Even if a Man Must Beg, Borrow or Steal

I find it ridiculous how the economy is constantly used to justify wives going out to work. I think of it like this: you wouldn’t send your children out to work no matter how bad off you were financially, would you? Of course not because they are dependent and it’s your job to support them (primarily, of course, the father’s job). You decided to have them and no matter what they are your responsibility. So how then is it justified for a man to send his wife to work just because things are bad financially? It should be his job to provide financially for his wife, whether he has to beg, borrow or steal. It’s his responsibility to do whatever it takes to make it. Just the same as he’d do whatever to make sure the children were fed and clothed and had a home to live in, so it should be with his wife. He’s married her and she should be his responsibility. Just as with the kids, if you can’t support and raise them then don’t have them. If a man can’t provide for a wife, then he shouldn’t get married.


2 thoughts on “Even if a Man Must Beg, Borrow or Steal

  1. You know what? I feel like I’m on my husbands s*it list because I lost his 800 dollar BACKUP phone (which means I lost my first phone and had to resort to using his backup) OMG what an uncomfortable feeling. LOL. I write that here, because yes I am dependent on my husband even and especially in my mistakes. It’s a very vulnerable , and feminine, spot to be in. But I go on none the less. It is nice to be in good company. 🙂

  2. Totally agree with this. I’m a full-time worker, and the current job I’m in I enjoy greatly, but I had a previous job that I was in for 3 years (my first professional job), and there were times when I found it extremely stressful, especially when I’d have tiffs with my boss who was just an incorrigible prick (he actually has a bad reputation within my field, so it wasn’t just me who hated him, but I digress). Whenever I’d get stressed, I couldn’t eat, and my anxiety levels would be very high. I’ll be honest, I felt vulnerable without some sort of a support system. It seems that this is something that men are more built for than women, or at least SHOULD be. There were many times where I just dreamed of being a stay-at-home mum, as I would have felt more complete that way. I love my current job because it’s less stressful, but it’s also a job where I can’t exactly climb the career ladder, but if there’s something I learned about myself, it’s that I’m not exactly interested in climbing up the ranks anyway. Sure, I can try and do that and, if, say, I got to the top, wonderful, but I would still feel incomplete as a woman if I never got a taste of motherhood. My job is suited for me, but more than anything I just want to be pregnant and barefoot, and once that happens, I’ll eagerly quit the heck out of my job and be out of the workforce for years. When the kids start going to pre-school, then I might go back to work part-time, but even then it would be a peaceful job that wouldn’t get in the way of doing a good job at home. I think that, with all the stresses that come with the workforce, this is something that men are more suited for as they are the fighters and the hunters. And a man should be psychologically strong enough for it. My mum always said that a man is the backbone of a household, and if the man breaks down, then the household will break down. If he can’t fulfil his rightful duties as a man, what right does he have to ask a woman to take on part of his duties with him? She’s got enough on her own plate as it is. People recommend specialising in a particular field when working so as to be able to sharpen your skills further instead of being jack of all trades but master of none. Well, specialising also applies to marriage.

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