The Traditional Woman Needs No Justification

The traditional woman, and thus the traditional family, is something that has all but disappeared in modern day society. Feminism has been absorbed by the mainstream and it is all we have been taught since we could first read. Although chances are nobody ever presents modern day morals as feminist viewpoints, they nonetheless are. The feminist quest for equality between the sexes relied upon convincing our entire society that there are no real differences between men and women. It relied upon convincing society that the housewife was a nobody and a parasite. It relied upon removing the legal protections women once held under the law (yes, despite what feminists wish to convince everyone, women held numerous rights and protections under the law, in fact much more than we do now, before the feminist movement came along). Thus, those women who do choose to rely upon their husbands to provide their needs are looked down upon today. If the traditional woman is not looked down upon just for the role she has chosen, then those around her who hold feminist viewpoints will try to scare her and get her to distrust her husband. The feminist movement relied upon convincing women they were inferior to men, that their natural role in life was most degrading and worthless and that women do not contribute to society unless they are a wage-earner.

First, feminism draws on the theory that women are naturally inferior to men. However, this could not be further from the truth. If anything, women hold a biological superiority as we are the only ones who can give birth, and thus, our bodies are in sync with eternity as we do the most important work in the world.

“Males were given the pronoun because child-bearing is what really counts, and only women can do it; men must do other things to justify their existence. Each refusal to use the male pronoun as the general referent is intended as-and is understood by society to be-an assertion that the traditional female role is inferior. By taking back the pronoun, society is declaring that this child-bearing ability-the one thing women possess and men lack-is of much less value than we once thought.”[i]

Women, however, do not grow up with this understanding.

“These words are foreign to young people. They have never heard anyone suggest women are the superior sex. On the contrary, they’ve been told women are inferior… Women of yesteryear had enormous power, just of a different variety… In the past marriage and family took center stage, women were exalted on the home front. Husbands deferred to wives on virtually all household matters, including child rearing. Women were revered for their unique sensibilities.”[ii]

We are taught today that the women of our past always believed themselves inferior to men simply because they did not have a penis. But, in no civilization has penis envy been found in women. What has been observed, however, is Karen Horney’s theory of “womb envy:”

“Almost nowhere in the anthropological records is found evidence of Freudian penis envy (except among other men), but womb envy is ubiquitous. It confirms female sexual superiority as a basic reality of human life, universally apparent but feverishly denied-and aggressively countervailed in action-by posturing men in all societies.”[iii]

Feminists tell us there is no difference between female sexuality and male sexuality. They have stripped women of their true worth and true identity. They deny the differences between the sexes at every turn, except where they obviously cannot get away with it (eg.., women give birth and men don’t). Once again, they have convinced society that female sexuality has no inherent worth that is any different from male sexuality. Feminists are wrong, however, as female and male sexuality could not be more different than each other. They have turned the tables on women with the sexual revolution by convincing women to pursue sex on male terms. After all, they say, who says it is not really the male who is being used?

“…in virtually all [societies] sex is regarded as something the woman does for the man. He needs it more urgently than she does. He has no alternative or extended sexual role…Therefore in every human society the man has to bring something to the woman. He has to perform a service or give a gift. At the very least, he must offer something more than his own urgency or he will not even be able to gratify the woman sexually…The man still has to perform-still has to offer something beyond himself, and beyond her reach-if she is to receive him.”[iv]

What is more, in the area of work, feminists seek to convince us, and they have done a very good job, that women simply do not contribute to society if they are not wage earners. If they are dependent on their husbands for support then in the eyes of feminists they are lazy and are not even to be considered as adults because they do not “pay their own way” in life. However, the traditional woman needs no justification for her decision not to become a wage earner. By nature of her very biology, a woman already does hard work in this life. We can use Phyllis Schlafly as an example:

“By bearing and nurturing six children, who have grown into educated citizens who will pay decades upon decades of taxes into the Social Security system, I have done vastly more financially for the Social Security system than any other worker who pays taxes into the system all his or her life. In the normal course of events, my four sons can be expected to pay taxes into the Social Security system for forty to fifty years each, and my two daughters for at least twenty to thirty years each. That is many times the financial value of a male or female worker who pays taxes into the system all his or her life.”[v]

Our value to the men in our lives should not be about how many hours we put in at the office. While there may be a few men out there that do, most men do not want an “equal partner” like most feminists like to claim. And most women would not be happy with such an arrangement very long. While women have the upper hand when it comes to sexuality, men throughout history have strived for different accomplishments in life because they must prove themselves in different ways.

“…It’s been an almost universal rule of civilization that girls became women simply by reaching physical maturity, but boys had to pass a test. They needed to demonstrate courage, physical prowess or mastery of the necessary skills.”[vi]

Women becoming more self-sufficient even in marriage has greatly done a disservice to men, women, and all of society. We are taught to pursue careers and compete with men in every area of life. But women are not happy with such an arrangement and neither are men. Very few women want to be the breadwinners for a family and very few men want to play wife to a high-earning career woman.

“When women usurp men’s role in society, as they do now, it messes up the order of things. Most men don’t want to compete with women; they want to take care of them. It makes men feel important and boosts their self-esteem.”[vii]

In conclusion, the traditional women does not need to justify her position within her family or society. She is inherently of great worth to the future of society and to her family. Ultimately it is the women who are responsible for civilization. It is women who settle men down and turn them into responsible husbands and fathers.

“The crucial process of civilization is the subordination of male sexual impulses and biology to the long-term horizons of female sexuality…In creating civilization, women transform male lust into love; channel wanderlust into jobs, homes, and families; link men to specific children; rear children into citizens; and change hunters to fathers. The prime fact of life is the sexual superiority of women.”[viii]

As we see now, however, women have given up this role and instead believe they must imitate men in order to be of worth and be successful.

“…And thus women have relinquished their role as the civilizers of men, who teach them to become responsible job holders, husbands, and fathers. Instead, women now bestow sexual rewards on men without requiring that they work in the hairpin factory to support women and their children.”[ix]

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