Great Quotes by George Gilder

“Another male trait-manifested in every human society but just as hard as aggression to measure in an exam-is aptitude for group leadership. Partly a result of greater aggressiveness and larger physical stature, partly an expression of the need to dominate (perhaps based on the neurophysiological demands of the sex act itself), males in all societies ever studied by anthropologists overwhelmingly prevail in positions of leadership and hold authority in relations with women.”

“The ancient tradition against the use of women in combat embodies the deepest wisdom of the human race. It expresses the most basic imperatives of group survival:a nation or tribe that allows the loss of large numbers of its young women runs the risk of becoming permanently depopulated. The youthful years of women, far more than of men, are precious and irreplaceable.”

“Beyond this general imperative is the related need of every society to insure that male physical strength and aggressiveness are not directed against women. All societies teach their men to avoid physically fighting with women and, most often, to avoid competing face to face with them. All civilized societies train their men to protect and defend women. When these restraints break down-as in tribes like those studied by Colin Turnbull and the Mundugumor, described by Margaret Mead-the group tends to disintegrate completely and even to become extinct.”

“The military services, however, are unanimous in asserting that successful use of women in battlefield units depends on men overcoming their natural impulses to treat women differently and more considerately. The consequence of this latest demand for equality would be nothing more or less than a move toward barbarism.”

Gilder, G. “Men and Marriage.” Pelican, 1993.