Never Lose Hope, TWRAs

I’m just an ordinary woman. I’m nobody special. I’m not perfect. I, like everyone else, have skeletons in my closet (metaphorically speaking) that I hide from the world. I’m not here for fame nor popularity. I’m not a politician. I’m not here to feed you lies just to get your vote and your money. I’m not rich. I’m just an ordinary woman who is horrified by the way women and girls are being treated in modern day society. I’m just an ordinary woman who longed to create a cause and be a voice to the women out there who have no voice. Traditional Women’s Rights Activists focus on traditional marriage, women and family life. But our cause is to reach out to all women- be a voice to all women. Though traditional women have felt the losses of feminism most keenly, all women have ultimately been robbed by feminism. The average, every-day mother who has lost her children because of sex-blind legislation, the pregnant teenage girl whose boyfriend refuses to marry and support her, the man who longs for his wife to stay home and care for their children yet she is too focused on her career, the rape victim who is too scared to prosecute the perpetrator, the woman who, unlike her grandmother, is unjustly penalized by sex-blind legislation created by the feminist movement and the displaced homemaker who’s only source of income has abandoned her. These, and many more, are the victims of feminism.

Yes, TWRAs do advocate for strengthening the bonds of marriage. We most certainly do not praise everything about our past. We know that things were not always perfect and the old institutions and laws that were meant to protect women did at times fail women. We do not stand for equality. We know that we cannot have things both ways in this life. We do believe that marriage should be an honored and privileged institution. Women in our society have always pursued careers if that is what they truly wanted to do. Never in our history has a single woman not been able to own and control her own property and manage her own money and absolutely nobody alive today has witnessed a time when a married woman could not do so. We believe that, when a woman enters into a contract of marriage with a man and has children with him, it should be his obligation under the Doctrine of Necessaries to provide for her and those children all of their most basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and medical care. If a man is of able body and mind then he should be required to carry his share by providing the financial support. We, TWRAs, understand that if the husband and father is to provide for all our needs and assume responsibility that we must be required to obtain his consent before purchasing unnecessary goods, unless we choose to contract completely separate from our husbands and therefore be held liable for the resulting debts. We do believe that a father of legitimate children should be held to a much higher legal and social status than the father of illegitimate children. We do believe that the current welfare culture of our civilization is detrimental to our society. We do believe that tax laws, exemptions and any welfare benefits should favor intact families and be to the benefit of single-earner households.

We are TWRAs. The conservatives turn their noses up and ignore us and the liberals jump to attack us. Though the traditional cause does at times look hopeless, we can never give up. It took many years for things to get this bad for us and it may take many years for them to get better. As with most things, it must get worse before it gets better. May we, TWRAs, begin to pick up the pieces and put it all back together again once the storm of egalitarianism has passed and the wreckage is strewn about. Societal change does not happen overnight. But time does indeed change all things. May we stay strong in what we believe. We come from all different backgrounds, faiths and nations, but may our common cause forever unite us. Never give up, TWRAs.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead


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