Thoughts on Female Suffrage and In Vindication of Woman’s True Rights

“We acknowledge no inferiority to men…It is our fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons who represent us at the ballot-box. Our fathers and brothers love us. Our husbands are our choice, and one with us. Our sons are what we make them. We are content that they represent us in the corn-field, the battle-field, and at the ballot-box, and we them in the school-room, at the fireside, and at the cradle…”

“For, at present, the law protects the persons and the weakness of women to an extent far beyond anything they might legislate for themselves.”

“Public opinion, almost chivalric in its courtesy among Americans, goes even further, and gracefully yields privileges, which will be best understood when lost…Deprive women of such protection, and place them on a sheer equality with men, to struggle for their rights at the ballot-box, and they cannot but suffer by a direct competition, which would create an antagonism.”

“As to property, the law extends to the single female, femme sole, all that the male owner has…”

“The proper sphere of woman we hold to be in no way inferior to that of man. That sphere is of the highest. As wife and mother she is queen of the most holy aspirations. When she moves in her own proper orbit she fulfills her true duties as a citizen; and while men are struggling with the battle of life for food and raiment she cares for the progeny- the future men and women of the country.”

“These, our dear sisters of Providence, need of all women the present union of law which shields their physical weakness, and of the moral sentiment which protects their persons. The ballot will substitute for this tenderness equal rights; then must all else be equal and common, and our sisters of toil must be crushed.”

-Dahlgren, V.M.  “Thoughts on female suffrage and in vindication of woman’s true rights,” Blachard & Mohun, 1871.