most psychologically unhealthy when we stray from the protection and authority of our men.

Sitting here writing this, I’m actually in pain right now. I’m not in pain because there’s something wrong with me. On the contrary, I’m in pain because I’m a female and I’m healthy. I’m fairly weak right now simply because of the design of my biology.

I have the option of medicating myself, getting up and forgetting about this female side of me. I could make a few jokes about it, perhaps even some crude ones, and go to work and be Miss Independent- plenty of women do that. But I don’t really want to do that. I’d rather just lie down and rest and enjoy being female; enjoy being weaker and more vulnerable. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s a bit painful and messy even, but it’s who I am and how I’m made. I’m not supposed to be a man or strong in the same ways as a man. My strength is in my femininity.

It’s ingrained in men to want to take care of women, but the modern woman’s attitudes and behaviors are causing men everywhere to have a “Screw the b****” attitude.

Can you look at the man you love, or the man you think you could one day love, and tell him you are open to him? Can you tell him that you would trust and follow him and live under his authority? Some men don’t want or can’t handle that- and that’s fine. Let them pair off with the feminist women they deserve.

I don’t really believe men only want sex. Men can get sex if they want it. Men can pay for sex. I think most men just want their women to be open to them and trusting of them. They want to be acknowledged as men.

I’ve dealt with the criticism of others but it doesn’t matter. I’ve dealt with men that hate housewives and independent women trying to push me to be like them. I’m different from others and I always have been. That’s what makes me who I am and that’s why you’re reading this article right now.

I would rather be oppressed than liberated. Everyone else lives hectic lives and their families are all torn apart. Why would I want to be like them? Perhaps they just want to bring me and others like me down to their level. Perhaps they want us to fail.

Patriarchy isn’t always perfect or even fun, but it’s the best option for families and ultimately for women too. That’s why women, such as myself, have always fought for it. Plain and simple, we don’t want to leave the protection of coverture or be away from the guidance of our men. That’s why we always come running back while everyone else just shakes their heads thinking there’s something wrong with us. We don’t want to be liberated or really care about women’s “rights.” In the end, we’d rather be oppressed.


2 thoughts on “Rather be Oppressed 

  1. Oh honey, I know exactly how you feel!
    Women and men (most of them) were made to compliment each other, they both need each other. Men protect and provide for women while women nurture and care of them and their children. It’s such a great fit!

    Once you start pushing these natural biologies away, you start seeing women and men suffering, lonely and isolated with broken families. All for what? ‘Freedom?’ More money? At the end of the day if you are lonely all those things won’t mean nothing.

    I don’t think you are weak, in fact, because you started this blog and are so outspoken shows you are actually resilient. Very resilient to how everyone discriminates against you. We should stop measuring strength by feminist, liberal standards that prioritise selfishness and money. Measure your strength through your virtues, conviction and the love you give.

  2. I think there’s great value in how you feel, and how you stick to it no matter what people say, but I don’t feel the same way at all. I don’t do well without my independence. I need to work, to move, to feel valuable alone. Everybody is different though, and in the end I think that’s the point. I don’t want to stop you from doing what you love. I want you to be able to stay at home and love your husband. I want you to be able to raise a family and I respect you for finding peace and happiness there, but that’s not where I find my happiness. If I had to do the same thing I would be miserable. I know it can be difficult to understand what people are feeling, and it’s easier to put everyone in a box with you, but that’s not how it works. I know not all women need women’s rights, but some of them do. And if those women are going to be happier and more fulfilled without taking away the right of you as a women to stay at home, then I fail to see what harm it would do to you to support women like me who find joy in other ways. I wish you well, and I hope you’ll do the same for me.

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