Sorry, I’m Not Buying the BS

My take? Men as a group have had everything handed to them because of feminism- BUT- there is always a price to pay for everything. Most men don’t have custody because they’ve never pursued it. Feminists hatred of men is definitely there but they have done more for men than any other movement ever has. Men no longer have to support a wife for life, there is no draft (and if there was they’d take young women too thanks to feminists), they’ve been given more rights to child custody now that women have abandoned their role as the caretakers to young children. Two incomes are common, they don’t have to shoulder the burden of support alone. They get free and easy sex and paternal rights to children without having to marry. And, if they live in New York, they don’t even have to pay a stripper anymore. What a paradise!

You see, though, they are no longer the leaders of their families. They chose to flee from responsibility so now they have no patriarchal authority to keep their families together and they are paying the price (or, at least, sharing it with women). All of the men I’ve ever known who didn’t have custody of children when their wives left them were ones who never fought for it. I know more women than men who’ve lost custody. We lose 3-4 women from pregnancy and childbirth deaths every day in the United States (not to discount our troops and the wonderful job they do, but this is more women each year dying from what only a woman can die from than we’ve lost soldiers the entire decade we’ve been overseas) yet women are shouldering the burdens of support of a family. Even more women are having to raise and support children alone because the father is nowhere in sight and society blames them for being single mothers by saying they’re just out for the welfare money.The interesting thing is we all think that mothers always get custody (when we’re young and naive) but there have been several studies done looking for “sex discrimination” in the family courts that showed the father usually gets custody if he wants it, especially if he is abusive (I’m not linking an article because there are many legitimate resources out there, disbelievers can do their own research).

You see feminists never cared about mother’s custody rights. Nobody does. I dare someone to name the last time they saw a “mother’s rights organization” outside of feminists advocating for “mother’s rights” to breastfeed in public (which I actually agree with) or domestic violence issues (which is just a smokescreen for what’s really going on).

Yes, there are good men who have been done wrong. The appropriate response to injustices? Men need to accept their RESPONSIBILITY and assert their AUTHORITY. These issues wouldn’t be issues if men were being men in the first place. Suzanne Venker made the remark that “women just aren’t women anymore” in an article a few months back. Well, men aren’t “men anymore” either. She’s says there’s a “war on men” then says feminism serves men well in the same posting. Pretty typical of those who hold MRA views to have selective vision.

I may sound like a feminist sometimes or tout “feminist” viewpoints and there are definitely many times where I know that feminists point out real issues for women. However, I don’t agree with the feminist solution to all of this. To the feminist,women’s problems are just a bunch of evil men coming to “steal their equality once they’ve fiinallly achieved it after thouuusands of years”- seriously who would even believe a tale like that???) But those who are informed know what’s going on.

And for those who say feminists are for “separating children from fathers” all I can say is use your damned head already. Feminists have long encouraged women to dump children off on fathers so they can go pursue a career.

Men’s rights groups use feminism and feminist ideals that are now ingrained in mainstream culture to get out of responsibility. (Notice how none of them are touting women in combat, but, hey, if feminists are promoting it then they’ll seize the opportunity and force women to be drafted. Once again, feminists are on their side and feminism has benefited them.) Then they turn around and call themselves “anti-feminists” leading to more women thinking feminism actually has been about giving women a status as “human beings” and any anti-feminist is automatically grouped in with men’s groups and is perceived as anti-woman.

I do not consider a man a victim until he has accepted his rightful responsibilities. Sorry, you can’t sit there and support women being in the home and expect that it is their place to care for the children then all of a sudden wonder “hey, where’s my support at?” when it benefits you. Either take your responsibilities or be victims. I’m not going to feel sorry for men’s groups. The way I see it is this: equal pay laws have been on the books for 50 years now and most states abolished their tender years doctrines many years ago. It’s absurd to think that somehow women are still discriminated against in the workforce just the same as it is insane to think that somehow fathers are discriminated against in family courts. The evidence generally shows that the workforce favors women and the family courts actually favor fathers. Are there men who are victims? Yes. Are men, as a group, victims? No.

But, men and women can’t live without each other. We need to form healthy relationships. If men accepted their responsibilities and asserted rightful authority and were chivalrous to women we wouldn’t be in this mess and our children wouldn’t be so bad off today and coming from broken homes. So, are you going to whine and cry or are you going to be men? And women, are you going to force men to man up or are you going to keep letting them get away with exploiting you sexually and financially?

