Random Anti-MRA Rant, Pt. I of Several

I think both sexes are being hurt badly just in different ways because this whole equality thing is stupid. But I really don’t know how MRAs have much of a case when women are being forced into combat, being the family breadwinners in nearly half the families and are having babies without any security at all. The mothers have immediate responsibilities yet the father gets rights any time even if he fathered the child by brutally raping the mother or walks in a decade later after never having even seen the child before. Yet, that’s right, women have “no responsibilities.” Keep dreaming MRAs. Women are bearing their biological responsibilities and then taking on your rightful ones too. Because of our desire to be politically correct we always must treat the sexes “equally” no matter how logical it would be to treat them differently.

If nearly 70% of all married women are in the workforce and 40% of them out earn their husbands where exactly is the justification for these men saying that they are getting screwed over? Most studies have shown exactly the opposite of what MRAs whine about. And what makes them think they should have abortion rights when they don’t even want to marry and support the mother? What makes married men think they should have abortion rights if they aren’t held responsible for their wives? If they want things to equal out then they should man up and take on their responsibilities, this includes leading their families, doing something to change the foundation our laws are built upon today and actually marrying. Besides, if they are freaked about divorce they should seek traditional women because, statistically speaking, they have fewer divorces.

Now my husband would have justification to say he was screwed if I left without justification because he has paid for our house and land and everything we need( how many of these whiny MRAs can truly say that?). But the married men who live around me? No way. Their wives are as much breadwinners as them and they carried the burdens of multiple pregnancies on top of it.