Yes, We are Oppressed

Women today are certainly oppressed, but not in the way that anyone wants to talk about. Women today are oppressed because we have been robbed of our surest source of protection and happiness. We have been robbed of the happiness, health and security that women once had long ago. Our surest source of protection was Coverture, where our husbands took responsibility for us and held authority over us. Marriage once assured us as women that we would be taken care of, that we could devote our time to having children and raising them and know that we would be safe and secure. We could know that we would bear children for our husbands and he in turn would be required to shelter us from the world. Coverture, derived from French which literally means “blanket” and a femme covert meaning that we were women who were covered and protected. We have been robbed of that security and protection. So, in that sense, I say that yes we women are oppressed.

We are oppressed because we have been flushed out of the home and forced to enter the workforce in large numbers. Our economy was purposely wrecked just for the sole purpose of getting and keeping us in the workforce on the same terms as men. Our security was deliberately stolen from us so that we could no longer trust our husbands and instead would look to a career. The sexual revolution was a deliberate attempt to undermine female sexual bargaining power so that once again we couldn’t depend upon marriage even when a pregnancy occurred. Abortion and birth control were supposed to instead take care of that “problem.”

So instead, here we are, in a world that sees us as the “equals” of men. A world where men view us through egalitarian lenses and no longer see that they should care for us and watch over us. Men are no longer taught that they should marry and be required to provide for their wives and children. They believe that women should be treated and held to the same responsibilities as men. Even conservative men want to see us in combat as well as in the workforce.

Our female ancestors were not dogs or slaves. They had rights that women today have been robbed of. They were not oppressed in the least nor were they “second-class.” I don’t want to be in the workforce or pursuing equality. I don’t believe this is good for women. All I ever wanted was a family and that my husband be responsible for me and take care of me. Long ago before I ever really understood anything much about our history I knew and I felt that it was not good for women to be going out and trying to pursue equality with men. I didn’t really know anything about law or politics, I just knew that something wasn’t right with the way things are today and the way women are being treated and the way we are expected to live and act.

TWRAs want what was stolen from us. We want homes where our husbands are in charge of us and responsible for us. What could make a woman happier in this life than being loved and cared for by her husband in exchange for everything that she does for him by opening her body to him and having his children? What could be better in this life than the tranquility and awe that comes from truly living and being female?

We are oppressed. We are oppressed because that happiness, security, tranquility has been stolen from us. We are oppressed because of all the things that the media calls “advances.” Coverture is everything that a marriage should be. Coverture liberates us to be women. It liberates us from politics and the everyday life of the harsh corporate world to simply be taken care of by our husbands so we can devote our time to feminine things.

“By Marriage, the husband and wife are one person in law: that is, the very being or legal existence of the woman is suspended during the marriage, or at least is incorporated and consolidated into that of the husband; under whose wing, protection and cover, she performs everything…and her condition during her marriage is called coverture.”(Blackstone, 1765)