Feminists Were Just Too Stupid to See It

“How is it oppression to women being revered throughout history…
Men went to war to protect their families, endure dangerous jobs to finance women.
Women have never been oppressed, they have been protected, saved, revered and worshiped…
Can any woman describe such actions as oppression or underprivileged??? If so feel free to provide a description…
An ideal subject for you social studies essay!!!!!
Women are the privileged sex in all societies, past, present and future. Social justice has always been with a view to the same outcome: to care for and protect women and children.”

Truer words were never spoken. The sad thing is, feminists were too stupid to see that. Women’s liberation didn’t help women, it robbed them. Women in our past were anything but the second-class citizens that are modern society claims they were. The single woman has had, for nearly all of our history, nearly all of the same rights that males did. The difference came when she was married. The single woman was a “femme sole,” but the married woman was a “femme couverte;” meaning she was covered and protected by her husband. William Blackstone (1765) explains:

“By Marriage, the husband and wife are one person in law: that is, the very being or legal existence of the woman is suspended during the marriage, or at least is incorporated and consolidated into that of the husband; under whose wing, protection and cover, she performs everything…and her condition during her marriage is called coverture.”

To say that women were second-class citizens is the biggest lie of our time. Also, at no point was a woman’s legal identity so merged with her husband that she was actually his “property.” Rather, she was more under his custody. But, the husband by law had to provide his wife with all of her basic needs- food, clothing, shelter, medicine.[i] Many men worked long hours doing hard labor under very dangerous conditions to support their wives and children (and before there were laws governing the workplace many men died and were severely injured under such working conditions). And similarly many men watched their wives suffer and die just because of her basic biology (even today in our advanced society this cannot always be avoided). Men knew hard work and danger were simply the responsibilities they had to bear as men, just as a woman had her responsibilities that were inescapable biological realities.

“Our Judeo-Christian civilization has developed the law and custom that, since women bear the physical consequences of the sex act, men must be required to pay in other ways. These laws and customs decree that a man must carry his share by physical protection and financial support of his children and of the woman that bears his children, and also by a code of behavior that benefits and protects both the woman and the children.”[ii]

This is how much women in our society were cared for. That’s not to say things were perfect. Things are never perfect for any group of people in any society. But, our laws and customs did recognize the preciousness of women and gave protections and advantages accordingly. But feminists and the women who followed them were too dumb to realize this. They didn’t want to surrender any authority to a man that would provide for them, instead they longed to mimic men in the work force and sexually and proclaimed they did not need men. As Gloria Steinem so famously said; “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” The stupidest thing that women ever did was to buy into such thinking.

“…The first feminine instincts began to stir in my fifteen-year-old heart. The boys were in the factory, and sometimes when they saw me panting too heavily they would force me to sit down for a few minutes and take my place, in mercy, at the monstrous machine. And it was about that time that I began to dream of someday marrying a kind and considerate husband, one who would cherish me and know me for a female and not a Liberated Woman, and take care of me and love and pamper me and hold me precious as a queen, and buy a pleasant house for me where I’d have nothing to do but housework and taking care of children…and shop and cook. I would no longer have to be anxious about carfare and worry if my allowance would cover lunch, and I’d have pretty clothes and be protected all my life — with no effort on my part.”[iii]

But to feminists the quoted dream above was nothing but the oppression of women. The heroines of women’s liberation were set on ensuring that all preferences and protections women held under the law were abolished as they were, according to feminists, part of a massive scheme by all men in society to keep women “in their place” and “subservient.” And not only that, but chivalry had to go as well because in their eyes it showed that women were somehow inferior.

“Ginsburg was vehement in her desire to abolish any legal preference or protection that women might have”[iv]

“Housewives, not men, were the prey in feminism’s sights when Kate Millett decreed in 1969 that the family must go.”[v]

So feminists have torn apart the hopes and dreams of millions of women, and destroyed the very institution that protected women and maintained a stable and prosperous society. The dream of marrying, having a family and being able to depend upon a husband to provide has been replaced by one-night stands, single mother-hood, and slaving away at minimum wage. If that is not oppression of women then I don’t know what is. I can only hope that feminists are happy with what they have done and can sleep with themselves at night after selling women a pipe dream that has done nothing but rob them of happiness and security. I hope they are happy with the world they created. Certainly today’s liberated male is.

“Men, in short, are licking their lips and, for the first time in history, are readying themselves to be exploiters in their turn — to be the soft gentle creature in the house, the soother of exhaustion, the serene person who has nothing to worry about in his pleasant life. Mom’s out there, plugging and “fulfilling” herself, and why should Pop worry? He’s had it coming to him since Eve… Pick up any woman’s magazine, particularly a certain one which was once run by men who promoted good articles and fiction, and which are read by as many men as women. Read there the articles by shrewd sly gentlemen who proclaim a woman “has as much ‘right’ to do any of the world’s work as men, as much ‘right’ to a job or a career, as much ‘right’ to be head of the household.” Those boys know what they’re up to: The real enslavement of women.”[vi]

I could never suggest to any young woman to put a career first and waste her youth away; time is the one thing that can never be reversed or undone and the one thing you never get back in this life. Ingrained in the female biology is the deep need to be loved and cherished, to be able to depend upon a man to protect and provide, and to feel that as a female she is precious because of her reproductive capabilities. Being tied down to the office is not freedom, but a worse slavery than housework could ever be, as now women take orders from a boss who will only fire them in a downturn and will be unconcerned about her feelings and needs.

I told my daughters: “Marry men who will not permit you to work after marriage. Marry strong men who will take care of you and cherish you, and not tell you their business, and will refuse your ‘help.'”[vii]

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