Women Should Look Very Carefully at What Feminism Has Done

Unlike the feminists who are constantly concerned with lesbian issues, the “wage gap” and pushing women further into combat. This site is concerned with the every-day issues that most heterosexual women actually care about. No woman, if she knew what feminism was about, would actually support it. Especially those housewives who defend feminism. Feminism has wiped out the legal safeguards and laws that sheltered a woman from her husband’s burdens and easy divorces. In order to force women into the workforce the feminists campaigned against alimony and child custody protections for women because, in their delusional minds, these protections were “holding women back.” But, holding us back from what? From whom? How many women would actually be happy with losing their children for a career? Now that this is becoming more common in our society I don’t see any evidence that women are happy about this. How many women would really want to remain in the home with no protections should she be abandoned by her husband? How many women or men would want their pregnant daughter to be threatened with a custody battle as soon as she gives birth by a man that refuses to marry and support her and the child? As this has become more common since women’s lib women have been forced to abandon their homes for the workforce and even abandon any support they might have otherwise gotten for themselves and their children. Women used to have a choice to work, but now they do not. Women used to have various legal rights and protections that now they do not. Men’s groups are just a product of the feminist movement. Feminists more often than not supported their issues in the 1960s through the 1980s but when they saw how much “equal treatment” was quickly harming women a lot of feminists backed out. Of course, mainstream feminism apparently hasn’t gotten the message as they are still ignoring the issues that real women face everyday. As normal, they do not speak for ordinary, everyday women.

And for those women, especially housewives, who still think feminism has been good for them. I encourage you to look carefully into the history of this movement and what has happened in the last 40 years. The best all-around example of feminist stupidity can be found in feminist Jane Mansbridge’s book “Why We Lost the ERA.”

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