Women, Stop Obeying Men

Seriously, stop it. I talk a lot about “male authority” and “male responsibility” around here. They are very important features of traditional women’s rights as they are the foundation of family security and stability. But that doesn’t mean that every woman is to obey every man she comes across! Far from it. In fact, traditional women might even be seen as the less obedient out of all the women out there because we refuse to obey any man except for our husbands. Most modern women actually obey many men- bosses, boyfriends, ex-husbands, etc. The problem with women today is that they are too submissive to the whims of many men out there. The non-traditional woman will agree to sex with a boyfriend without the promise of marriage or agree to go to work when her husband doesn’t want to support her. The traditional woman, however, does the opposite. She puts her foot down and demands responsibility on behalf of the man before she submits to him.

Traditional women believe only one man is to have any authority over her and that is the man that takes responsibility for her, is in a lifetime commitment to her and sees that she is protected and all of her basic needs are met. The non-traditional woman just consents to sharing in the man’s responsibility when he doesn’t want it.

Even in the days of coverture a woman never submitted to just any man. She only submitted to her husband who was legally bound to provide for her. Today the situation is reversed. Women submit to law enforcement and civil duties such as being called to sit on a jury that they used to be exempt from and submitting their votes to greedy politicians (mostly men) who could care less about them and they will willingly obey by submitting themselves to combat duty and the demands of a superior when they join in the armed forces. However, they won’t submit to their husbands at all and he has no real power over them. All the power over women once held solely by husbands is now dispersed between many men and women in turn obey many men- as long as it isn’t their husbands.

Unfortunately in today’s world because of feminists women often are obliged to obey many men who are not their husbands. This is why advocacy for coverture is a part of traditional women’s rights. Women should only have to obey their husbands who are responsible for them.


Just to make this clear this is an article comparing then vs. now just to show that feminists haven’t done anything good for women at all. This is not to say that there is not a hierarchy and times where a woman might have to obey another man (differently than she would her husband of course). This is just saying that women won’t submit to husbands but still do even more to other men than they did before! It is also meant to be informative about coverture.