Push to Register Young Women for Draft: The Totalitarian Impulse of Feminists


Don’t worry women! Feminists are on your side. Of course women should be ripped up out of the home during their prime childbearing years and prime years to find a husband to serve in the military just like a man. Of course don’t exempt women from combat either. Let’s treat women just like men. Then, turn around and call crisis about violence against women after you train men not to show any chivalry to women and be desensitized to a woman’s screams. Then, after sacrificing the precious and irreplaceable youthful years of women let’s get ultra paranoid and ban abortions because that’s the only politically correct way to say that we can’t afford to sacrifice the fertility of women. And, shhh! Don’t say anything about below replacement birth rates and be sure to play dumb as to why Western civilization is dying out. Then, tell me all about how feminists promote “choices” for women. Ah, the irony of feminism.

And they have the nerve to say I hate women. Anti-feminists (TRUE anti feminists) are the only ones trying to stop feminists and other groups that support gender neutral laws from hurting women.

Feminists have never been for women! Their entire movement was about invalidating all laws that protected and gave common sense advantages to women! There is no reason for women to have to register for the draft. Our prime years for child-bearing are between the ages of about 18 and 25 (the very years they want women to have to be subject to the draft). Men don’t give birth. They don’t get pregnant or nurture young children from their very own bodies. That’s why tradition placed military duty, jury duty and the obligation of support of a family to the men. Though not every woman will or can have children the very fact that females as a group, as opposed to males, can bear children is a very solid reason to exclude women from military duty and such male burdens like alimony. We’re also nowhere near as big or strong as men. The average man will probably never in his lifetime meet a woman that is truly stronger than him and that can overpower him physically.

Feminists are not on your side ladies. Neither are these men’s groups that want gender-neutral laws. Please pass this on and stop supporting the faux notion of “gender equality.” Feminists have always wanted this for women. They supported male plaintiffs to ensure women weren’t exempt from the draft (even though they lost) and they supported male plaintiffs in just about every area of the law to ensure there was absolutely no law that protected or exempted women. After this there will be nothing protecting women. And if they can secure the Equal Rights Amendment it will only be that much worse for women.

This is what women’s lives will soon look like:

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