My Random Reply to a Feminist

I just can’t help myself- I just can’t. Most of the time I ignore feminists but on occasion I just have to reply. Seriously it’s always the same old tired argument that feminists make every time they see one of us “ignorant” anti-feminist women types who have apparently never read a feminist book in our lives. So, anyways, the rant was long enough to make a blog post out of. Enjoy (or not).

Night Owl” says:

“I would like to challene the writers to take a moment before condemning “all these ‘liberated’ women” to “miserable lives”. Before the women’s liberation movement, women were property, not individuals. A married woman could not have a checking account or a credit card in her own name. she was referred to as “Mrs. John Doe” rather than “Jane Doe.” The reason we submissive women have the luxury (yes, luxury) of ‘choosing’ a submissive lifestyle (and not being forced into one) is because of the work done by women and men in the civil rights and feminist movement.
Submission is not a black-or-white characteristic. It exists along a continuum from Gorean slave to the occasionally submissive switch. While I am not offended by your words, I ask you to please not pigeonhole me, a strong feminist woman AND a submissive, by your own personal experience of submission.”

Oh please. You feminists keep spouting off the same lies after lies. The reason married women were “Mrs. John Doe” and why they didn’t have credit cards in their own name was because husbands had the legal obligation to support their wives and married women had a right to be supported by their husbands. A married women could go to the store buying household necessities and her husband was legally obligated to pay. Being “Mrs. John Doe” instead of “Ms. Jane Doe” was a mark of HONOR not a status symbol for being inferior. It is only you feminists that downed housewives and the role of mothers as nurturers and knocked them off their pedestal and privileged position in society. Now look around you. Your husband can DESTROY your credit and he doesn’t have to support you even as the mother of his child. He can dump you whenever and not have to pay you a shred of alimony (oh, yes, here comes the feminist argument that men *never* payed their alimony. I’m sure you’ll be quoting Phyllis Chesler any moment now) and mothers are no longer even protected in child custody (hey, you didn’t want to be weak submissive nurturers, did you? And feminists are so concerned with men nurturing children these days they could care less about the natural and time honored role of mothers in young childrens lives) so don’t bank on being protected there. In fact, what you are saying is nothing more than lies that the media keeps promoting because they don’t want women to know the truth about our history and the fact that even in the oldest days of coverture even before Married Women’s Property Acts and the like married women DID have the option to control their own money (if they worked, but why would they want to when they were protected at home and honored in their roles as housewives and mothers?) and keep their own property if they so chose. My grandmothers owned property back in those *terrible* days before women’s lib. My maternal grandmother always had a career because it was a CHOICE she made, nobody forced her to stay home but also nobody forced her to be equally financially responsible for the family the way women are forced by LAW to be now because of women’s lib. My paternal grandmother stayed home until the kids went off to high school. Nobody put them down. Women were never property and I mean NEVER. I have traced back our laws and traditions back hundreds of years to the laws of England and never were women dogs or slaves and to say that is a complete misinterpretation of history, a bald-faced lie. There isn’t a single thing that women have gained from women’s lib. No-fault divorce legislation and the ERA (which thankfully never passed) that feminists pushed for have robbed women of their rights and choices. The only “choice” gained by anyone was the choice of men to no longer have to accept their rightful duties towards women and children. The choice of husbands not to have to financially support their wives. I don’t know why I’m arguing with a feminists in the first place because you all are just a broken record, spewing out the same things the way you’ve been trained all of your life. And if you wish to tell me how feminists don’t hate housewives, save your breath. I would be willing to bet us “submissive” women know more about your feminism than you feminists do and that’s exactly why we hate it that much. I refer to myself as Mrs. ********* ******* because it is tradition and tradition protects and honors women much better than any liberation movement cooked up by a bunch of career oriented feminist women.