On Patriarchy, Chivalry and Fear

I know the very thought of men controlling things can be very scary to the modern woman. Sometimes when I think about the term “patriarchy” I admit that I get a little scared too. I’ve made brief mentions of my own father who wanted both the benefits of patriarchy for his own selfishness then the benefits of feminism when it suited him and, after all, not all patriarchies throughout time and throughout the world have treated women well. In some societies, the men would cowardly push women ahead of them in combat (sound familiar?) and in some, even when food was scarce, the men would always eat first and the women would always eat last. If there wasn’t enough food left by that time then, well, the women would just go hungry. Just as much as a matrilineal society does not guarantee a woman’s dignity and safety neither does patriarchy in and of itself. So, why then, do TWRAs endorse patriarchy? Whey would a group that claims to stand up for women endorse a social order that could very well harm or oppress women?

Simply put, the patriarchy that TWRAs endorse is one of high male investment in women so that women in turn can make a high investment in children. Patriarchy the TWRA way does not mean that the man is in charge and therefore can treat a woman however he wants. The man could say “hey, I’m bigger and stronger than you and I’m the man of this house so I’m going to serve myself first” and push the woman out of the way, because, simply put, he can. But such is not the TWRA way. TWRAs understand that patriarchy is a social order that works to the best interests of families and overall societal stability but we also understand that patriarchy without an enforced concept of chivalry is dangerous. The man’s position as leader and authority figure is not for his own gain, but for the benefit of women and children. This is why we make unconditional chivalry one of the key concepts of our ideology.

With unconditional chivalry women can feel safe to trust in men once again and women can be protected and invest more in their children without the man’s burdens of supporting the family or having to deal with traditional men’s issues such as politics and war.

Of course, in the patriarchal society it is the men who control the chivalry and it is men who impose chivalry on one another. The woman, for instance, doesn’t get to just make any demand she wants upon the man or upon her husband. It is up to men to care for women and be responsible for women and thus it must be up to men to look out out for women’s best interests and hold other men to their rightful responsibilities for women and children. A woman’s concerns and viewpoints do matter and her husband should always take them into account (many times women have good insight and wisdom to offer and men would be foolish not to consider it) but ultimately he has to be the one to decide what is best.

I know that the idea of allowing men to have this power might seem scary, but I do believe that men, when they are not emasculated by feminism or MRA activism, really will take care of women. Mostly from what I’ve seen men will look out for women and take care of them but it is only women’s current mindsets because of feminism and the fact that women want to impose their own demands upon men that causes men to shy away from their responsibilities and not care as much about women. I also feel that it is more-so the women who disregard the best interests of other women and in the end women’s interests would be better served left in the hands of men. It runs contrary to what we are taught all of our lives, but since women got the vote and started getting involved more in politics and the workforce I feel that life has gotten consistently worse for women. I remember my grandmother telling me once that life really was better for women before the 1960s. It seems scary at times but most men would look out for women more and protect women more if they were given the rightful authority and the rightful responsibility imposed upon them for women. And, for those men who do not follow the rules and use their power to harm women, it is up to the other men to deal with them.

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