Women Are Not The Enemy 

How many times do I have to say it? 

Women have only ever lived in civilizations that men created, under laws that men legislated.

Women are products of the world that men created. 

How dare you men blame and hate us when you created the laws we live by and built this society!? I like how proud men are of having built this civilization. We did it!..until we have to take responsibility for it. 

Women were busy nurturing you and your young while you legislated all the supposed “anti-male” laws and put all this into action. Then men legislated away women’s security in the home and now you have the nerve to complain about the broken homes. 

Women only have as many rights and freedoms as their men allow. If you men don’t like it then stop whining like overgrown children and change it. Men are more powerful physically, psychically, politically and socially. Women can only do what their men allow them to and that’s all there is to it. 

Or maybe getting a free ride off the backs of women while complaining about your supposed miserable lot in life is more fun. Oops, I forgot, most women are just a bunch of promiscuous sl*ts looking for a welfare handout (because we all know men are the only ones who pay taxes or provide for their families…and men never receive welfare of course…) 

Women are not your enemies, they are your responsibility and most are on your side anyways. Stop whining and hating. 


4 thoughts on “Women Are Not The Enemy 

  1. Below is an excerpt of something I read in a chat forum that’s not too long ago. It’s a highly regarded chat forum in my country and is very legit. Because she posted in a public forum, I feel it’s OK to paste it here as it’s quite relevant in my opinion:

    “I am 44 years old. A brief background, I have worked successfully in advertising management for 25 years but I am now a single mum to an 8 yr old with a disability . Long story short, his father has recently gone overseas and isn’t coming back and pays no financial child support. I have no family help and have just “lost” my third job due to the pressure and stress of my son. I also have bad depression which I am obtaining help with.
    Financially I am drowning. I owe $6k on a card, unpaid parking fines of $1000, car loan is $5k and they are on the verge of taking (this is biggest stress as need my car to drive my son around to special school), and I am struggling to pay rent. I have called the car loan people and they just keep asking when I can pay what and I don’t know at the moment! They know what’s going on but just ask for payment dates…My only income at the moment is carers pension which is gone in a flash on living. ”

    She reveals more about her personal story in her replies, but it’s too much to copy and paste here. Another woman on her thread replied to her by sharing her own personal story about how her husband up and left her out of the blue with very heavy debt and 3 little kids. Men shouldn’t think that they always or even most of the time have the short end of the stick, and this isn’t the only time I’ve read such a story. Sure, she could make it up, but you can use that as a blanket rebuttal for anything and, like I said, it’s a highly regarded public forum, and I see no reason for her to BS. She went online seeking advice, that was her aim. Before MRAs start bashing women, maybe they should take the time to read this story, form their opinions of the man and the woman here, and then swap them around and put the man in the woman’s position and vice versa and see if their opinions remain the same. If not, then they’re most probably biased against one of the genders (and I can safely guess that it’s probably against the female gender). Just something to think about.

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