A Personal Thought about Feminism Being About “Choices” for Women

I simply cannot understand where the myth that feminism was about choice got started. In the 1960s and 70s every feminist organization around was downing men being breadwinners and lifetime support for wives. When debating the Equal Rights Amendment in the early 70s they said clearly it would take the choice away from women to insist that their husbands support them so they can raise their children at home. See the video I have linked (in the sidebar) “Firing Line: the Equal Rights Amendment with William F. Buckley Jr.” There is only a small sample on YouTube for free but the entire video can be found on Amazon. It’s very enlightening and you can see the truth about what feminism has actually done. And, for anyone that thinks feminism is dead, you will see how mainstream their thoughts are today when you listen to it. I thought I was watching some modern day program. Even today conservatives promote feminism being about choice (even though they think it’s “gone too far!”- more about that later). Remember last year when Hilary Rosen proclaimed that Ann Romney “hasn’t worked a day in her life?” Even the Tea Party Conservatives jumped on that one saying that feminism was about choices (so how dare they bash housewives??? You know, because no feminist has ever done that!).

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