Anti-Feminism and Childbearing

The first words out of a lot of feminists’ mouths towards us anti-feminist women are generally something along the lines of accusing us of thinking all women are put on this Earth to be breeding machines. Quite frankly, I am quite annoyed by this. Actually, I find it quite offensive. Absolutely nowhere have I ever said that women should do nothing but marry and spend their entire lives barefoot and pregnant. In fact, I have done quite the opposite. Yes, birth rates are plunging and this is bad for our civilization. I have most certainly made mention of this. But along with making mention of this I have also defended the reasons why women today are not having babies. If a woman has grown up in a society that solely defines her worth in masculine terms then why should we expect that she will have babies or our civilization won’t experience population loss? Yes, mothers with young children are heading off to work every day and the rate of single mothers is higher than in previous times in history.

Most of society and politicians talk about the harmfulness of this. They spend all of their time trying to outlaw abortions and criticizing single mothers. Yet, when do we ever hear of them proposing legislation to protect women in our roles as mothers? The short answer is that we don’t. Liberals, as a group, don’t care a bit about our roles as mothers. They defend abortion rights and are so busy with talks of “women’s rights” that revolve around the so-called “wage gap” and forcing women into combat roles and to be subject to a military draft. Conservatives, as stated above, are all about outlawing abortions and some forms of birth control and trying to force traditional burdens onto women. Yet, conservatives aren’t even saying anything about women in combat or the very real possibility that young women will have to face a military draft for no other reason than political correctness and the faux notion of “gender equality” that really started with modern feminism. How can you conservatives sit there and criticize women for being single mothers and for not having children and criticizing feminism when you have yet to say one word or propose any legislation that would grant traditional exemptions and protections to women, wives and mothers that women had before feminism?

You can’t expect a woman to bring children into this world when she has absolutely no security whatsoever. Women are not protected in custody disputes regarding even their infant children anymore. Unwed fathers have been granted all the same legal recognition as a married father and yet you wonder why there are so many unwed mothers. Yet do you “conservatives” say anything about this? Nope. You “conservatives” go right on attacking birth control and abortion even when rapists are getting custodial rights to victims’ babies. Once again, another issue you won’t say anything about. Conservatives attack women and mothers yet fail to hold men to their responsibilities for women and the mothers of their children.

Marriage is not a safety net for women as it used to be. Women are forced to carry all the financial obligations of their husbands and are not exempt from his debts, even if he abandons her and she has to care for and support her young children alone. Before women’s lib women did not have the same financial obligations as their husbands. She did not have to worry about his debts if he abandoned her to raise her children alone. She was protected. But, the push for equality in all things has made her subject to a man’s traditional burdens and left mothers and wives everywhere without so much as any protection in any area.

Yes, feminists won several Supreme Court decisions that forced all states to gender neutralize their laws regarding unwed fathers, alimony and other laws that made traditional distinctions based on sex. Supreme Court decisions (at the instigation mainly of feminists) were won doing away with the death penalty for rape and legalizing abortion.

You conservatives note that Supreme Court decisions can and have been overturned in the past. This is without question true. So, you go straight to attacking Roe v Wade to make abortion illegal. You want to ensure that women have to carry their babies to term. Now, for those reading this, I have stated before that I absolutely refuse to go into the subject of whether or not abortion should be legal as there are way too many ethical and medical considerations. That is not the point of this post in the least. The point is that mainly conservatives are trying to attack Supreme Court decisions and legislation to hold women to traditional responsibilities yet they are completely silent on those Supreme Court decisions that overturned laws that protected women, wives and mothers and held men to their traditional responsibilities as husbands and fathers and that exempted women from her husband’s debts and responsibilities and encouraged men to marry when they got a girl pregnant. If Roe can be overturned dear conservatives, so can other Supreme Court decisions of the 1970s and 1980s and beyond. You can’t force a woman to have children or even expect that she will want to whenever we live in a world where rapists are given custodial rights, unwed fathers are given unconditional rights, women are forced to support ex-husbands and a man doesn’t even so much as have to provide the mother of his child a prenatal vitamin during her pregnancy.

Now, after all that I will now return to the original point of anti-feminist viewpoints and childbearing. Women have always had the choice to remain childless and be independent. Women are much more than just the “breeding machines” you feminists accuse us traditionalist people of believing they are. I, for one, understand the reasons why a lot of women are reluctant to have babies. We are not protected. But, I believe that deep down most of us want to have babies. Most of us will become mothers but women are choosing not to in large part to relationship issues and the fact that society defines our worth in masculine terms. Most of us women will become mothers in our lifetimes and we deserve to be protected in our natural roles. Most of us mothers would love to have more children, but the legal, cultural and economic climate is deterring us. Once again, all these things started with feminism and the equal rights movement. You conservatives and other like-minded thinkers have no right to bash women and mothers for the choices we make when you ignore our desperate need for legal protections.

And, for those traditional women who cannot have children or simply have decided against them, I still salute you. The childless housewife is of great importance and certainly has a more flexible schedule! For those childless housewives (or even housewives whose children are grown or are in school already) you are still ever important to society and your husbands and you will never hear disrespect from me.



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