Yet Another Reason Why MRAs Are Full of S***

A fan of mine (a MAN as yes there are actually traditionalist men left) just sent this article to me and it made me very sad (he expressed the same opinion as well). For centuries women could count on lifetime financial support (unless they were unfaithful) and the primary aspect of marriage was men providing for their wives and women caring for their home and children (if there were any but childless women were still provided for regardless) and now it’s regressed to such a point because of feminism that women at home are looked at as lazy bums who just won’t “get a job.” It’s been bad for a while but unfortunately is getting worse. This is also yet more evidence that MRAs are full of BS and make outlandish claims about courts favoring women that can’t be backed up by a shred of evidence. Sure, you know someone who knows someone who… Yeah, OK. As NYMOM said in one of her posts a few years back “a man has a better chance of getting struck by LIGHTNING than ever paying a dime of alimony.” Almost all married women are either co-providers or primary providers and how is it “divorce theft” when she’s been paying the bills, birthing the kids and paying for the home, car, food, etc..??? She paid for it yet it’s not her stuff too? Get real. Men aren’t victims and the courts aren’t stacked against them because of feminism. Not only are most men not paying any support, how many are ******* RECEIVING it (which, in my opinion, is beyond absurd)? NEWS FLASH if your wife has a job and is paying the bills then she is providing for YOU- at least partially. So, no, men aren’t providing for women. You aren’t being providers so stop acting like victims and like women are the enemy because neither of those things is true. Women are providing for themselves, their children AND for men- which is why marriage is seen as obsolete today. This is what feminists have ALWAYS wanted- the complete eradication of the provider ethic so women will be forced to have careers and be forced out of the home despite the desire to stay home, as Graglia explained so well in her book “Domestic Tranquility.” But women CAN change this and the primary way is to use man’s sexual need. No financial support, no marriage, no p****.


12 thoughts on “Yet Another Reason Why MRAs Are Full of S***

  1. I tend to agree with you. Although there are probably some celebrity wives that the media spotlights who have won the divorce lottery, all the women I know are struggling to raise kids and making a futile effort to collect child support. All these women I see in line at the foodbank, on waiting lists for public housing, somehow I doubt they’re sitting around collecting alimony and eating bons bons by the pool.

    There are a lot of good men out there however, men who take their role as provider seriously, and God bless them. I know divorced fathers active in their kids lives…..and kind and generous towards their ex-wives.

    1. Yes but even with these celebrities how many of the celebrity ex-husbands are the ones BEING supported? Most women actively try to get the father involved in the kids’ lives and most want real relationships and the like. There are women who are genuine whores who recklessly have kids and such promiscuity should be shamed and there are women who divorce for frivolous reasons but to say somehow everything is stacked against men is simply untrue.

    2. It also has to be remembered that all these laws were created BY men as well. Created for men by men perhaps but I feel the real deal is that it is men trying to do what they think women want or what will make women happy.

  2. “But women CAN change this and the primary way is to use man’s sexual need. No financial support, no marriage, no p****.”

    Ideally that sounds very good, as I believe women should value their bodies rather than giving them to men like cheap lollipops, but unfortunately in this day and age, if a particular woman says the above to a man, it won’t necessarily convince him. He knows that he can just dump her and find another woman who is willing to give it up to him more easily. I guess you can argue that it is a good test to see if the guy is worth it or not, but on the other hand, if a woman keeps doing that she might end up being alone, which sucks, because men will be chasing after cheap p**** instead of choosing a woman who would be a quality wife and mother (and then men wonder why there are many sub-standard mothers? They chose to think with their penises rather than with their heads! If they thought with their heads, then maybe they could have chosen a good woman!). That’s why the only way for it to truly work is if women collectively did that. In THAT sense, women control men and direct their sex drive in more productive ways. Unfortunately, in 2015, for every woman who won’t give it up, there are about 20 who will. It’s very sad. I personally know of some women who have sex with heaps of guys, either thinking that it’ll lead to a relationship (and are shocked when it doesn’t), or think that because they’ve had sex with more guys than their peers, that they must be sexier than them. Such as this one:

