Feminism and the NWO

“Only by experimentation can we open up new possibilities which will indicate lines of development in which the status quo is a given term. Women’s revolution is necessarily situationist: we cannot argue that all will be well when the socialists have succeeded in abolishing private property and restoring public ownership of the means of production. We cannot wait that long. Women’s liberation, if it abolishes the patriarchal family, will abolish a necessary substructure of the authoritarian state, and once that withers away Marx will have come true willy-nilly, so let’s get on with it.Let the men distribute leaflets in the factories where the proletariat have become hire-purchase slaves instead of communists. The existence of hire-purchase slaves is also based upon the function of the wife as a stay-at- home consumer…But man made one grave mistake: in answer to vaguely reformist and humanitarian agitation he admitted women to politics and the professions. The conservatives who saw this as the undermining of our civilization and the end of the state and marriage were right after all; it is time for the demolition to begin…” [1]

“Not only do they want your sons…but they want your daughters as well!”[2]

“Everybody somewhere between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five will serve three months of basic training…We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong…A few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no…We’ve got to give them a stake in creating the kind of world order that I think all of us would like to see…This is critical to the globalist master plan. Because in four to eight years Obama must take the blame as Bush did for the New World Order’s horrific agenda…For their program to work it is essential that the people not learn that the presidency is now nothing more than theater. Because if they did the people would stop looking for the pawns and start looking for the King…His most important function is to protect the criminal oligarchs from prosecution while they loot the economy worldwide, start new wars, and engage in torture…is scientifically designed to capture the public in a net of peer pressure mass euphoria If the New World Order can just distract the public for a few more years, the elite can finish constructing their police state control grid… “[3]

“This information is jaw-dropping. Many believe Russo was murdered because of the things he revealed about Nick Rockefeller’s secret plans.”[4]

‘”The city of Boston and its surrounding areas have ground to a standstill as the manhunt continues in a 20-block radius of Watertown, with local leaders warning residents to stay indoors. Police also announced there will be a ‘controlled explosion’ in a building in Cambridge Friday afternoon.

‘It is important that folks remain indoors, keep the doors locked and not open the door unless there is a uniformed law enforcement officer on the other side of it,’ Gov Deval Patrick said at a 12:30 p.m. press conference.

At approximately 3:30 a.m., Massachusetts State Police issued a plea on Twitter for residents of Watertown to lock their doors and not open them for anyone as dozens of police officers, many of them off-duty, searched backyards and exteriors of houses there, and a police perimeter of several blocks was established…”[5]

” We must now say proudly and without any exaggeration that apart from Soviet Russia, there is not a country in the world where women enjoy full equality and where women are not placed in the humiliating position felt particularly in day-to-day family life. This is one of our first and most important tasks…. Housework is the most unproductive, the most barbarous and the most arduous work a woman can do. It is exceptionally petty and does not include anything that would in any way promote the development of the woman…The building of socialism will begin only when we have achieved the complete equality of women and when we undertake the new work together with women who have been emancipated from that petty stultifying, unproductive work…. We are setting up model institutions, dining-rooms and nurseries, that will emancipate women from housework…. These institutions that liberate women from their position as household slaves are springing up where it is in any way possible.”[6]

” The chief thing is to get women to take part in socially productive labor, to liberate them from ‘domestic slavery,’ to free them from their stupefying and humiliating subjugation to the eternal drudgery of the kitchen and the nursery. This struggle will be a long one, and it demands a radical reconstruction, both of social technique and of morale. But it will end in the complete triumph of Communism.”[7]

If I could make one plea to all the women and men of the world, it would be for them to wake up! No longer is this just a Western issue, as the plague of feminism and women’s liberation is being spread around the globe. Feminism isn’t about your rights. It never has been. Feminism has global goals. It always has since the beginning. But even most conservatives are too fooled and tricked by the media to see it for themselves. Even the most conservative out there have bought into the lies and believe feminism to be about creating some sort of mythical options for women. The entire feminist agenda was to collapse society, create chaos and pave the way for socialism and the New World Order. The elite know, just as they always have, that the only way to produce the police state and New World Order that they seek is to breakdown society by breaking apart families. There is no liberation to be had for women, but only enslavement.

By entering the workforce in droves, women only contribute to their own enslavement and the misery of everyone. Women’s liberation gives the elite exactly what they want. So, the question is now, do we sit around and keep promoting “gender equality,” or do we wake up and do something to change what is sure to be our fate? History always has a way of repeating itself. With all the means of instant communication today and abundance of knowledge at our fingertips through such mediums as the internet, we can be the exception if we so choose.


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