The Beginning of the End of an Era

Although I said before I hoped the Supreme Court would strike down gay marriage bans, I only said this because I believed it was inevitable- something that had to run its course before everything collapsed and change could happen. Make no mistake, this is a very dangerous thing. The laws in most jurisdictions still throw some protection and safeguards to married couples and their children and protect the marriage from outside interferences. But with this decision today every last protection left is in jeopardy. Two people of the same sex cannot procreate and marriage including two people of the same sex necessarily goes along with the feminist notion of “either partner can be the breadwinner/homemaker there are no sex roles or illegitimate children” so therefore it becomes necessary to allow more liberal laws regarding the family unit and more outside interference and “anything goes and everything is acceptable” policies- which will destroy the last remaining shreds of stability within families and marriage.

Marriage IS about raising children, but more than that it was about giving women security to raise those children and establishing paternity and the legitimacy of children to give the provider responsibility to men in a stable environment where men would have a meaningful role in society. These are important things for the stability of society. The family unit started being destroyed when sex roles and distinctions between legitimate/illegitimate children and distinctions between wife/mistress were legally abolished. Personally though I think it started getting bad even before this, with female suffrage being the turning point where everything started disintegrating. (I mean, it took only about 50 years for the family to be completely destroyed after women were granted the vote!) Marriage is about sex, procreation and sex roles. Without this it loses its meaning.

But I see a change coming and hopefully it will be quick in coming. Families have been in bad shape for a long time but now we are at the end, the family is now at an end. Things are going to get worse before they can get better. Gay marriage was something that had to happen. By viewing these relationships as legitimate marriage has just become obsolete. But it simply can’t last much longer. Once the money runs out to fund family breakdown then egalitarianism will officially end. The money’s already running out.

Things are going to get rough. Keep your families together if you can- if it is not already too late. Follow God. Keep your children close and teach them well against modern immorality. Men, you must lead and be the providers for your families and women you must allow the men to do so. Stick close to your husbands and the men in your life (if there are any) that can protect you. Make every effort to remain in the home and guard it and stay out of the workforce. Just do it. We need all the force we can gather to weather the storm ahead.


3 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End of an Era

  1. You have to realize these changes mean problems for the anti family people, too. Just think: now they will be subject to family court and family laws, be forced to divorce, forced property division, alimony, child support, monitored visitation, wage garnishe, and the bankruptcy that many times follows. The proponents of these rights are going to have very complicated and broken lives, very soon.

    1. Yes, I know. It’s insane enough without “gay marriage” but now what’s going to happen? Family law has already been very corrupt for a while but now… The very idea that two people of the same sex could be considered to be “married,” much less have a “Constitutional right” to be married it absurd. If it wasn’t so serious I’d have a good laugh over it. It’s a perversion and what I would view as the final stage in the destruction of marriage and the family. I just simply can’t see it lasting very long, I just can’t. Marriage has been deduced to nothing but romantic love and “commitment” (never mind that it’s often nothing more than temporary commitment) and has lost all of the meaning it once had, that of providing for women and children and securing stable family ties, property, etc…

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