What Kind of Game are You Playing?

It could be said that all human communication is, in fact, a form of manipulation. We always try to present ourselves in a certain light to make another person believe about us (and about themselves, especially in regards to their relationships with us) what we want them to, even if it is all just an illusion. We try to make appearances and we try to sway another person’s viewpoints towards our own way of thinking. Depending on the intentions of the individual, manipulation can either be a bad thing or a good thing.

The same could be said of “game.” The “game” in this instance that I am referring to is manipulation tactics used by men (although women have their own tactics as well to manipulate and appeal to men) to make themselves more appealing to women to either seduce them/have relationships with them. There are entire groups of men and countless articles/websites/books out there written on the subject of “game.” Men will literally say or do almost anything it seems for sex and they all line up hoping to learn what the big secret is to getting it. It seems the entire male species has always been obsessed with learning new ways to appeal to and manipulate women in order to obtain a “yes.”

Some men have learned that, at least with certain women, gentle flattery and praise/compliments are the best forms of seduction. Still in many cases men have learned that letting their inner asshole come out is the best way to keep a woman’s interest and succeed in winning her over. After all, no woman wants to be stuck with some loser beta male who she feels is inferior to her. He has nothing to offer her. Inside most women don’t desire a “nice guy.” 

Strong, dominant men who have a bit of an asshole personality are attractive to women and this is not a bad thing. Women are made to be attracted to these types of men. A woman generally won’t even respect a man unless she feels he is superior to her at least in some way. Ideally we want our men to be dominant and most feminine women actually do like to be manipulated and controlled by a man she perceives to be superior to her. 

But the fact remains that nobody likes being played. Game is good if the intention is to achieve and maintain healthy relationships but when it is used for the purpose of deceiving women and exploiting them for one’s own selfish purposes (especially when the woman desires a real relationship and hopes it might be forthcoming) then it is neither good or right- it is abusive. Especially considering that women are the ones who get pregnant it just kind of makes men who go around gaming women for the sole purpose of satisfying their c*cks pretty worthless, pathetic and desperate excuses for human beings, doesn’t it? This not to mention the way that the male pursuit of sex without responsibility actually disrupts society. 

There’s nothing wrong with a man striving for dominance and control in relationships that he has with other women (but of course there should always be limits on how much control he should have depending on the type of relationship he has with the woman). If a man is manipulating a woman just to string her along for his own amusement or personal gratifications and is causing the woman severe emotional distress that disrupts her life then he is emotionally abusing her- plain and simple. It’s kind of like a man’s superior physically strength: It can be exciting to a woman and even protect her if the man uses it in an appropriate way but if he uses it in a way to overpower her for the purpose of hurting and abusing her it can be devastating and severely damage the woman. When used wrongly it is an abuse of power.

Strong and dominant men are good for their families and good for society and there is a reason why women are attracted to and desire men like this. There is always a desire inside of a woman to rely on a powerful man. Women don’t want men that they can easily push around and although women may test their men from time to time most don’t really want to “win.” In fact it is pretty devastating to a woman if her man does let her win. 

Male dominance is a good thing, but only when it is directed in appropriate and non-abusive ways. There are some women who are truly only looking for a “bad boy” to rock their world for a night or two and are completely fine with then going their separate ways afterwards. In these cases “game” isn’t bad because there’s no deception involved. But that is not the way with every woman. Most women would rather have true relationships.

 If a man is manipulating a woman and stringing her along with no intentions of being real with her and actually having a relationship with her then he’s emotionally abusing her. Without a real and true relationship being established a man’s quest for dominance and control is nothing more than game playing, deception and, again, abuse. He is doing nothing more than taking and stealing from the woman.

Of course men don’t always manipulate for sex but sometimes for other reasons in their relationships with women. Whether it is abusive or not just depends on the man’s intentions and his motivations for manipulating in the first place. 


6 thoughts on “What Kind of Game are You Playing?

  1. I believe that a man can be strong and dominant without being an asshole.
    I like to be dominated by my husband but not manipulated.
    Because I’ve been with a couple of men who confused Alpha with asshole, I don’t have any patience for men who are cruel and have no manners.
    Game is poisonous because it just fosters mistrust between the sexes.
    I’ve started a new blog which is going to have a more positive focus.
    Here is my first entry. Hope you like it:

    1. At first being being an “asshole” might initially break a woman down and make her susceptible to a man’s prerogatives but in the context of a long-term relationship it is simply damaging. Yes it can lure a woman in at first but a man continuously being that way to a woman is just emotional abuse and eventually the woman is going to move on. If a man just wants to get laid then he may not care if the woman moves on which makes him nothing more than an abusive asshole. But being an asshole all the time or the majority of the time is no way to have a healthy relationship with another human being because it’s hurtful especially when you love or care about someone and they constantly are an asshole to you. It can be very damaging.

      1. If a woman loves herself, she will walk away from an asshole immediately. It took me a long time to gain that kind of confidence, but it felt wonderful once I realized what I was worth.

    2. I can’t say for certain I’d leave my husband or cut off a relationship with a man because he was always an asshole, it just depends. If he was never there for me then yeah I’d say goodbye but I guess if he was always there and did take care of me I’d tolerate it unless it got real bad.

    3. I guess I could explain it like this: an asshole who’s always there is tolerable but an asshole who regularly pulls disappearing acts is not serious, is only using the woman and playing games and it’s time to pull the plug on the relationship.

      1. I wouldn’t want an asshole around me for 30 seconds. I’ve had more than enough pain in my life to deal with more of that nonsense.

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