What Does a Traditional Women’s Rights Activist Believe?

I think one of the biggest mainstream things that is going on right now that TWRAs do not stand for is putting women in combat. This is unethical and unwise on so many levels I can’t even begin to describe it in one single posting. I have briefly gone over this issue in other posts in the past, however.

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TWRAs are not part of the feminist or men’s rights movement. Generally, the “equality” that these groups stand for are the very things that we fight against. Our motto is “Give Us Back Our Privileges.” This was kind of taken from the movement against the Equal Rights Amendment (in the United States) where women took to the streets campaigning “Stop Taking Our Privileges” or acronym STOP.

Some have called us feminists because we want “privileges” for women. Sorry, but our “privileges” do not revolve around affirmative action quotas or sexual harassment lawsuits. The privileges that TWRAs want revolve around our natural roles as wives and mothers. The privileges we seek may certainly have a selfish component but they ultimately work to the benefit of all of society. The privileges that MRAs and feminists seek work to the ultimate detriment of society. This does not mean that all TWRAs are or will become mothers. No, it just means that we want protections for families and that women who do become wives and mothers should be protected by laws and cultural norms that shield them from traditional male burdens and from divorce the way their grandmothers were protected.

Plain and simple, TWRAs want back the legal and cultural protections that have been stolen from us in the last 150 years from modern feminism and the subsequent men’s rights movement that it spawned.

We TWRAs are not all women either. Many of our supporters are men and have always been. Generally we stand for traditional gender roles.We do not all believe in the exact same things. There will always be diversity in every movement. Some of us are more liberal and some more conservative. We are not all of a single political party. I actually consider myself to be sort of moderate when it comes to the conservative/liberal scale. I generally fall somewhere in the middle.

TWRAs are not of any particular religion. We have had many Christian, Atheist and Muslim supporters as well as others with various different beliefs. We are not all American, either. In fact, the TWRA cause has attracted supporters from many different countries. Most Western countries have the same problems with feminists and MRAs and our cultures are pretty similar in many ways. This means that we can come together and stand for making a change and bringing back gender roles.

TWRAs do not generally care for gender role reversal. Generally, we believe it is something that should only be done when there is no other choice. Nature has designed men and women for different roles. Men have evolved to be hunters and warriors and women to nurture young children. This is the way nature/God has designed it to be and we generally believe that we should not alter what nature has designed unless we have no other choice. The burden of financial support should still be the husband’s/father’s even if he is in the home the same as the burden of doing the household work and caring for children should still be the wife’s/mother’s even if she works for money. Simply put, the wife should have the right to demand support from her husband the same as he should have the right to demand that she care for the home and children even if that means taking time off from her career. I mean, really ladies. You can have a career anytime anyways, but your children will only be young for a brief period of time and they need a nurturing that the mother is biologically designed to provide. You have what no man has ever had! Why do you care if you achieve “equality” in the workplace?

One of our goals is to make the husband head of household. This doesn’t mean he gets to chain her to the kitchen and beat her daily (as feminists claim always happened in the past, which is why, according to them, that feminism is needed!). Quite the contrary. The husband is to use his leadership to care for his wife and children. Just because he is “head of household” does not mean that the traditional women does not have rights or a voice. She has her rights to demand her husband fulfill his rightful duties the same as he has the right to oversee the family and demand she fulfill hers. She has the right to demand that her husband protect her. Generally speaking, a woman who is being hurt by her husband is not being protected by him! If he is hurting her or causing her severe emotional distress then he is not fulfilling his duties of protection her!

We TWRAs frown upon divorce unless it is the only logical option. For instance, if there is abuse going on or adultery we generally think it acceptable to obtain a divorce and thus we think women should have the same legal protections in a divorce that their grandmothers had. We also think a man should have legal protections to insure he does not have to continue to support a woman who has been unfaithful to him or has broken up the marriage because of her wrong deeds. In the past the wife kept the house and kids in divorce and the husband sent his support. However, if she was at fault she lost her right to be provided for (which means he did not have to provide her with a house or money to live off of). Men, however, should not be provided for by women. So, if she was at fault he still had to provide his own home and live off his own wages. We TWRAs believe this should still hold true. Men are at the top of the hierarchical order They do not need protection and support from women.

We TWRAs generally believe that men should be polite and respectful to women and show chivalry to women, even if they don’t “deserve” it. In the past men did not speak perverted around women without social and legal backlash. The woman was even within her legal rights to slap him if he mistook her for “that kind of girl.” [please note that we live in screwed up times and slapping may not be legal in your jurisdiction so you do any slapping at your own risk, k?]. There are some things that should not be said in a woman’s presence and for good reason. Now that these cultural and legal mores are gone we have numerous problems. Both men and women should be held to certain standards. Women are simply not men and the idea that women should just “man up” is pure fantasy. This whole “equal treatment” thing doesn’t work and TWRAs are opposed to it.