Common Myths about Feminism

I would like to combat some myths about feminism. Myths fed to your average Joe through popular culture. We have been getting a lot of upset posts recently and a lot of people clicking ‘like’ on this page so that they can deliver angry speeches. I would like to do my best to try and educate as many people as I can. This is a long post and it took me a while to write. I hope that many of our visitors will take the time to read it. Don’t let popular culture influence your opinion, educate yourself before you make an decision on what to believe. Also, I would like to hear it if there are some myths anyone feels that I did not cover.

MYTH 1: Before feminism, men all beat their wives and wife beating was the norm.

This is certainly not true. It is in fact a natural instinct that most men have built into them that ensures they are not harmfully violent towards females and children and they feel an urge to shelter and protect them. This is one of the many reasons why men are larger and stronger than women, they look over them. Without this our species would not have survived more primitive periods of history.

In fact, if anything feminism aims to take away this instinct in men. Men generally become violent towards women and children when a society has been corrupted in some shape or form, or when a man is mentally ill and unbalanced and has that natural instinct missing. Humans also lived in larger communities in more primitive times and any man seen harming a woman or child would have been persecuted by the other men.

Many equalists/feminists/MRAs actually want to bring in a law that ensures that when there are calls to the police for domestic violence, both parties get put under arrest and given criminal records including a battered woman. Many members of society feel that because women are ‘equal to men now’ that they ‘should be able to take a punch like a man’ and should be able to physically protect their children without help from the authorities. Many Mothers are scrutinized by social services and society for ‘failure to protect’ when they try and remove themselves and their children from a violent situation with a man. Many women are blamed for suffering domestic violence and maimed as the perpetrators these days for ‘getting the man angry’ or ‘making the wrong choice’.

MYTH 2: Feminism is about choice.

Feminism was never about choice. Feminism was about removing women and men from their natural roles and destabilizing the family unit as a means of population and capitalist control. Many feminists believe housewives to be nothing but ‘parasites’ who ‘contribute nothing to society’. Feminism was also about having more workers for the government to tax and politicians getting more votes. It’s easier to appeal to a female audience, many women voted for Obama because they had a crush on him, not for his abilities as a leader. Polls and surveys taken suggest that the common woman is actually more stressed today than she was in the 1950s and that over half of women begrudge having a demanding job and not being able to put their home and family first all the time. Also, women in the work place has caused a change to men’s wages. Men are no longer seen as the main breadwinners anymore and are not given priority over women when it comes to being given jobs. If society still viewed men as breadwinners, and more women stayed out of the work force men with even pretty menial jobs would still be able to support their families on one income. This would benefit everyone.

MYTH 3: Gender equality makes us a more civilized and makes women and men get along better.

In fact, it does the opposite. Women love men for being men, men love women for being women. If you observe species where the genders are supposed to be egalitarian, the males and females are about the same size or they are asexual (worms for example have two sets of genitals). Not only are human males in general built larger and stronger than the females to be the leaders and to protect women and children and their communities, they also think differently and have different abilities. We cannot take this away, and if we try and take it away society will become corrupted and confused and we will not operate the way that we were designed to but at the same time we will still try. Have you ever tried to use a TV as a toaster? Tried to wear your gloves as socks? It doesn’t work. The same with gender equality.

MYTH 4: Before feminism, women were objectified more and they became less valuable to men as they aged.

Actually, AFTER feminism women were objectified more and they became less valuable to many men as they aged. Feminism bought on the sexual liberation which has not liberated women at all. In fact, before the sexual liberation viewing women as objects was less commonplace. Sure, you have always had men who have visited prostitutes, etc but this was shameful. Women and men admired each other because they were a team that offered their different abilities, roles and input into a family. As women aged, their value as human beings did not decrease because their value was not placed so much on their bodies or their sexual worth. They were valued as wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmas etc. The sexual liberation has also freed men from the responsibility of Fatherhood if they so choose to opt out, leaving many single Mothers and their children exposed to crime and poverty. Without the protection and guidance of a reliable patriarch, women and children have no lead and no safety net. Since the sexual liberation, both men and women have viewed one another more as disposable, thinking that they can just replace one partner with another or leave a marriage once it gets a little repetitive or boring. The sexual liberation is nothing but hedonism. Hedonism is one of the most destructive traits known to man and WILL lead us to our demise.

As I said, anyone with anymore myths to point out is more than welcome to contribute to this post. I would also like to point out that the creators of this page do not look at the past with rose tinted spectacles. We are all aware that there were problems in society pre feminism and women’s lib. However, women’s lib was not the way to solve these problems and it has done nothing but destabilize society even further and create a whole new set of problems.

I am open to answering any questions. I am not here to argue or to belittle anyone.

Contributor: Sarah


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