The Pill, Artificial Wombs, Globalization and Women

Je m’allonge sur l’herbe, je lève les yeux vers le ciel
Comme j’aime cette terre, mais nous l’avons détruite
Me vient alors une larme, et je prie que Dieu m’entende
Qu’avons-nous fait ?

Once upon a time I asked myself what was to become of this world. With all our science and technology, will there be anything real in the future for us to hold- anything tangible? Everything precious in this life is something that is physical. We’ve entered into a digital and sterile world. Everything undesirable is a medical problem to be cured or prevented. We have fundamentally altered human relationships and they may never be the same again. Since the invention of the pill pregnancy is now treated like some disease to be prevented. Coupled with social revolution these scientific advances (as well as many others) have transformed the lives of women today and gender relations.

“Men are no longer expected to be the sole breadwinners in their families. In fact, the no longer even feel a twinge of shame about it if they aren’t. In the past, when a man married, he expected to have kids; or, rather, he didn’t have much say in the matter. It would never occur to him to ask his wife to hold off until some distant and tentative point in the future. Children used to arrive ‘as the rainfall,’ as Midge Decter once observed. Babies were not considered luxury goods. When I hear a woman say that she would like to have a baby but can’t afford to leave her job, what she is really saying is that her husband is unwilling to support them if she does.”[1]

So what is to become of us today? What is to be the fate of women? Conservatives today even simply say that birth control is the answer to all that ails women today (as long as they pay for it themselves, of course!) There is no talk of marriage. The responsibility is not upon the man to marry and be a breadwinner. Society has adopted the feminist egalitarian perspective of marriage and women are expected- by both society and law- to support themselves. This sentiment is spreading around the world, even to “developing” countries. Globalization is sweeping across every society and, with it, many cultural traditions that have honored and protected women are dying out. It’s science, it’s “advancement” and nobody cares or asks what the consequences are. Now I’m not downing science and technology itself, just what negative possibilities it has and could open up for us in the future. After all, I have two beautiful sisters who may not be alive today if it wasn’t for technology.

Man-made inventions and discoveries have ripped apart the securities of women. It has stolen away the preciousness of women.

“A prominent Canadian feminist once remarked to me that ‘artificial wombs could not be invented quickly enough’ for her.”[2]

This is what feminists want and what MRAs are licking their lips waiting for- the day that female sexual superiority is a thing of the past; the day when women are truly not precious anymore and there is no reason to treat them any differently than a man; the day when women are no longer special. After all, the fact that women bear children and men do not is the biggest single factor prohibiting “equality” between men and women.

Abortion is available, but what is the price that is paid by women? The responsibility is put solely upon the woman, to take care of the “problem” that is pregnancy. The responsibility is no longer on the man to be a breadwinner and marry. Pregnancy is no longer a given; men and women no longer have the same awareness of whether a sexual encounter will lead to conception. What are we to do? The pill changes a woman’s pheromones and there’s even growing evidence that it is harmful to the environment. Scientists are becoming increasingly aware that the pill can’t even be filtered out out the water. Birth control changes a woman’s physiology and changes how men perceive women.

Women have held great status in many societies throughout history because of their child-bearing abilities. In fact, even in some places in the world today women gain great status by bearing children. But, now, we’ve come to their lands and Westernized them. Feminists have global goals to stop what, in the their view, are “injustices” against women in foreign lands. Don’t forget MRAs by any means, they have similar global goals. And the mainstream will just say we are destroying the Earth by reproducing. Both parties want women in the workforce on an equal basis with men and held to male responsibilities. And they say they are empowering women.

How, exactly, is this empowering women? By ripping up their cultural traditions? Matrilineal societies used to be common but now they can only be found in a few dispersed tribes throughout the world and rarely do we see a true patriarchy where women are guarded and financially supported. And when we do see those rare societies with male guardianship of women we put the pressure on them to change their ways. But who are feminists and MRAs to tell them that? What about women who want tradition and guardianship? There’s rarely any talk about what those women want. Just because we have air conditioned tractors and cell-phones doesn’t mean our biology is obsolete- or will we finally succeed in altering that through science as well?

The cultural traditions that segregated the sexes in specific areas of life are gone. Now, men aren’t going to respect women. There is no mystery and magic surrounding female sexuality or childbearing. Where once childbearing was honored and men even praised it, now, following political correctness, men get involved in it constantly Now, deep respect and awe for the power of birth has turned into sickness and disgust and just something more for men to talk perverted about. Female body parts are plastered everywhere and porn is widespread. Men are so used to seeing females barely clothed it takes an effort for them to even get turned on (well, it takes more of an effort anyways). A simple showing of leg or chest just isn’t going to do it anymore for most men.

We are not empowered by egalitarian ways. Through the good or the bad, through all the various pains and pleasures, female sexuality and the necessity of the womb is something I don’t want to give away. It’s something I don’t want to share. If women could be like men and not have to bear children, then what would be left in this world for us? What would we have if that is taken from us? Oh, sure, then we’d finally be “equal” but why would we want that?

À la lueur d’une bougie, je m’agenouille
Je pressens que l’heure approche
À la tombée du jour je suis seule
Je me tiens le ventre, je lance un cri vers le ciel
Je tiens le nouveau-né auquel je viens de donner naissance


1. Crittendon, D. “What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us,” p. 95. Touchstone, 1999.
2. Ibid., p. 142.