Nobody Can Take That From You

For any wife and mother, never forget that you have a great importance in life- an importance society cannot take from you, though the society might try. Throughout all of history, in every society, the role of a mother has been of upmost importance. No matter what roles men did or did not play; no matter what responsibility they did or did not take, there has always been the mother, at the center of the family and of paramount importance in the raising and bearing of children. A new study may come out every six months trying to convince us that men can nurture young children just as well as women. A string of biased polls might come out telling us women would rather have careers. Children today are often taken from their mothers to be put into all kinds of crazy custody arrangements and men are often seen parading around the local park pushing a baby carriage while their high-earning wives are out to work. It doesn’t matter. The father holding the infant child and nursing it with a bottle can never be the same as a mother suckling the child at her breast. He can never be the same as the woman carrying life within her; life brought into this world from her body and her sacrifice; life that can be immediately nursed from her body even with its life-force while in the womb still attached and connected to her. At best the father nurturing the infant can only be a stand-in for a mother.

It doesn’t matter what crazy scientific inventions mankind has created or how much we try to play God. It cannot take away what God himself has given to women. It doesn’t matter if a father does or doesn’t accept responsibility for his part in procreation. It doesn’t matter that society often loves to hold children hostage from mothers at birth in reward for the woman’s good behavior or that immoral and irresponsible men love to use children as pawns to control women. It doesn’t matter that a woman’s privates are the subject of every political debate around. It doesn’t matter how much a man might want to proclaim you a slut just because he wants to evade the consequences of his actions. He is only, at best, declaring his role to be uncertain and a cultural creation. Don’t ever forget that your role as a mother is biological. It is imperative. It is as old as time itself. Since the beginning of time, nobody alive has ever been able to live in this world without first coming through a woman, a mother. Even if society does not care about mothers nor the sacrifices they make it doesn’t matter. Nobody can take a mother’s importance away from her. You ARE doing your part just by being a wife and mother and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Men may have superiority in other ways but never forget, if you are a wife and mother, that God has granted you superiority within the home and the lives of your young children. Never trade that superiority away for equality with men. Never trade that away for a mere career. It doesn’t matter who likes it or who doesn’t. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. It doesn’t matter how hostile the law becomes towards wives and mothers. It doesn’t matter how much men’s and father’s rights activists scream about the injustice of woman’s sexual superiority and how much they don’t want any responsibility. It does not matter. You are what God made you as a woman and nobody can ever take that from you. Nobody can make you inferior. You, as a woman, have the bargaining power over sex and you can use it to enable you to better fulfill your role as wife and mother. It doesn’t matter whether or not feminist women nor egalitarian men like it.

It does not matter. God gave to women the ability and responsibility for bearing the children. Nobody can take that away from you no matter how much they try. Seasons come and go and the times change, yet the role of the mother has forever remained the same.


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