The Power of the Male Voice 

What is it about the male voice that has such power to soothe and to heal? I’m listening to the soothing rock music and the sound of his baritone flows to my ears. 

He plays the electric guitar- never too hard and never too soft. 

He speaks of pain and loneliness and nonconformity and the music and words touch my heart. 

There’s something about the male voice that conveys authority and power the way that of a female never could.

Soft rock seems to convey femininity, hard rock insecurity and immaturity.

But right in the middle there is a perfect match it seems.

When a woman takes the stage the same cannot hold true.
I listen to her voice. 

She speaks of pain, loss and love yet there is no healing touch- just emotion that never ends.

Yet the man has the power to draw me in.

Masculine men won’t listen to the words sung by women because they don’t want to speak through a woman.

Yet for a woman to speak through a man and have her words and feelings conveyed through the voice of a man is healing.

He speaks of the same human emotions yet there is something in his confidence, born not of insecurity but of realness and truth and integrity, that draws me in.

It beckons me to listen and to follow.

When I feel and dance to the words of a woman it’s like we draw on each other’s insecurities and unhappines until we reach a breaking point.

It’s an unhappiness and bitchiness that never ends.

Yet the voice of this man conveys power and authority.

I follow the words he sings, I follow in his lead and suddenly my thoughts are quieted. 

I don’t want to speak of them anymore, I just want to listen and be soothed; to follow in his lead.
He holds the electric guitar, always down low over the phallus, as he strokes and strums it, never too hard yet never too soft, and proclaims its power to the world.

He speaks through it and everyone listens. 

I feel the power of the notes he’s playing surge through the speakers and vibrate through my body and penetrate deep in my soul. 

He has the right touch of human emotion and nonconformity as he tells me to shut my mouth.

His words and masculine voice bring such peace through their sadness.
The woman with power and authority simply becomes the unattractive bitch that nobody likes.

Power isn’t in tune with her nature, as power is the one thing only a man can wear well.

She can play it, she can wear it, but it just doesn’t fit. It neither soothes nor heals.

Power is in a man’s nature. 

He was meant to rule, meant to lead.

His voice, his words, his gentle authority can soothe the turmoil inside.

He can offer me the solution and tell me to shut up while he calms me with his words and his touch.
Even with no words and no touch, the simple baritone and quiet confidence of the man with the voice and the music can soothe the hurt, pain, insecurity and disquiet inside.

Such is the healing power of the male voice. 

Yet Another Reason Why MRAs Are Full of S***

A fan of mine (a MAN as yes there are actually traditionalist men left) just sent this article to me and it made me very sad (he expressed the same opinion as well). For centuries women could count on lifetime financial support (unless they were unfaithful) and the primary aspect of marriage was men providing for their wives and women caring for their home and children (if there were any but childless women were still provided for regardless) and now it’s regressed to such a point because of feminism that women at home are looked at as lazy bums who just won’t “get a job.” It’s been bad for a while but unfortunately is getting worse. This is also yet more evidence that MRAs are full of BS and make outlandish claims about courts favoring women that can’t be backed up by a shred of evidence. Sure, you know someone who knows someone who… Yeah, OK. As NYMOM said in one of her posts a few years back “a man has a better chance of getting struck by LIGHTNING than ever paying a dime of alimony.” Almost all married women are either co-providers or primary providers and how is it “divorce theft” when she’s been paying the bills, birthing the kids and paying for the home, car, food, etc..??? She paid for it yet it’s not her stuff too? Get real. Men aren’t victims and the courts aren’t stacked against them because of feminism. Not only are most men not paying any support, how many are ******* RECEIVING it (which, in my opinion, is beyond absurd)? NEWS FLASH if your wife has a job and is paying the bills then she is providing for YOU- at least partially. So, no, men aren’t providing for women. You aren’t being providers so stop acting like victims and like women are the enemy because neither of those things is true. Women are providing for themselves, their children AND for men- which is why marriage is seen as obsolete today. This is what feminists have ALWAYS wanted- the complete eradication of the provider ethic so women will be forced to have careers and be forced out of the home despite the desire to stay home, as Graglia explained so well in her book “Domestic Tranquility.” But women CAN change this and the primary way is to use man’s sexual need. No financial support, no marriage, no p****.

Could MRAism Ever be OK?

Generally I have always been opposed to MRAs. The reason is simple; most MRAs I’ve ever seen have been about nothing more than woman-bashing and denying male responsibility. Worse, there are many who want men to have patriarchal authority but none of the patriarchal responsibilities- the biggest thing being that they want control over women and children without the responsibility to provide for and protect women and children. Many advocate for a society with women being submissive and feminine and husbands and fathers being in control of children and women’s reproduction yet where wives and mothers, as well as women in general, are required to work and support themselves as well as their offspring.

