On Teenage Pregnancy and Marriage

This is an older article I found from one of the websites I used to own with an ex blogging partner. I thought I would post it. I don’t know the original publication date, I just kind of guessed given the time period we had the site.

Well, of course girls want to get pregnant young! It’s a natural thing. The only problem is that we live in a FEMINIST society that tells girls to never marry until they are at least 30, to never depend on a man and to always use a condom. Teenage pregnancies have actually been on the decline and the reason is that MARRIED teenagers are not having babies. Also, they count “teenage pregnancy” as all the way up to 24 years old! That is the entire bulk of a woman’s prime child-bearing years. Also, why should men marry when the woman gets pregnant? He can just say “it ain’t mine” and know that he can walk in and claim his rights at any point down the road, as there is no time limit on when he can claim rights. Used to men had to marry the mother to be able to claim custodial rights, but now they don’t. So most men just deny the child when the woman gets pregnant and refuse to marry her. Also, most parents encourage this behavior in their sons. They encourage their sons to let the woman go through pregnancy alone even when they know good and well he’s the father and he’s been screwing with her.

A woman can also get food stamps and other benefits even if she refuses to marry the father. I read somewhere (when researching and I don’t take into account suspect material or sloppy research) that half of all women reported that they had abortions because of relationship issues. In all honesty, who could blame them? Feminists have effectively wiped out all the security women once had in the name of “gender equality” and “equal rights.” Even if the woman has been brutally raped by the father she knows if she keeps the child she will constantly be looking over her shoulder terrified of a custody battle at any point. Even if the father has been absent and never seen the child for 5 or 6 years he can petition the court for rights.

Now I know a little something about absent fathers, as my brother’s biological dad walked out when he was a baby and abandoned him and my mother. Feminism has allowed this to happen and neither society nor law holds immoral men responsible for their actions. Now he lives with another woman and has a child with her. My brother is grown now and it really messed him up for a while that his dad treated him like crap. Most of the men I’ve known don’t care about the children they father. The women don’t either. They can have children with multiple different men and get welfare without ever marrying. The men can run around impregnating women and claim rights without every marrying any of them. Most of them don’t care much about the kids until the mother asks for support. As soon as she does this she all of a sudden finds herself in a custody battle whereas before the father didn’t really care. Indeed, most of the women I’ve known either collect support without marrying the father because they know he is a decent guy that doesn’t want to hurt her or the child or they are terrified to ask for support because they know he’ll threaten a custody battle so they support the child alone.

Today, it is more profitable for men and women not to marry when they procreate. My own husband can’t even claim me as a dependent despite the fact that I’ve never worked! They expect me to be self-sufficient of him. I mean, our laws don’t view marriage as special or a privileged institution. I had one sorry woman tell me that we shouldn’t end “no-fault” divorces because she would want to marry for the insurance benefits someday, but would keep working and would like to get out of the marriage at any point since she and her future husband didn’t plan on ever having any kids. The point of marriage is supposed to be to create a stable institution where children can be born and raised!! At some point there are going to have to be some rules set down. Right now, family law is a freak show. It’s a complete circus.

Women were made to have babies young. Our prime years are our late teenage years through our mid-twenties. If our modern day society doesn’t like this then they can take it up with nature or their god because that is BIOLOGY and no amount of social engineering is going to change the fact that younger women are simply better suited for childbearing. There is less risk involved to both mother and child. Instead of handing out condoms, our society needs to be promoting marriage or lay penalties on BOTH father and mother. If the mother refuses to marry the father she should not be entitled to welfare benefits or support. If the father refuses to marry the mother then the law should not grant him full legal recognition and he should have no claim at all to the child. This is the way patriarchal societies work.

All successful civilized societies have been patriarchal and for the same reason why the major world religions are patriarchal. There is so much instability because there are no rules within our families. There are no rules, no well-defined roles, rights or responsibilities and there is no clear leader. I mean, what do you expect when you attempt to have two leaders of a single institution? Well, they will fight each other. The institution will break down. If there are no rules, chaos will result. As much as I might like to drive on the other side of the road and as much as that path might suit me better, I cannot do so because doing so would hurt other people and create chaos in society. The same applies with the family. There must be rules and there must be ONE party with the final authority to make decisions. it cannot work any other way. Thus the word for the family today is “anarchy.”