Feminist Indoctrination as Seen Through Disney Princess Merida

Parents Score As Disney Pulls Sexy New Merida

“The original Merida was hailed as a positive role model for girls because she was independent, active and outdoorsy. She also was an ace with her trusty bow and arrow, which were removed in her princess makeover, much to parents’ dismay. ”

OK not normally something I engage in conversation on  but if anyone notices this is how deeply ingrained feminism is in our society. Notice carefully the words “independent” “active” “outdoorsy” and notice how that contrasts to the more traditional characters Disney has had where the princesses marry princes who show chivalry towards them and are protective of them. The words “independent” “active” “outdoorsy” are traditionally more masculine words and in the movie princess Merida rejected her marriage proposals to be “independent” the way feminism has taught that girls should be. In other words, “sexist” men are bad and women should put self-fulfillment over finding a good man to marry. Even conservatives are praising this. This is how deeply ingrained feminism is in our society today and how the media pushes the feminist message on the public.

BTW I didn’t see anything “sexy” in the sense of her being a sex object. It only appears that she looks traditionally feminine and beautiful in the traditional sense instead of the tomboyish character she was originally portrayed as. There is more to beauty than what we look like on the outside but the fact that Disney changing Merida’s look to be more traditional and feminine has caused outrage just shows how feminist principles have prevailed in Western society.