The Power of the Male Voice 

What is it about the male voice that has such power to soothe and to heal? I’m listening to the soothing rock music and the sound of his baritone flows to my ears. 

He plays the electric guitar- never too hard and never too soft. 

He speaks of pain and loneliness and nonconformity and the music and words touch my heart. 

There’s something about the male voice that conveys authority and power the way that of a female never could.

Soft rock seems to convey femininity, hard rock insecurity and immaturity.

But right in the middle there is a perfect match it seems.

When a woman takes the stage the same cannot hold true.
I listen to her voice. 

She speaks of pain, loss and love yet there is no healing touch- just emotion that never ends.

Yet the man has the power to draw me in.

Masculine men won’t listen to the words sung by women because they don’t want to speak through a woman.

Yet for a woman to speak through a man and have her words and feelings conveyed through the voice of a man is healing.

He speaks of the same human emotions yet there is something in his confidence, born not of insecurity but of realness and truth and integrity, that draws me in.

It beckons me to listen and to follow.

When I feel and dance to the words of a woman it’s like we draw on each other’s insecurities and unhappines until we reach a breaking point.

It’s an unhappiness and bitchiness that never ends.

Yet the voice of this man conveys power and authority.

I follow the words he sings, I follow in his lead and suddenly my thoughts are quieted. 

I don’t want to speak of them anymore, I just want to listen and be soothed; to follow in his lead.
He holds the electric guitar, always down low over the phallus, as he strokes and strums it, never too hard yet never too soft, and proclaims its power to the world.

He speaks through it and everyone listens. 

I feel the power of the notes he’s playing surge through the speakers and vibrate through my body and penetrate deep in my soul. 

He has the right touch of human emotion and nonconformity as he tells me to shut my mouth.

His words and masculine voice bring such peace through their sadness.
The woman with power and authority simply becomes the unattractive bitch that nobody likes.

Power isn’t in tune with her nature, as power is the one thing only a man can wear well.

She can play it, she can wear it, but it just doesn’t fit. It neither soothes nor heals.

Power is in a man’s nature. 

He was meant to rule, meant to lead.

His voice, his words, his gentle authority can soothe the turmoil inside.

He can offer me the solution and tell me to shut up while he calms me with his words and his touch.
Even with no words and no touch, the simple baritone and quiet confidence of the man with the voice and the music can soothe the hurt, pain, insecurity and disquiet inside.

Such is the healing power of the male voice. 


2 thoughts on “The Power of the Male Voice 

  1. Funny thing: I fell for a man once due to his voice alone. It was deep and authoritative and dominating, and his diction was sophisticated. It made me melt inside and want to submit to him. I never knew that a voice could have such an effect on me.

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