You Deserve Whatever’s Coming to You

There is nothing worse than a man that refuses to accept his responsibilities as a man. There is nothing more pathetic on this Earth than the man who, instead of accepting his responsibilities for women, instead wants equality with them. I’m talking to any mangina out there who complains about how victimized he is by our justice system or how he does not want to be the breadwinner for his family because it is either to much work or there is nothing in it for him. You men are not impotent victims. You can whine and cry all day but in the end if you are accepting the doctrine of gender equality and gender-neutral laws you are simply contributing to you own demise. You do not have to be run over by women or dictated to by them unless you so choose. Most women will follow if you just begin to lead. But, no- and I’m especially talking to you pro-equality MRAs out there- you choose instead to accept equality and push your burdens off onto women.

Most women, unless they are the exception, want men who are dominant and in control. It’s not something that we always come out and say. But it is nonetheless something that we all crave and expect men to understand. You could put a stop to anti-male legislation that prevents men from leading and keeping order within their families but you choose instead to protest anything that would hold you to any kind of traditional responsibilities for women and children. It’s so obvious to every single one of us traditional men and women that you are promoting equality to be let out of your responsibilities. The equal rights movement took off in the 1960s and 1970s with feminism and you jumped on board at the prospect of no longer being held to the duties of being a man.

But the simple fact of the matter is that you have no right to shun your duties as a man. Civilized society depends upon you fulfilling those duties. Just watch and see what you are going to cause by promoting that women fulfill your duties, assume the roles as breadwinners and register for the selective service. At first you will cause the suffering of women, but soon after will follow the suffering of all and the complete collapse of moral order and domestic tranquility of your own nation and then the rest of the world.

If you want to end this then take charge of the situation. If you fulfill your responsibilities, even if it may be difficult and tiring at times, your families will stay together and order will be restored to your society. Don’t let your wives order you around or be responsible for your support/their own support. You must love her and be responsible for her and in charge. If this is too much for you then you deserve whatever is coming to you. Yesterday I saw a man describe divorce as “pulling off your testicles through your wallet.” But I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for you pro-equality men and MRAs out there when you sit around shunning your duties and stating that divorce is a “freedom” and that you support the equality of the genders. Women are out there performing YOUR rightful obligations and all you can do is sit around and complain and want further out of responsibility. If you support male-female fungibility then you (and I’m also talking to feminists as well as women have been hurt and victimized by gender-neutral laws) deserve whatever is coming to you.



© 2013 What’s Wrong With Equal Rights. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.

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