It’s Not THAT Difficult 

If there’s one subject that really irks me, it would be that of hair. From the women who think that chopping it all off will somehow make them appear 20 years younger to the ones who think leaving it longer is a ton of work so they just chop it all off so they won’t have to deal with it. 

It may be a bit absurd for me to put so much thought into this subject, but if you think about it for a moment hair is one of the most valuable things for a woman and one of the most feminine. Personally, I never cut mine. I don’t even trim it. I know what you’re thinking “split ends” or perhaps visions of hair down to your knees or something come to mind. First, I’ve found that split ends heal themselves in a short amount of time. Just lay off the heat and styling for a while. Let it dry naturally and put it back and it will heal in a week or two. No need to go chopping it all off. Second, everybody’s hair does have a set point to where it will grow no longer and very few have the ability to actually grow hair down to their knees. Mine is down to my waist with the longest points reaching about to my belt. It is as long as it’s going to get. If you have bad habits such as constantly twirling or playing with your hair (as I used to do a lot) it can cause you to lose some of its length. I got over this bad habit by wearing it in a bun. I eventually stopped playing with it and it reached its full length. I don’t ever play with it anymore so I can leave it down. 

Kids certainly do cause us to change up our routines a lot, including routines involving our personal appearance. For instance, I quit wearing earrings after having a baby for obvious reasons (although I’ve considered wearing them again now that my child is older- this is probably going to hurt a bit…). But just because you’re a mother doesn’t mean you have to stop being beautiful or sexy or go and get a mom haircut! Long hair is actually a lot easier to deal with. Think about if for a minute. If you have short hair you have to fix it. But if it’s long you can take a full 30 seconds and pull it back in a quick bun or ponytail or even braid it. It’s a simple fix. Long hair is beautiful and there’s no reason not to keep it long unless some medical issue or other problems get in the way. Housework, working out, taking care of kids can all cause hair to be a nuisance but the solution is to simply pull it back out of the way, not to get rid of it entirely. And there’s something decidedly sexy about the moment when you take it down too…

And I simply cannot understand the women who think chopping it all off will make them look younger! How? How does it make you look any younger? Chopping it all off doesn’t make you look younger, it just makes you look more masculine and thus older. One of the things I always find astonishing is older women who do leave their hair long. Though I have very few memories of my great-grandmother (who died when I was about ten), the one thing that has never left my memory is the long braid she wore even up until the day she died. It’s amazing how even older women can still retain such an air of femininity and graceful beauty when they leave their hair longer. Even if your hair is gray, it’s still beautiful. Don’t chop it off! To hell with society’s expectations that a woman should cut it all off after a certain age. That’s nonsense. 

I realize medical conditions (cancer, hypothyroidism, etc…) can cause issues such as hair loss and the like but don’t purposely get rid of it because somehow you think it’ll make you look better or be more “age appropriate” or some BS like that. Also I don’t believe trimming it makes it grow faster either. I mean you keep chopping it off every time it does grow and that’s supposed to make it get longer? 

I always find that no matter how much I doll my face up I simply cannot look or feel beautiful or feminine without my hair either falling down around me or shaping my face in some way where its length is evident. Even without makeup I can feel very beautiful and feminine just by simply having my hair down and pretty. And there are ways to cheat. You can utilize hair extensions and the like if you are growing it out or it’s simply not as long or full as you would like. But the point is, your hair is beautiful. 

Most men agree as well from what I’ve ever seen or heard. Even women who tend to still look hot with short hair still look a million times better with it long. I believe it has a large anti-aging effect too by keeping a woman looking more feminine and thus youthful. I’ve never cut it to the latest fashions nor understood why that mattered any. I remember getting my hair straightened in a salon when I was younger and I had to tell the hairdresser more than once that, no, I did not want my hair cut or trimmed. It’s like she just didn’t understand (or just wanted to make some extra money, probably the latter).  

Apart from your weight (which I’m actually planning to talk about later on in the coming months), the simple act of keeping your hair long is one of the biggest things you can do for your beauty and attractiveness. But hey, if you want to chop it off go ahead. It’s your hair and your life. I’m just simply stating my own opinion and stating what I have observed from life experience and the world around me. You’re never too old to be feminine nor should you strive to be less just because you’ve got kids or you’re a housewife or something. While looks aren’t everything, let’s just be honest and say that they do matter- oftentimes a great deal. They affect how we feel and how we interact with others as well. 

Just some thoughts… 


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