Reasons to Stay a Traditional Woman

1) Children do badly when left in daycare. As parents, we want to give our children the very best that we can in this life. Young children need their mothers to nurture and care for them. They need their full attention and their time, not just a couple of hours in the evening when mom comes home from work exhausted and stressed out. Furthermore, in a daycare your children cannot possibly receive the love and attention they crave and deserve. Also, daycare has too many negative effects on children. Why would you want to chance it?

“We find clearly, indisputably, and unambiguously that the more time children spend in day care, the more likely they are to be aggressive and disobedient” The report also found that the results are the same regardless of the type or quality of day care, the sex of the child, or whether the family is rich or poor. What matters most, the research shows, is the time: the more hours spent away from parents, the more likely children are to have behavioral problems[i]

2) Time for self fulfillment: As a traditional woman, you will have more time to pursue other interests and maybe even some time to volunteer and help your community. Technology has made the housewife’s workload much easier than what it was for our ancestors. We have washing machines, dishwashers and clothes dryers. While I personally hang clothes up to dry for a much cheaper electric bill, all of the other technology at the housewife’s disposal still makes the job much easier. After getting the chores done, I then have time to read a book, study interesting subjects and many other fascinating things. And to top it all off, I am not stressed and whining about how terrible my boss is while greeting my husband when he comes home from work.

3) Better quality of marriage: “From the feminist perspective, [husband and wife] should live together much like roommates of the same sex.”[ii] I personally reject such a notion. A woman making more money than her husband or significant other has been linked to impotence and has also been shown to make the man less interested and even resentful in time.[iii] There is also a direct correlation between the amount of money a woman makes and divorce.[iv] On the other hand, housewives help their husbands succeed. “…If a married couple holds traditional gender role attitudes, the husband’s earning advantage is predicted to be eight times greater than a married couple where the husband and wife have more egalitarian attitudes…”[v] As traditional women, we give our husbands something to be proud of by playing an essential role as provider and protector for our families. This makes our men feel important and boots their confidence.

“In one way or another, the man must be made equal by society…In primitive societies men have the compensation of physical strength. They can control women by force and are needed to protect them from other men. But this equalizer is relatively unimportant in a civilized society, where the use of force is largely restricted by law and custom. In successful civilized societies, man counterbalances female sexual superiority by playing a crucial role as provider and achiever. Money replaces muscle.”[vi]

4) Someone must stand up for traditional women. Traditional women do not have a voice in today’s society. Though society has become more respectful of traditional women’s roles than only a couple of decades ago, we have yet to have a movement to protect the rights of the traditional women. Though claiming to speak for all women, women’s liberation was only about working women. “The theory was that obliteration of all legal sex distinctions would ultimately be in the best interests of working women; those women, including homemakers, who wished to retain the benefits of protective legislation, were never the women with whose rights the Project was concerned.”[vii] Today, however, we now have a small- but growing- group of Traditional Women’s Rights Activists dedicated to regaining rights and protections lost from the feminist movement. Those women, including homemakers, are the women with whose rights this project is concerned.[viii]



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7 thoughts on “Reasons to Stay a Traditional Woman

  1. Really great blog! All I can say is thank you for actually standing up for women’s rights. I wrote a blog post on working women, saying that women should seek to work in a way that allows them to be close to their kids and gave a list of jobs that they could do. It felt wrong to write it because I do not actually believe that women need to work. If they WANT to work fine, then they can and should (once all other responsibilities are taken care of).

    But the obligation to live up to this equality nonsense is horrible. If feminism cared anything about women they would validate the many polls that indicate that more women want the option to NOT work than to work. Especially mothers. I feel it too and have read it time any time again. This notion that we are lazy if we do not work. It does not matter that children need a well rested responsible parent to be available to them. It does not matter that children need to be guided and disciplined by someone who they actually spend quality time with. It does not matter that the working world was in no way designed for women and needs to first change to properly accommodate us.

    We must just work. Work, work, work like crazy and spend the money on IVF and other material stuff. Cause anything other than that makes us children, dependents (as if this is so horrible). Motherhood is undervalued by society, children are undervalued by society, fatherhood is undervalued. Children need parents who have time for them, who are their for them, who are present and that can not be done when they both work 40 hours a week in spaces where no kids are allowed.

    1. Absolutely. Thank you so much for your blog and your comments and likes on mine. Maybe we can make a difference if we can get enough like minded women to speak up.

  2. Hi someone posted on my blog about starting a group for TWRA. I just quickly made this website as an example of something we could do if we wanted to start a group. Would you be interested in joining something like this?

      1. Hi okay I linked to it and to this blog and I will add this site to my blog’s blogroll once I figure out how. It would be good to be able to email you though. I actually do not think the group will go anywhere much right now; but the idea of having a place for traditional minded people to discuss things is interesting.

        If we really want social change we have to form a group and encourage others who think like us to join the debates against feminism and for the traditional family.

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