What Have you Really Gained with “Women’s Rights?”

Ladies, where has “women’s rights” really gotten you? Are you really happier than previous generations of women were? Is that job of yours and independence a good trade-off for a simple life at home and a husband who loves you, cherishes you and is faithful to you? Is heeding the commands of a boss everyday really better than following a husband who is sworn to look out for your best interests? Has women’s lib really filled your life and heart with happiness? Has it really given you everything you’ve ever desired deep within your heart? Is trudging off to go put your life in danger on foreign soil really better than feeling the life created with someone you love growing inside of you? Is assuming traditional masculine duties and responsibilities really better than men looking upon you as weaker and therefore in need of protection? Is sexual freedom really a better tradeoff than the security of marriage and a husband who will protect you? Is carrying half the burden of economic support of the family really better than being in the home and tending to domestic duties? Is this really everything you want out of life? Is power struggle really better than law and order and a stable home life? Are you really happier than your grandmothers? Are you really better off? What do you really have to prove by asserting your independence? What have you honestly gained?