What Kind of Society do We Want?

Is there anything more pathetic in this world than a man who doesn’t even want to provide for his own?; than a man who would become hostile and explode in a rage or become aggressive against a woman just at the very thought of ever supporting a woman? What kind of a man would do such a thing? I’d say there’s something severely wrong with a man who would become hostile against a woman who’s only crime is that she actually likes men and wants to be in a stable relationship with a man; a woman who actually is feminine, a woman who actually wants to care for her own children. 

The truth is that you’d pay for it and you know you would. Even to this day men pile into strip clubs and throw their money at beautiful (or even not so beautiful) women in the hopes of enjoying their beauty or convincing them to do some kind of sexual favors, etc.. Even with all the free sex many men would still give a woman money for it if the woman said that’s what it would take to get it. The truth is that you know if women demanded you pay for dates or marry and provide for them in order to get the [censored] that you’d do it. You hate it and it drives you insane that a woman might ever have any actual rights or choices over her own body or reproduction. It drives you nuts that women are the gatekeepers of sex and you’d do anything to get back in (or even get in at all). 

You complain women are so butch, unfeminine, out of shape, masculine, assertive, aggressive, career-driven, hate men, etc… yet you men are feminine, unmotivated, unwilling to be responsible for women and 3/4 of you look like you might be expecting triplets any day. You complain about the career-driven woman who just doesn’t want kids or can’t get in touch with her feminine side. Well, how is a woman supposed to be feminine, happy, in-shape and love men if no man will provide for her? Why would she want kids if she doesn’t have security to raise them properly? She can’t put kids and family first if she knows her only choice is to pursue a career and provide for herself. She must put career first as it is her only option and she knows it and she receives harassment from all sides so that she might never forget it. 

You complain about child support, divorce, abortion, alimony (as if it actually still exists) but who do you think legislated it in the first place? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t women! Men created the laws, not women. Men legislated feminism, not women. Very few lawmakers, politicians, lawyers, etc.. were women and there were NO Supreme Court justices that were women until the 1980s. Even today women are hopelessly in the minority in these fields. If men have a problem with the way things are today then their problem is with other men, not women. Yet instead of attacking the problem at its root and forcing other men into their appropriate roles and responsibilities you go instead and become hostile and aggressive against women and you hate the very women that would be good to you- the very women who wouldn’t do you wrong. 

There are countless homemaking blogs out there, but where are all the breadwinner blogs, exactly? I’d say for every one traditional man there are probably about ten traditional women. Well, I propose a different solution. If men don’t want any responsibilities I say fine! You can become useless wastes of space who sit around living off of daddy and mommy until you reach middle age. You can have no motivation in life to ever actually get a job or provide for a family. Instead the women can all go out to work while you lounge around playing video games. You can have absolutely no role in life. The women will bear the children (and that’s if they even want to have them at all), work everyday to support families and even go to war. You can have no useful role or purpose in life and just drift aimlessly until you die. How does that sound? The women will work and you can just take it easy. Sex will be free and easy. One can experiment, with several different partners, even of the same sex if that is what they choose. When you get tired of one partner you can easily walk away and find another. Kids can all be raised in day-care centers or passed around the community to be raised by others while women work and men are demotivated. Paternity will never really be certain in many cases. The women are all promiscuous sl*ts, after all. That’s the way our primitive ancestors did it. I think they set such a wonderful example! Men had it made. They never had to work. Instead maybe men can just spend their days starting pointless wars that women and children end up paying the price for. Maybe men could go out hunting every once in a while and come home and toss the meat at their three different wives and say “get to work b****” then spend all night having sex with various women and we can all live in grass huts and have a lovely egalitarian society. Does that sound good? Every day can be constant drudgery and fighting just to survive. Society will never go anywhere nor will our population. And from what I’ve seen it seems like there are many who actually want us to resort to being a primitive society, as they praise primitive societies as if they were egalitarian paradises (despite evidence that they certainly were not).