That to me has always been an unsaleable proposition. As the old saying goes “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I hate feminism, EVERY single wave of it, and am against the whole “gender equality” dogma but when it comes down to it I would rather give my support to the feminists than pro-equality MRAs who want to have their cake and eat it too.

However, times change and so do social movements. Just look at the different “waves” of feminism. Therefore could it ever be possible for me to be accepting of MRAs? Could it be possible that it could ever be a movement I would accept?

There is a new post by Jesse Powell over at Secular Patriarchy. In the post, titled “Rethinking the Manosphere and MRAs,” Powell argues that maybe MRAs might turn out to be pro-patriarchy in the end after all; that instead of being 4th-wave feminists it might be, in actuality, the beginning of several social movements and ideologies to re-establish patriarchy- true patriarchy- in society.

The thing I find most interesting about it all is that the primary driving force for MGTOWS and MRAs accepting patriarchal values and traditional male responsibilities seems to be sex and romantic involvement with women. The psychological theory is that men do everything they do for sex. After all men will create and build up civilization to get sex (if that’s what it takes) or they’ll become parasites living off their girlfriends if that’s all it takes. It’s kind of interesting that even the most hard-core embittered MGTOW will apparently even step up and embrace true patriarchal responsibility for women if it’ll finally get him laid.

That being said I don’t think I could ever support the movement unless it got a different name. Also, it is still only a minority who are embracing traditional manhood and gender roles. MRAs have many good points but their reasoning is flawed and everything always turns into “I’m a victim of this, that and the other.” Their “movement” to me is more like a religion where one has to believe in certain basic tenents of victimhood regardless of whether or not there is any evidence to support it.

To me whining and complaining about how victimized one is is completely pointless. What matters is finding any injustices and working to change things for the better not sitting around with a “poor me” attitude and whining about how you hate the opposite sex and the entire world along with them. I truly hope Mr. Powell is right in his observations about MRAs but at this point it is simply too early to lend support to such an ideology as “men’s rights” or any associated movement. If the time comes where the movement as a whole has gender roles and traditional patriarchal values as its first and foremost goal then I will get behind it. But things are crazy right now in society and their movement is very schizophrenic.

That being said I’ve linked to a few MRA articles in my day and I’ve talked to a couple of others who believe there is a split coming soon in the movement. I truly hope that is so. Until then, I will still shy away from MRAs because I see them ultimately as abusers of women who have no love nor compassion for women. I still see them as, ultimately, men who wish to take advantage of women and exploit women especially where they are most vulnerable. I see them as putting the women down who don’t want to have to go out and work and because they want to be taken care of by a man and care for their own children. I still see them as the men who complain about women and don’t want to take care of women. I still see them as abusive, exploitative and selfish. I still see them as men like my father, who talk highly of the old days of patriarchy and where the father was head of household but then want to turn around like “you owe me support, bitch” and have a constant run of girlfriends who they wish to control yet the women all are financially independent and work everyday. That is still how I think of MRAs. And maybe it’s that they don’t understand how things should be or what to do about the current mess. I know I always felt something was wrong but never knew exactly what or how things could be different or how to make it better before I discovered the truth of history and men’s duties in patriarchal society that feminism did away with (and that the MSM goes to extraordinary lengths to cover up).

But I would like to believe it could change and that maybe out of all the destruction a movement will arise with men taking charge again and accepting responsibility to be the guardians, providers and protectors of women and children.

I Won’t Accept It

Do you think that I would ever just give it away for free? That I might just jump in bed with any man because it sounded like a fun thing to do? Never think such things of me. Make fun of it, say what you will, but I have always considered my body and my life-giving capabilities to be precious- and they are. It is special and I would never give it away to just any man. Any man who would not cherish me, protect me, love and provide for me is not worthy of it and will never have me.

A real man will work, he will make it- he will find a way. It is a test of his manhood and he will pass it no matter how hard it is. I will not settle. If he must fall back on me and accept my help then he is no man. He is weak. Any man who cannot look at me and see how I am made as a female and regard it as special and precious is no man. He is but a mere boy fleeing from the responsibilities of manhood.

What’s wrong today is that men have no love for women. They have quit regarding women as weaker vessels to be cherished and looked after. They no longer think about the things they say when women are near. They find it “impossible” to provide for a wife. They tell women they are nothing special. They will talk about how society degrades manhood then in the next sentence will be talking about their wives’/girlfriends’ career. They want to call themselves men but they can’t lead, can’t provide.

But I will never accept any of it. Only my love and demands that he step up to his responsibilities can make him a man. Only my demands that he respect me and view me as the precious weaker vessel I am can mature him. A real man would cover a woman in times of danger instead of expecting her to fight beside him.

This is what marriage is supposed to be- coverture. He looks down at me and tells me he will never expect anything from me. He loves me and cherishes me. I would never stray because I would never just give it away. I could never want the things now promoted as fun. But if they are so fun, why then is there no pleasure?

