Examining Feminist Logic

Only men would want traditional gender roles, because traditional gender roles oppress women.

This is a failure right from the beginning. First, there are too many women that want their men to be breadwinners. This September, 84 percent of women reported that they longed to stay home with their children and raise them[i] Second, men were bigger supporters of women’s liberation than what women were.[ii] Most women did not want anything to do with the equal rights that the women’s movement has imposed upon us. They wanted to protect their families. The most notable was their campaign against the Equal Rights Amendment, in which women campaigned against it with the acronym of STOP for Stop Taking Our Privileges. Moreover, women have been found to want husbands who make more money than them- husbands who will be the main breadwinner- and most women want a husband who is dominant.

“…What’s more, statistics prove women want men to have the dominant role in the relationship. Recognizing this doesn’t give men carte blanche to treat women as subordinate- and most men don’t do this, or want to do this. That’s a feminist scare tactic to convince women otherwise.”[iii]

Women have come too far since women’s liberation to ever “go back.”

This part right here is my favorite. So, our society has evolved has it? Women have made great gains have they? We have come so far? Generally when one uses a term such as “we have come so far” what they mean is that many good things have been accomplished. So, let’s examine what those good things are that feminism has brought us. Let’s see:

– A skyrocketing divorce rate
– An ever increasing number of men who do not want to marry
– Widespread sexual promiscuity and illegitimacy
– Working mothers and kids shoved in daycare to be raised by strangers
– A generation of men who are demotivated
– Constant gender wars that tear apart families and the relationship between men and women
– Declining female happiness and health[iv]
– Double income families and inflation
– Disrespect for women’s natural roles
– Exploitation of women in the media and popular culture

I could go on all day, but these are just a few example of just how “far” we have come. Oh, and don’t forget that most women still work at the lower levels of the economic pyramid.[v] Great work, feminists, you gave women the right to slave away at minimum wage. That’s so much better than being an “oppressed” housewife for sure.

Men think they are better than women because they have a penis.

Well, here is yet another one of those lovely feminist myths. Actually, feminists, womb envy has been found to be a much bigger occurrence. Once again, this is feminist nonsense to make women feel inferior over their natural and traditional roles and make men look like the enemy and evil oppressors of women.

“Almost nowhere in the anthropological records is found evidence of Freudian penis envy (except among other men), but womb envy is ubiquitous. It confirms female sexual superiority as a basic reality of human life, universally apparent but feverishly denied-and aggressively countervailed in action-by posturing men in all societies.”[vi]

So, alas, feminist logic fails once again. Stay tuned because I’m sure there will be a part two pretty soon.


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