Oh you love to experiment when the women say they’ll give you sex, but when the women turn around and say they’ll control their own bodies and reproduction then you throw a fit! You want women to be nothing more than mere slaves who both have careers and are good little traditional girls that do what they are told. If you had your way women would be nothing more than slaves with no rights. They should work and be equally responsible to provide yet should have no rights to property, children, divorce or rights to their own body. You love the free and easy sex and living with your girlfriend with no responsibility until she says she’s going to have a baby, and there’s nothing you can do about it (or until she says she’s going to have an abortion and there’s still nothing you can do about it). You love teaching your fellow boys about how to identify sl*ts (so you can have easy sex with them) then turn around and complain about all those illegitimate, fatherless children! You want to treat women as nothing more than disposable sex objects then wonder why so many women turn to feminism and hate men. 

We in the first world do not know and understand oftentimes the problems of the third-world. Most of us have never been starved or known those kinds of hardships. We are blessed and we are blessed because we reap the benefits of our ancestors. Well, guess what, our grandfathers were providers for their families and the ethic was a very strong one and very reinforced and accepted by society as well as law. That’s why we have everything we have. It is the primitive and impoverished third world countries that send their women out to do what we here in the West consider men’s work. It is those societies where men don’t work and have no provider ethic that generally are bad off. If we have luxuries, if we had a better life and more stable society then it is because men actually provided for their families. You can’t have it both ways. We’re resorting to primitive ways because you men stopped being the breadwinners; because you have no care or drive to provide for women. We are now accepting of and living many practices and lifestyles that were only to be found in primitive societies. 

What kind of a man is it that would claim to love a woman but become hostile at the very thought of providing for her financially? What kind of man would claim to love a woman then pressure her non-stop to “get a job” and allow his relatives to harass her about it as well? What kind of a society is it where we have whole groups and organizations of men who attack and become hostile against women just for being women and wanting to be home with their children and care for their families? What kind of a society is it where men view their own women as competition and feel nothing inside of them to even so much as stand up for a woman nor protect her, much less provide for her? Where does that leave our families? Where does that leave our children? A man who does not provide for his own is the worst kind of scum there is. There is nothing worse. Women can only be feminine if men are masculine. Women can only be homemakers and care for their children if men are providers. There is no other way. The nuclear two-parent family with the man standing alone as sole provider built up our civilization and society. It made our society and our families stable. It made our communities peaceful. You can’t have it both ways. Either we want stable families and a first-world existence with men being providers for both women and children or we want an unstable impoverished existence where men are unmotivated. You can’t have it both ways. 


14 thoughts on “What Kind of Society do We Want?

  1. You must be my twin from another mother or something. Such an awesome post. You hit the nail on the head 20 million times and said it way better than I ever could have. Sorry, I keep leaving lots of comments on your blog hehe, but I can’t help but keep coming back for more.

    I so hate it when people say “it’s not the 1950s” as if the values and traditions back then were so primitive when, ironically, it’s these very traditions that HELPED to build the society that we get to enjoy today. You’re right, we’re basically riding off our ancestors’ hard work and then looking down upon them. Like, wtf? And feminists and MRAs both display so much cognitive dissonance, it’s alarming. First world countries are generally rarely for want of anything. Unfortunately, in my opinion this has its downside. If our basic needs are always met and we don’t have to work hard as if our lives depended on it, then we begin to gradually lose the value of good work ethic, become extremely self-indulgent, and we also become removed from our instincts, which might explain why so many people today have these views that are so warped and counter-intuitive (ie. feminists and MRAs), because they’re so removed from their instincts. For example, men and women being equal? Where in the holy hell does that come from?? Likewise, if we were to be thrust into the wilderness where we were left to our own devices and death was a very real possibility, you’d find that we’d soon have no choice but to get in touch with our instincts again, so as to maximise our chances of surviving. Suddenly the concept of men and women being equal would soon be thrown out the window, I think. It’s almost as if first world societies have to somehow “simulate” such desperate situations so as to keep us in check and stop us from getting too airy-fairy. This is just my theory, and I could be wrong.

    Additionally, women can only be feminine if men are masculine. Completely second that. When I’m around a man, if I feel like a woman next to him, then it’s because he emanates masculinity, and that feels great. Sadly, the great majority of the times I’m around men, I just feel like….. a genderless person, not a woman. I can wear make-up and be all dolled-up and it still won’t make a difference.

