My review of “Feminist Fantasies”

This is my review of Phyllis Schlafly’s book “Feminist Fantasies”

This book is kind of like a history about the women’s “liberation” movement and letters Schlafly wrote and the history of the things that happened. Nobody ever questions this thing called “equal rights.” Many people have not looked into it far enough to realize the agonizing effects it has really had on our society and the lives of millions of women, children and even men.I have heard some women think the assertion that women’s liberation has actually harmed women was simply the most ridiculous think they ever heard. Even I never really thought about things until after I had a child. It was only then that I really longed to understand why I was put at such a disadvantage. It seemed that nobody cared that women and men are indeed different and that women do things that men do not. We carry burdens that men do not. I didn’t understand that we used to have laws that PROTECTED us from men that wanted to take advantage of us and exploit us in many different ways. It seemed that making us all “equal” in the eyes of the law and treating a woman the same as a man was not only putting women at a disadvantage in multiple areas of life (think forced military service)but also similar to allowing an adult to pick on a child (think men exploiting women).

I have been a housewife for years and anytime I talk about how my husband has always taken care of us and provided for us everyone always talks about how I MUST have some way to support myself because, hey, he could take off and leave at anytime then how would I survive? What some of them apparently don’t understand is that the only reason a man is able to do that is because of the women’s liberation. The very laws that used to protect us are either 1) not in existence anymore or 2) routinely used against us BY men. When I truly came to the understanding of things and really learned our history and how the women’s movement (that was supposed to “liberate” us and give us all kinds of wonderful rights) had simply left us out there without any protection, the truth was enough to practically bring me to my knees. My heart literally cries inside for what we have truly lost and what women’s liberation has truly ripped away from us. I see girls everyday being taken advantage of. Nobody cares that our entertainment many times consists of men bashing, making false allegations and calling women every name in the book (something that used to be illegal). Even my own mother was taken advantage of by my dad (who was in his 30s when they married while she was only 18). Instead of being required to provide for his wife he controlled her and took advantage of her in every way possible (something he could not have done before women’s liberation).

I am so thankful that someone like Schlafly was there to stand up for women. Even though the ERA never did pass (thanks in large part to Schlafly) that didn’t stop equal rights fanatics and feminists from going on a rampage to make all laws gender neutral (no matter how absurd, unjust and illogical it is). It seems as though nobody has the courage to stand up for women anymore and the injustice the women’s movement has done to us. It just makes you wonder what the future holds…


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