The Game 

Perhaps the world will forgive me, for I am indeed a dirty little liar after all. I’m just as manipulative and play just as dirty as the next psychopath out there. I can only hope that all the anonymous characters who have inspired my writings over the years will forgive me, for I know exactly what it is that I do. My purpose here is to teach and to educate to all those who read. And I know I’ve at least done some good, given the feedback I’ve received from fans and readers over time. So I hope now that all my ladies might gather around, and listen to the words that I have to say…

For those who have been with me a long time, you might have noticed a slight shift away from political matters to more relationship/personal matters. Nature has both blessed me and cursed me with the gift of being dramatic. I take what is inside and play upon it to create and to teach. 

The last few months have been more about love and passion and affairs of the heart. There are two sides of life; on the one hand there is the need to be serious and ensure one’s livelihood and on the other is the heart’s desire to be carefree and enjoy the short time we have on this earth. 

Man’s burden is in what he accomplishes and how he presents himself to the world; he pursues and often faces the humiliation of rejection. The woman’s dilemma is to hope to be pursued and if she is she must then carry the burden of determining a man’s true intentions towards her; of filtering, as I have said before in my writings on love, between men who wish a relationship with her and care about her and men who only wish to have sex with her. And if she chooses wrongly she could wake up to find the man long gone, with virtually all of the consequences of the act falling upon her. 

How many women have wisely held back even when the fevers started burning only to be glad they did when they discovered that all the man wanted was sex? Yet how many women have given in only to face the pain, heartbreak and physical repercussions that follow when they learned only too late what the man was really about? 

Woman holds the keys to sex. It is her power, possibly her only power, over man, and it should be used wisely. A man will say anything, or take any position, that might make it readily available to him.  Lies might spill forth from his mouth, but the real truth can only be revealed through his actions. A wise woman must hold back so she can see what a man’s really all about. This is where the man must pursue, and if he doesn’t something is probably not right. It is generally only when a woman makes it clear that sex cannot be forthcoming without a relationship, that the gig is up and the game is no longer working, and seeks that finality that the truth is revealed and the man shows his true colors. The man will then usually either step up or disappear (or, as is the case with some malicious characters, try to reappear and suck you back in again later on).   

A man’s weakness is his sex drive; a woman’s is her emotions. Both sexes manipulate the weaknesses of the other to obtain what they want. Most of us instinctively know when something is wrong, we know when we’re being manipulated. Generally the forms for seducing a man are purely visual and physical; for the woman they are psychological. Methods generally include breaking down a woman’s self-esteem and self worth and putting her on an emotional roller coaster ride. 

Some men play dirty, especially when they seek power and control. If experienced enough, a person can literally “do nothing” to induce a “crazy-making” effect. For those untrained in psychology, the forms of covert emotional manipulation can be difficult to spot. But woman was given the gift of intuition. If you feel something is off, it probably is. If you feel you’re being toyed with, you probably are. You know what your senses observe, you know when you’re being gaslighted, and you know what you perceive to be true even when you’re told you’re crazy or imagining things. 

This is important to understand. A woman must understand the game and choose wisely how she wishes to play. So much pain and heartbreak has resulted because of sexual revolution; as a result of abandoning old-fashioned wisdom. Only the foolish girl believes a few romps in a haystack means a man loves her. Times have changed, but nature hasn’t. It is still as important as ever for a woman to guard her sexuality and to guard her heart.

It’s even more important for a woman to understand the game and manipulation so as not to fall prey to it. The best way, of course, is to simply refuse to play the game at all. The best thing, and the most old-fashioned thing, is for a woman to simply sit back and let the man take the lead- if he’s ever going to. If not, then he’s either not interested or simply not ready to commit to a relationship with her. 


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