    I’d comment on more but my post will end up being super long.

    1. Don’t apologize! I love your comments, I’ve actually been looking forward to them the last couple of days! 🙂

      “When I’m around a man, if I feel like a woman next to him, thenit’s because he emanates masculinity, and that feels great. Sadly, the great majority of the times I’m around men, I just feel like…a genderless person, not a woman. I can wear make-up and be all dolled-up and it still won’t make a difference.”

      Yes, that is exactly how I feel too. There’s something wonderful about a masculine man but most of the time when I’m around a man I don’t feel anything at all because men just don’t really seem to be men these days. There just seems to be something wrong. I can’t explain it but theres…just…something…wrong… I can say the same thing about women too of course! We’ve definitely created a genderless mess that has completely wrecked personal relationships between the sexes.

      1. Definitely has, and the romanticism between the two sexes has been wiped out. A small part of me dies when I hear the males in my life going “Why is it that men have to approach women? Women can ask men out too these days.” I guess we should grow balls for them as well. Men ask where all the feminine women are today, but then men don’t pay for women on dates, don’t take initiative, walk ahead of the woman instead of letting her through the door first, believe that they can hit a woman if a woman hits them (even though they know they have the physical advantage), believe they can take on the role of a stay at home parent like the woman can etc. etc. So how can a woman feel feminine in the face of all that? Some of the above things might sound small, but it’s these many small acts put together that add very different colours to a picture.

      2. Men are supposed to lead. Women give men subtle signs that they are interested but it is the man that must pursue the relationship. Besides, men don’t even LIKE it when women are the aggressors. It used to be improper for women to ask men out, highly improper and it served the purpose to keep relationships between the sexes stable and keep both men and women interested in each other. These aren’t small things. In either big or small things men should always attempt to lead and guide women. My husband will push past me sometimes to get in the lead. I don’t mean like shoving me out of the way of course but just simply getting in front of me.

  2. Wow, that’s a powerful post. Well said. Women simply cannot be women unless there are men around willing to be men. And men have to lead! They must first provide the safety and security in order for the softness of women to come out.

    1. Yes! How can a woman be soft and feminine if she is having to act tough and aggressive to compete with men and defend herself?

      1. Wow, this reflects my experience with men so much. Some short time ago I realized that the reason I’ve never been able to feel relaxed and comfortable around men was because I never felt like they were looking out for me.

        I knew a guy in college who called himself a “die-hard feminist” and never opened doors for women. We were going into a store once and he opened the door and I started to walk through but he charged in ahead of me. I froze in place and my jaw dropped because I was so shocked and confused.

        Another guy I went on a date with dropped me off at my house and drove off without making sure I was safely inside. Turns out I had forgotten my keys. I was living with my brother and his wife at the time and I had to wait on a sidewalk at night by myself until they came home.

        When I was around these guys I was often defensive, hardened, and a bit closed off. I’ve always felt very sensitive, feminine, and emotionally open so I couldn’t understand why I was acting like this. I recently understood it was because I didn’t feel safe and taken care of. These guys had no real masculine presence so I had to put up a guard and harden myself so I didn’t feel so unsafe and unprotected. What I really wanted was to relax into my natural femininity and feel like myself but I couldn’t do that because they weren’t looking out for me when I was with them.

        Thank you for your blog. I discovered it some days ago and have been reading it a lot!

  3. Lots of good points in this blog post. The fourth paragraph alone makes it worth its weight in gold. Indeed, men conveniently forget that THEY were the ones who legislated feminist policies.

    There’s much more I could say, but I won’t. You write some good stuff here. I commented for the first time today on another post, so this is my second comment today already. 🙂

    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks! Oh and hey I don’t know what’s going on with the email situation but I promise I’m not ignoring you! 🙂

      1. I just hope you are getting mine. I sent 3 and was wondering if they were blocked by SOMEONE. Hope you’re well!

      2. I don’t know. I got one on 8/7 and 8/11 and I responded to them both. Those are the last two I received…

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