Are You that Frickin’ Stupid?

Seriously, MRAs are you really that ignorant? Claiming that you’re all the slaves of women just because women can vote and don’t have to register for the draft? This is pathetic on so many levels. Let me just get out of the way that I don’t think women should be making decisions regarding war or politics. As one blogger so rightly stated:

“Just for the record, I am against the draft for both men and women. Over the past decade, there have been literally millions of young men who supported the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but chose not to fight in those wars; if every man who supported a war also fought in it, there would be no need for a draft. As a woman who has never had any intention of enlisting in the military, I don’t think it is my place to tell men that they should or shouldn’t go to war, which is why I have neither supported nor opposed the recent wars. War is the purview of men: barring extreme circumstances, ie, the U.S. being taken over by Nazis, women should stay out of it.”

With that out of the way, I wonder if MRAs actually have any knowledge of politics at all Citizens do not have the power to declare war. Citizens do not vote whether or not to go to war. Only Congress has the power to declare war. The President may be Commander in Chief, but even he cannot declare war (although there have been conflicts with exactly what his Constitutional rights are in this area, as is exemplified with recent wars and military action). The vast majority of those in Congress are male and we have never had a female president. In fact, the 113th Congress is only 19% female. In fact, if you know anything about history at all you would know that the first woman elected to Congress, Jeannette Rankin in 1916 (yes ladies women were in politics long before women’s lib), was the only Congress member who actually voted against WWI. The nature of women hasn’t change all that much since then. Even our armed forces are less than 20% female and they are all concentrated in the “softer” branches. As for feminists? They want to see women slaughtered on the battlefield and drafted right along with the men. The same with our children. They want women to lose custody so they aren’t “stuck” with the kids and are freed up to compete with men in jobs and politics.

So, cut the crap already. You are not “anti-feminist.” You MRAs are as feminist as the bra-burning, no shaving/bathing radials of the 1970s. You want to blame someone for the “custody wars” and resistance to combat duty/draft for females then blame us every day, ordinary people. Blame us ordinary mothers, blame us ordinary, everyday people who actually have some common sense and quit your whining. At the rate you waxed, coiffed metrosexuals are going you won’t even need women to breed with anymore (a dream come true for MGTOWs!) in a generation or two because you’ll be able to bear children yourselves.

So, take your shoes off, hang your balls (assuming you’ve still got them) on the coat-rack by the door and shut up. Any draft involving women would consist of old men sending young women off to war, not old women sending young men to war. The feminist fantasy of women filling up 50% of the jobs in politics has never happened and probably never will.