    Silly deluded woman. What she achieved was what 99% of girls could achieve if they really wished, and she’s not exactly flash looking either, imho. No one denies that guys like good-looking girls, but a girl doesn’t necessarily have to be attractive if a guy is very horny and drunk (therefore beer goggles on) and just wants a quick f***. He’ll take what he can get, especially if there is a girl there who’s willing to bed him. And if it’s not her, then it’ll be someone else. He can so easily say to her that she’s hot while inwardly thinking “I’ve had better chicks, but she’ll do.” Guys can lie very smoothly if they wish, for the sake of their sex drive. It’s horrible, but true. The guy could have a one-night stand with a girl, leaving her to think she’s the hottest thing in the world, but then say to his guy friends the next day: “I had sex with this s*** last night. She was nothing great. I’ve had better sex elsewhere.” Women really need to understand this and protect themselves. Men do not realise how spoiled they are in this day and age.

    1. Yes it takes an overall cultural double standard on women’s sexual behavior for women to truly get their bargaining power back, but even on the individual level men are still willing to do a lot for it. I’ve had lots of guys do things for me and buy me things. Obviously they were hoping to get sex and would eventually move on if they couldn’t get it, but let’s look at it this way: I can give in, get nothing, waste myself on him and have him move on quicker and leave me empty, or I can refuse, keep him around for a while to see what he’s about and when he does eventually leave at least I haven’t given myself to him for nothing. Young women really don’t understand the extent of men’s sex drive-especially when they are younger. Girls must be taught by mothers how men think and must be taught to protect their virtue (an archaic and silly/naughty word these days) and if fathers were around they could protect daughters but most fathers today don’t even care and some could care less if their daughters were screwing around under their own roof. Put another way though if a man DOESN’T want to support me why would I want to have sex with him and bear his children? I don’t want a man like that and especially when a woman is at the height of her sexual power she should raise the bar much higher for sex. And individual women can change things for the future with what they teach their daughters because youth can’t know throngs unless they are taught and it is supposed to be the job of parents to give that guidance and prepare their children for the world.

      1. Yes, it’s important for parents to teach their daughters about how men think. I’m glad my mum did this. Even though sometimes I feel damn naive around men, something must have worked, because I know when to stand up for myself. I’ve been resented for it but I don’t care. I don’t need to have sex with lots of men to understand how men think. A combination of my mum’s teachings and observing how other women get treated just confirms what she says. My heart bleeds when I see women being used by men, and then these men judging the whole female gender and saying women are stupid. Women can do stupid things (just like men can), but the concept of a woman herself is far from stupid. It seems that somewhere along the line maybe some of these girls weren’t guided properly.

      2. Yes most women look for love with sex. In the past a woman could count on marriage or at least know she was safe if she had already gotten a ring, and if she had a baby she could get married and stay home or at least not have to fear anything other than a destroyed reputation, but not today. Nobody teaches young girls how men think or to protect their hearts and bodies then the girls get blamed for being sluts, welfare mothers, etc… I think it takes a while, if it ever truly sinks in, that most men are being nice and acting like they care because they just want to have sex with the girl.

        We’ve been a post-industrial society for a long time and only in the last few decades have men been whole-heartedly hostile about the provider role. Nothing has changed in human nature; for centuries men married and provided, even when providing was much more dangerous and hard work- so what HAS changed? Easy sex and independent women, or rather a culture of women with hostilely independent attitudes, that’s what…

      1. You’re a strong and intelligent woman. I enjoy reading your blog.

        I had a very old fashioned upbringing and while I resented my parents for it when I was a teenager, I now realize that most of their lessons were completely right. When I entered high school, I was bullied for being a virgin and that was over 15 years ago. So sad how society has changed.

        Here is my recent blog post about relationship advice. I hope you like it:

    2. Also for most men cheap p**** gets old after a while and most want to settle down. I’m a woman I don’t really *need* sex and if refusing to give it up cheaply means being alone then so be it. Better to be alone then be used and dumped over and over. I have a good man who supports me but even I had to put my foot down and refuse to go out and work in the beginning. He came back to me needing sex badly and I made my demand on him to grow up. A woman can draw a man in when he loves her and she can get him to support her. I’ve even seen men support women who were unfaithful and immoral, but so long as those women stayed around the men still supported them and stuck around.

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