Do We Really See Nothing Wrong With This???

Why do I see everywhere around me women getting married, having a baby and continuing working as if nothing at all has changed in their lives? I see also women having babies with some guy that they don’t even stay with for more than six months after the child is born and then they go off to college to pursue a degree. A baby changes nothing in their lives. And if any of these women do become “stay-at-home mothers” they still spend most of their time trying to find ways to make money! And we really see nothing at all wrong with this? I was visiting a friend yesterday and they have a new baby. The baby isn’t even more than about two months old yet the mother is working full-time and always gone. And we see nothing wrong with this at all? They actually have several kids, the oldest no more than five years old and yet the mother is always gone working and using her college degree. It’s always been that way since day one. Her husband apparently sees nothing wrong with this either. Tell me why the hell we have young women having babies then going off to college when the kids are just a few months old and looking for family members to take care of the kids while they’re gone? Also, most don’t even marry their boyfriends either and yet nobody sees anything at all wrong with this?? What has happened to us as a society? Let’s get it straight. If you have kids they should be your top priority. Mothers should not be encouraged to go off to work or pursue an education while they dump their kids off with whoever will take them and neglect forming a real and true relationship (as in marriage) with their child’s father. Money is masculine. The making of money is masculine. Making money requires competition and putting oneself out there to face the world and achieve. Fatherhood should strengthen a man’s goal to make money and motherhood should weaken a woman’s desires to do so. OOPS I forgot I’m not allowed to say that! I’m just supposed to sit here and say “you go girl!” to any woman who makes it out there in a “man’s world.” Mothers are encouraged to pursue college degrees and paid employment and nobody is supposed to say anything about it at all. I’ve heard several men say that they would love for their wives to stay home but that they would never ask them to do so. I mean, come on!! Do we really see nothing wrong with this? Isn’t it time somebody said something?? Women need to make the home top priority again and men need to actually be real men again instead of some pansies who just go along with what their wives say instead of being leaders and taking charge. When it’s all said and done that college degree is going to be nothing more than a burden leading to nothing more than financial debt, wasted youth and an inability to have the life you really want.


2 thoughts on “Do We Really See Nothing Wrong With This???

  1. Over a year ago my friend went to a women’s breakfast event on international woman’s day, where they were talking about issues concerning women. She told me there was a panel of women there, and one of them was saying that she encourages women to get back into the workforce as soon as possible after giving birth. I said to my friend “Uhhhh, what a stupid woman.” Plunge into the workforce soon after giving birth? Why? To keep your degree relevant? To keep abreast of the salary race? To prove you can do what men can do? Lovely. Anyone remember the KID? Did they just pop out a piece of meat or something? It’s all about them, them, them and being a “strong”, “independent”, “empowered” woman and “having it all”, but what about the child’s needs? Unfortunately the child can’t talk and express their needs, so everyone thinks things are hunky-dory.

    If you’re going to go out into the world and completely neglect your child, or dump them onto family members so that you can pursue your career, then why have a child to begin with? So you can have it all? But that’s the thing, you’re not really having it all, are you? Sure, the child exists, but you’re not actually there for your child because you refuse to give yourself quality time to bond with them. That isn’t having it all if you’re neglecting one thing for another (ie. your career), and the baby is not a toy or an accessory, it’s a whole new human being whose brain you are hardwiring from day dot, even EARLIER. Besides, why should caring for your child be anyone else’s burden? You brought them into the world, YOU take care of them! If a woman has just graduated, started a new life and career and is living for herself, then I can understand her getting pissed off if someone comes along and tries to tell her what to do with her life, but once she gets married and has kids, I’m sorry, but the ball-game changes then, and it’s no longer just about her and her “feminist” ideals.

    I think if you want to have a child, then you should be willing to make sacrifices for that to happen, because it’s a huge responsibility, but if you’re not willing or ready to make sacrifices, then I’d argue that you’re not mature enough or ready to have a kid yet, so don’t bring a child into the world and make them the victim of your selfishness. And today’s men are too chicken to say anything, because if they do, the women will accuse them of “oppressing” all women by telling them to stay at home. Well, if being a stay-at-home mum is oppressive, then with that kind of warped mentality, you DEFINITELY shouldn’t be having kids, lol.

    1. Amen! And if a man impregnates a woman he should be fully expected to marry and support her that way she CAN do her job of caring for her child!

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