Life is Sacred, Until It Leaves the Womb

Daily Show Shreds Alabama’s Ridiculous New Abortion Law

This has just gotten so insane. Yes, unborn life is precious but these nut-job republicans today are crazed. So what happens when the girl is forced to give birth to that life these “fetus lawyers” so well care about? Will they care about that life then or how it is raised or do they only care about it before it’s born then afterwards “who cares your on your own?” Of course, it’s not like this law serves any purpose other than to “run out the clock.”

Instead of others testifying against the young woman, whose life is probably already torn to shreds and out of sorts due to an unwanted pregnancy, how about her parents and the fetal father be put on trial for failing to protect her and the unborn and abandoning their obligations? Or is it only mothers who should be put on trial for abandoning their children or abusing them? If a mother walks away from her child then wants to show up later she is regarded as the worst kind of scum imaginable but men do it every day and not only are they not looked down upon for it, they are regarded as heroes and “good guys.”

How about the young woman be allowed to testify against the father and force him either into marriage or to give up his rights? Republicans care about children until they are born, at which point they are no better than anyone else with divorce, failure to protect the sanctity of marriage and general who cares about children and let’s treat the sexes the same (except where they can hurt women and get away with it) BS.

100 years ago the fetal father could even be put in PRISON if something happened to the mother or child but now apparently he can testify against the woman he has impregnated, keep her from obtaining an abortion and still have full legal status as a father without ever having to take on any kind of real responsibility.

What the hell kind of nation have we become?

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2 thoughts on “Life is Sacred, Until It Leaves the Womb

  1. I’ve always been of the belief that the person who carries the fetus in their body is the one who has the final say in what she wants to do in the end. Even if she is married, she still gets the final say, even though the husband has a right to weigh in. She’s the one who is directly affected, and no one has a right to force her to do anything against her will. Forcing her to stay pregnant is essentially making her a slave to her own body, an incubator, if you will.

    I find it ridiculous when people are so vocal and categorically against abortion. To the people who “encourage” the woman to carry the baby to term and then suggest to her to give the baby up for adoption, will you personally adopt this baby and raise it like your own? Or is the baby only for “others” to raise? If you won’t, then maybe you should stay out of it. And even if you would, the effects and symptoms of pregnancy and labour are hers and hers alone to bear, so it’s not for you to dictate whether or not she should go through them.

    I’m not a huge fan of abortion, but I don’t believe it’s murder up until a certain point, and the woman knows best what she can or can’t take on. Whether or not she regrets having the abortion afterwards has no bearing on whether abortion is morally right or wrong. Just like with anything in life, people make the right or wrong choices, but that doesn’t necessarily make the choice itself morally wrong. A person can regret making a choice, but then later on change their mind and think it was the right one, or vice versa. It happens.

    1. Yes this is precisely what I said in my rather lengthy “critical thoughts on abortion” piece. Not all killing is murder, especially when the life is growing inside someone else’s body and could harm and cause pain and suffering and numerous hardships to another human being. In no other scenario can a person be forced to be an organ donor for someone else and a woman should not be forced to either. I’m sick of the abortion debate. It’s her choice and the consequences of the decision are hers to bear as well. They want to outlaw abortion but they offer up no realistic alternatives nor protections to women and children.

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