If I’m hysterical he’ll tell me just to listen. I’m listening even though I may not want to. Will I do what he says? Yes, I decide I have to. He’s my only protection so I’ll keep following. This isn’t a game. It isn’t role play. I can’t stand the thought of the “kink” and sodomy that’s become part of mainstream culture. It isn’t real. It isn’t right. It’s nothing but a sick game. At first it excites but then leaves a bitter aftertaste and a sick feeling in the end. I want no part of it ever. He’ll never tie me up. He’ll never degrade me.

Spread upon the sheets like a butterfly, I feel him crawl towards me to cover me. His beard is rough against my face, his body is strong and hard. I can see him faintly outlined in the near darkness. I breathe in his scent- the man I submit to in life- the man who covers and protects me and provides for me. So far removed from what the world says the modern woman ought to be, I know intense contentment, peace and pleasure. I need to depend on him, I have to. Only then could I let him inside. Only then could I truly feel complete. It’s not a joke. It’s not comedy. It’s a wonderment and I will never allow myself to be degraded or brought down.

If Woman Has the Choice

Oh if it was up to me I’m sure I would have left a long time ago. I’m a very dependent type of woman; the type that was born in the wrong century for sure. I can’t always know completely what it is I want, or what it is I’m seeking. Does any woman ever truly know such things? Therefore would it not be a disaster if I was independent? Would I leave today if I was?

I’ve always been very dependent on my husband to take care of me. He’s always supported me financially and I’ve always leaned on him to take care of me. I’ve never had any kind of paid employment since we’ve been married. No, there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m physically healthy and don’t have any type of mental or physical disorders or disabilities or anything. (Well, I might be a bit crazy, but nothing’s been proven yet).

I run errands, I go to school meetings and doctor’s appointments. I go grocery shopping and take care of the home and child. I’m actually pretty busy every day but I’m always dependent upon knowing that he’s there to take care of me. I’m a bit scared of the world it’s true. I’m terrified of being left out on my own to support and take care of myself. I’ve never really done it before. The thought of men abandoning women to defend and support themselves makes me sick inside because men are supposed to be taking care of women. I try to never think about it because when I do a deep sadness comes over me that pierces my very soul. It just makes me stop caring and believing in humanity.

When I think about it I know that women actually do need to be controlled. Should men not control women they are responsible for to prevent the destruction of families and widespread having babies without marriage and with several different partners? Would things be so bad and women so unhappy if men were doing their jobs and controlling, protecting and supporting women (and children)? Would children be so bad off? Would it not prevent the wrong type of men from controlling a woman and taking advantage of her or using her? Could a man not best see another man’s intentions and protect a woman from him? Some stereotypes are grounded in truth and in some areas of life women do not reason as logically as men. How many times has my own husband told me no and it turned out to be a good thing? But no man can control a woman who has her own independence.

I know it would be a disaster if I was independent. I would have probably left a long time ago, but it is unlikely I would have found happiness somewhere else. I know sometimes he won’t let me breathe, won’t let me go, but then I see how good it is as it is my protection. I guess it can be a source of frustration when I feel helpless that I have no option to get away or leave but I calm down and get over it eventually. There really isn’t any resentment because he’ll take care of me.

I’m not truly happy, but I’m not unhappy either. I can’t always completely decide. No matter how I feel I always run to him and let him hold me and take care of me because I need him. Could I love a man who did not provide for me and hold me in his arms to control and protect me? No, I couldn’t. That I would resent.

When a woman has the choice to leave how many times will she take it? Yes, special circumstances sometimes dictate that a woman must leave, but in most circumstances that isn’t quite the case.

Is there anything else that predicts so strongly a failed marriage than the woman’s independence? It is the only thing that seems to correlate directly from what I’ve ever seen- even when looking back over decades. Some men think they can use the children to keep the woman with them or to get her back, but I’ve never once known this to work. In any case, divorce rates were half what they are now and marriage rates were higher when mother custody was at its strongest and most women stayed home. It has never had any significant positive effect on marriage or divorce rates.

If I’m safe, if I’m beautiful (not saying I am) and skinny then it’s because he takes care of me. I don’t really care what anyone thinks. I’ve always depended on a man to take care of me. I’m suspicious of any man who praises independent women because that signals he doesn’t want to take responsibility for a woman and doesn’t want to be a real man. I’d much rather my husband be with me when I go places, although I go alone often and when I have to. Sometimes I’m miserable but I figure I’d only be more miserable if I was allowed to leave and complicate my life by starting up other relationships or working, etc.. Part of the reason I’ve always rejected paid employment is to keep our relationship stable and also because I couldn’t feel love or desire for him without depending on him. Making and controlling the money gives him control over me, which is ok when it comes with the heavy weight of responsibility.