Don’t complain if you aren’t willing to stand up and do something. MRAs have no real solutions to offer men and feminists have no real solutions for women. They all just keep talking about things being “more fair” and “equal.” They tell lies and deceive the public and take advantage of men and women in vulnerable states. Don’t let them fool you.

Baby Veronica and the Fallacy of Gender Equality

Thanks to NYMOM for her input about this case. This is why I have pointed out many times that men should not be granted the same rights and responsibilities to illegitimate children as to legitimate children. It is not to punish women or children, but to protect them. The laws regarding Native American tribes are complex, but the real issue here was-is- that unwed fathers are granted the same legal status as married fathers and mothers. The child’s father broke up with the mother while she was pregnant, wanted to relinquish his rights, was not present during pregnancy/birth and had never supported the mother but, because of our modern-day gender neutral laws, he was nevertheless allowed to assert the same rights as a married father who makes an investment in the pregnancy and supports the mother. This child has known nothing but confusion and a broken family now since being first taken away from adoptive parents by a father she had never before met. Unfortunately this is very common. Men don’t want to take on the responsibilities of fatherhood yet they want the rights of fatherhood. Men’s rights groups and their gender-neutralized feminist allies do not work for the best interest of children nor families. Obviously, society is no longer structured around what is best for children. It’s all about one’s own selfish interests and political correctness. This is also why I am against any paternity testing unless it is by a married father who is divorcing his wife for adultery within a very strict time frame after a chid is born because it tears apart families and allows men to walk in or out of a child’s life at their own whim. This child had never even met her biological father (who was allowed to assert rights the same as a married father) until she was 27 months old. We must make a distinction between legitimate and illegitimate births for the sake of family/societal stability and the sake of our children.

“I’ve been following this case for a few years and I hate to say it but the former adoptive parents of this little girl should just step back now and let the child remain with it’s father. Or should I say the father’s wife or his parents (whichever one he’s dumped her off with to return to his military career).

Unfortunately this is the inevitable result of allowing unmarried men to have the same legal rights as a child’s mother. Men contribute little or nothing to bringing children into this world and this particular recreational sperm donor contributed nothing long after the fact, Yet he was allowed to overrule the mother’s action in placing this little girl up for adoption and into a stable family home two years after she had been legally adopted.

Now everyone wants to play “let’s fix this after the fact” but it’s too little too late to do that. This child has now been living in whatever family arrangement her father has left her in since 2011, this is now 2013.

She should not have her life disrupted for the second time.

The father has been arrested for custodial interference and posted a $10,000 bond but the real person who should be under investigation and posting a bond is the original judge in South Caroline who overturned established legal precedent in order to give a recreational sperm donor rights to a child who was already legally adopted into a stable family unit.

This is another example of how mens’ rights advocates and gender neutralized feminists have invaded our legal system and made courts a dangerous place now for mothers and children and also goes to show how one person can totally ignore the law as well as the best interest of a child and get away with it. Time is on the side of the person who knows how to work the legal system…sad really.

Anyway, we are going to see fewer mothers placing their children into adoption and more abortions as they begin to realize that these recreational sperm donors can pop up years after the fact and overrule any decisions they have made in the best interest of their children.

The original adoption should not have been overturned but since it was and the child has now been another two years with a different family her life should not be disrupted a second time.

Very sorry for everyone involved in this case.”

A Personal Thought about Feminism Being About “Choices” for Women

I simply cannot understand where the myth that feminism was about choice got started. In the 1960s and 70s every feminist organization around was downing men being breadwinners and lifetime support for wives. When debating the Equal Rights Amendment in the early 70s they said clearly it would take the choice away from women to insist that their husbands support them so they can raise their children at home. See the video I have linked (in the sidebar) “Firing Line: the Equal Rights Amendment with William F. Buckley Jr.” There is only a small sample on YouTube for free but the entire video can be found on Amazon. It’s very enlightening and you can see the truth about what feminism has actually done. And, for anyone that thinks feminism is dead, you will see how mainstream their thoughts are today when you listen to it. I thought I was watching some modern day program. Even today conservatives promote feminism being about choice (even though they think it’s “gone too far!”- more about that later). Remember last year when Hilary Rosen proclaimed that Ann Romney “hasn’t worked a day in her life?” Even the Tea Party Conservatives jumped on that one saying that feminism was about choices (so how dare they bash housewives??? You know, because no feminist has ever done that!).

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